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To Call Attention to "What's Being Lost" to Climate Crisis, Former Glacier to Receive Monument

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/21/call-attention-whats-being-lost-climate-crisis-former-glacier-receive-monument

Ironic, perhaps, that a plaque dated August 2019 should keep the words “within the next 200 years” as the lifespan of all the other glaciers – because the situation as of September 2019 could look considerably more imminent: observers of the cryosphere are gobsmacked by the rapid loss of Arctic sea ice this year. Statistics seem to be falling off a cliff, much to the consternation of statisticians.

The problem the forecasters face is the weather gets even trickier to foresee in the Arctic than everywhere else, because warming is more pronounced there. Unanticipated “fat tails” are rearing like dragons. One of them is the Bering Strait looks fully unclogged, so that warm Pacific waters shoot through, working like a blowtorch from below on all the shattered ice floes. Another is albedo starting to build its own momentum as the planet changes color: so much ice has pulled away from all coastlines that surface heat arises when sunlight finds dark waters, working like a permanent blowtorch from above. It just keeps melting. Arctic ice is now at a record low for the day.

What we’re losing is the color of the planet Earth, as seen from deep space. No scenario proposed to avert “the worst consequences of climate change” can possibly allow for a Blue Ocean Event. Some experienced observers think the first BOE might even be this year. At any rate, events this year north of 80 degrees strongly suggest we won’t have long to wait before learning much more about the consequences of icelessness, on this (in this?) petri dish planet.


I doubt there will be anyone around much longer to read that plaque. (I sincerely doubt 200 years)


If you didn’t, I recommend that you go back and view the two-and-a-half-minute trailer–the punchline is perfect.


I guess we will have to allow only blue plastic pollution to be dumped.

It was good.

Oops wrong thread.