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To 'Build Back Better,' We Must Ditch Public Financing of Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/06/build-back-better-we-must-ditch-public-financing-fossil-fuels

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Until and unless our perverse system of hyper-financialized capitalism is taken down not much Progress can be expected on the climate front. Too many incentives are built into the existing economic framework to burn it all. Radical rewriting of the decision-making procedures is mandatory and should have happed yesterday. Pres. Jimmy Carter tried to begin the process but was hounded out of office and Reagan was his polar opposite. The Planet and the People have suffered since and the legacy of the Shift Right will continue to vex Life on Earth for decades to centuries.


Yes. The US public doesn’t seem to have any influence over how US public money is spent (see Gillens and Paige). Who, if given the choice, would vote for war instead of peace, or for fracking over wind and solar?


Yes , only thing is now we don’t have centuries mere decades if we continue down the path that was set by our cultural myths and stories millennia ago .
With the advancement of technology it means mutual self destruction in an afternoon on Earth.
We now have the technology to render life on this planet inhospitable in one afternoon.
For what …


Hi GuidF312S:

How did it get the name, : Pubic Money," if it didn’t he!p the pubic… or is it ca!!ed “pub!ic money,” to make it sound !ike something good for the pub!ic? It is amazing how fraudulent that words can become. : (