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To Build the Political Revolution, Grassroots Group Endorses 22 "People's Candidates"


To Build the Political Revolution, Grassroots Group Endorses 22 "People's Candidates"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering hope to those who feel "dispirited" by the presidential contest, the grassroots political organization People's Action on Tuesday released its list of 22 down-ballot endorsements for the 2016 election.

"These candidates come from out of the justice movement in America—some as leaders within our own organizations," said LeeAnn Hall, co-executive director of People's Action.


This is a joke, right? Revolutions have never and will never come through a ballot box. In other words, there's nothing revolutionary about voting.


Listening to NPR I heard a Sanders' speech at a Pramila Jaypal rally in Seattle this past weekend where he said "Our #1 priority is electing Hillary Clinton and our #2 priority is electing Pramila Jaypal".

A revolution would not prioritize in that order. If I were Jaypal I would have been insulted with such talk at my rally. How is Sanders' audacity any less insulting than Trump playing the Rolling Stones' YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT when his running mate Mike Pence was first introduced to the public ?


If we want a grassroots revolution, have the grassroots make the big decisions by consensus and get politicians out of the way.

Direct Grassroots Democracy.


I checked out the Issues listed by Christina Hartman, the 1st candidate after Russ Feingold. Nothing on Climate Change, nothing on doing something about our society's huge inequalities, tinkering with the Affordable Care Act rather than pushing for single payer, and nothing about seeking a peaceful world -- "Our national security depends on...our military strength."

In other words, the same establishment policies that are already failing drastically. The elite keep control by creating pseudo-choices in order to preempt people making real choices. Looks like this is another example of the same.


Agreed. Just like a true revolution will never be televised by the corporate MSM.


Bernie's # 1 priority was selling out his millions of supporters; Bernie's # 2 PRIORITY WAS BACKING A WAR MONGER!


No one on this list comes from a Red State??? Have we given up on the people in Red States? If so, then why don't we send them all a letter telling them that it's been nice knowing you but "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya?"
As usual the non-revolutionary revolutionaries (establishment) are blowing smoke up everybody's arses and trying to fool us into thinking that they've got our backs.
Are the people on this list better then some generic right wing candidate? Probably.
But they're all Capitalist tools nonetheless.


excuse me, if this is really a grassroots organization,
I would like us to nominate

Dr. Margaret Flowers, GP candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland.


or is ''People's Action'' just another top-down organization like PDA ??


Funny. A "revolution" of middle class centrists to maintain the status quo for the better off. Gonna radically not rock the boat!


Middle class liberals (campaign donors) like the climate change issue (if not the the degree of giving up their cars), so Dem pols are glad to talk about it. The Democrat/liberal inequality discussion remains a fraud, restricted to the gap better the better off and the very rich. Health care appears to be a lost cause in the US.


And i will bet they are all Dems - no Greens among them - so rah, rah for progs - as long as they are Dem "progs" ...


Just another Dem front, like Our Revolution, I gather ....


I think they're forgetting the most important person running in WI. That would be Ryan Solen (D), a Progressive running for 1st Congressional District-WI! He's not your 'typical' politician. Please look him up! He's running to unseat Paul Ryan and needs all the support he can get! Getting rid of Paul Ryan is a priority! If we elect Dem's and oust idiots like, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, and the rest of GOP/Tea, Bernie Sanders could become the Senate Budget Committee Chairperson. Please see John Nichols piece "Paul Ryan: If Republicans Lose the Senate, Bernie Sanders Wins". This election isn't a game anymore, it's serious business. Whether you don't like or disagree with Hillary Clinton, she's all we have. Having a Pres. Trump is not an option! Another thing we need to get out of the way for a grassroots revolution is dark money. I'm pretty sure Bernie Sanders can handle that as long as we rid congress of the obstructionists, the GOP.

Time for Some Mea Culpas from the Clinton Camp?

There is no definable entity named the People's Action in the US. How does it or will it appear on ballots in this US election cycle. The only party I could find that had a name looking anything like it is the "People's Action Party" of Singapore. Yes, this appears to be a non entity much like "Our Revolution".

The Democratic Party by any other name is still the moribund US Democratic Party. To paraphrase W.B.Yates, "The best of Democrats lack all conviction, while the worst of Republicans are full of passionate intensity".


I have a better idea. Boycott all Democrats (and Republicans) for every office. Maybe some local Democrats mean well, but we have no way of knowing which ones they are, and even if we did, we have to let them know they are in a party of organized crime. They will either suck up to the party bosses and be promoted, or fight for progressive values and be undermined by their own party. Vote Green, vote other alternative party, vote write-in, or leave it blank.