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To Break Their Human Spirit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/30/break-their-human-spirit


And still, the U.S., under RethugliKKKan presidents or Democrap presidents, will give Israel $3.8 billion a year in aid that it uses to oppress Palestinians and steal more of their land.

And still, most U.S. corporate media will ignore nearly all of the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by Israel against Palestinians. Don’t expect to see the word “Nakba” in most U.S. corporate media, which is pro-Zionist to an absurd extreme.

All Americans should read The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Israeli Jewish historian Ilan Pappe to understand how this genocidal crime started.


Thirty years ago now, I heard a Palestinian woman describe the horrors she and her family endured in her homeland. It reminded me so much of what Turtle Island Indigenous peoples had endured and are still enduring at the hands of the descendents of squatter settlers. She immigrated to the US and became an E/R doc, but still suffers from PTSD.
Genocide is part and parcel of the MO of homo sap migration patterns since we emerged on Gaia. At first, it was other hominid species and also so-called great apes. Then, when we had reached a certain population and settlement level, it was another homo sap group. And it continues, whether we acknowledge it or not. It can only end when we think through what we do to other beings in every action we make. The brain can be re-wired to rid itself of harmful patterns.

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Zionist Editing on Wikipedia

I wonder why the Israelis do not just round up all the Palestinians into a single place.
They could house them and feed them and give them work to do for the betterment of all Israel.
Maybe Israel could find a more humane and no doubt more cost effective means of removing these people from the father’s land.

Of all the things that has happened in the world, no joke, Israel in Palestine is the most bizarre EVER.
I mean no body could ever make this up. It is …

This article broke my spirit.
I spent an hour contemplating my surrender of concern for this place and its life.
Then I remembered this article which calmed me down and restored hope.

(Art world star gives back by buying work of the undiscovered)

You would think that after having experienced genocide themselves under the Nazi’s they would detest Nazi type tactics against the Palestinians.

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As a middle school teacher, it has been my experience that the bullied will sometimes want to feel the power of the bully and then imitate that behavior in order to feel safe and empowered. It has been the work of some of my students and me to break that cycle by demonstrating its nihilism to the bullies; how this is not an escape but another trap.
It’s horribly sad, that I and my students can get adolescents to understand this yet adults have not matured in the same way.
As an acquaintance once observed during a discussion of evolution and transcendence, homo saps–(as they cannot be considered sapien by any stretch)–that “perhaps the brutes have won.”


AND just the other day, Kamala told AIPAC that she would stand with them forever.
The Palestinians are the indigenous people to me. And Israel, please stop referring to your holocaust. The Palestinian holocaust has been going on since 1948. : (


I wonder what would change, if anything, if most Americans knew about the Nakba. Most U.S. media, even PBS, refuse to educate Americans about that. When I have written to PBS about this, I never even get a reply.


ever hear of operation mockingbird? ever looked into some of the more famous so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ which cite abundant evidence that refutes the official narratives of famous, world changing events like jfk assassination and 9/11?

pbs produces lots of great documentaries and educational programming, but the long arm of the deep state prevents them from exposing it’s most vile secrets. as it does with all corporate mass media. the only path to truth in these cases lies in alternative media like CD and books. even with books, it can be hard to find a publisher for authors seeking to write exposes, as mark lane, who was one of the main exposers of the warren commission fraud, discovered. check out a great documentary about him titled CITIZEN LANE on youtube. check out his books on jfk. also chomsky’s MANUFACTURING CONSENT. american corporate mass media might as well be state owned and operated; that’s how controlled, censored, manipulated, and propagandized it is.

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I am working on another project at the moment.
BUT this is a point I am about to address.
Thank you for your insight.
I was going to ask @REDPILLED why s/he does not offer more information.
(there is a four part documentary just a few scrolls down available on u-tube by al-jazeera)

in case google is the problem…

Thanks for the Citizen Lane recommendation. Re: JFK’s murder, you may remember the late cultural/political comedian Bill Hicks, who said that every president since JFK is secretly shown the section of the Zapruder film where the shots from the front hit JFK’s head, forcing it backward. Then the new president is told, “You know what to do.”

I have read Manufacturing Consent and know about Operation Mockingbird, and have written often about how corporate media, including PBS, is an arm of the Deep State. I belong to several alternate media groups and get info. from them regularly. The problem is disseminating that info. widely and overcoming the inevitable denial and skepticism from people who have been conditioned to see such info. as “conspiracy theories”, even though there is more proof for such conspiracies than for the craziness spewed by QAnon and other such right-wing nutjob groups.

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“Nakba”, isn’t that what Palestinians call the attacks from Israel? The BIG event?

CITIZEN LANE is a great little memorial to the late great mark lane. i loved it, watched it 2 or 3 times. it’s educational, entertaining and uplifting. great to see him get some of the recognition he deserved before he died. besides being a leading jfk researcher and writer, he led a very interesting, eventful life which touched on several important and sometimes famous events, like the georgetown mass murder/suicide, the jonestown jim jones cult. he was one of the few who survived the event, and was an eyewitness to the final hours leading up to it.

i’m a huge hicks fan. it’s amazing how talented artists manage to get taboo truths out to their fans, radical truths, suppressed facts. years ago i came across speculation that the pancreatic cancer that killed him at 33 was induced by some shadowy deep state operative, to silence him. i wouldn’t be shocked if it was true. little known is the connection between a leading cia hitman from the 60s who was present (the doorman to the building) when john lennon was shot. lennon was another very popular artist and radical social critic. was he assassinated? my guess is yes.

it’s a doomed and dystopian world we live in, my friend.