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To Build Party That Fights for People, 'Not Big Corporate Donors,' Campaign Pushes Pelosi to Put Progressives on Key Committees


To Build Party That Fights for People, 'Not Big Corporate Donors,' Campaign Pushes Pelosi to Put Progressives on Key Committees

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a bid to shift the balance of power in the next Congress away from Wall Street Democrats and toward lawmakers committed to delivering the bold healthcare, economic, and environmental change that the public is demanding, Justice Democrats on Monday launched a pressure campaign aimed at pushing likely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to elevate progressives to seats


“Lower your expectations.”
–President-elect Barack Obama, 2008

(Which is not to say we should moderate our demands, but to think that Pelosi will act contrary to her class interests is a triumph of hope over experience. Primary her into her pampered retirement already.)


Here is an article that looks at which Americans are really controlling Washington:

Wall Street and Corporate America are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how American politicians are controlled.


lol keep dancing, Democrats. I mean, nobody’s gonna notice that it’s business as usual. literally.


Funny how I do not see any Anglo-European names or faces with the courage of these dedicated brave progressive soles. Why is that so, why are we the European Americans curiously absent when it cones to standing up for justice for all.


Pure fantasy. Pelosi rose to her position largely on her ability to raise money for the party and she knows very well that those committee positions are are a goldmine of corporate donations. In fact, it’s her cozy relationship with corporate money that has allowed her to survive an attack by even more conservative Democrats for the position of House leader. She could kiss her chances of holding on to her position good-bye if she suddenly got religion and went “progressive”. What are these people smoking?


Bull shit, you stop your depressing thoughts expression


Re-arranging, by way of musical chairs, the Dim wing of the capitalist, imperialist Duopoly. The horror of all this is that these Kabuki games continue to successfully co-opt most U.S. progressives – and even the U.S. “left”. “Tweet On” say Sanders/AO-C from the bridge of the good ship KabukiLollypop/Titanic. “Tweet on and damn t he icebergs!”


You stop your on-line anonymous bully-crap!


The Vichy democrat party is living on borrowed time. Politicians NOT taking money from the 1% is a thing now. The Flat Earth orthodoxy of conservative vs. liberal is being pushed to the margins by the reality of the 1% that always wins and the 99% that always loses. Millionaires can’t represent people who live check to check. A party headed by the biggest fundraisers can’t seriously expected to get money out of politics.


In my view, that is exactly why the new progressives will be not allowed to head any of these committees, but having said that, I would love to be proven wrong!


Ah, Congresswoman Porter is originally from Whiteville, Midwest U.S.A. She’s an acolyte of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She’s trying for a slot on Financial Services.


Is Katie Porter a progressive?

Try to find anything but cliches on her website (or anything international/military at all):


Follow the money…straight to the Finance Committee:


Thank you for posting your link to some very important information!

The article quotes Balzac precisely – but most people (myself included) know the quote as it’s been shortened:

"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."

See this site for more information about this quote: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2013/09/09/fortune-crime/


lol Mom? Is that you?


The article calls it a “party-wide power struggle.”

Corporate donors call it their plaything.

Ready for a third party yet? A party to vote for instead of a party to hold your nose (or stay home) for?