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To Change Everything, It’s Going To Take Everything We’ve Got

To Change Everything, It’s Going To Take Everything We’ve Got

John Foran

OK, here’s the idea. We’re in a crisis so deep, so knotted, so unprecedented, and so urgent that, well, we have to change everything, pretty much. Or else.

And there’s no one to do it for us. There’s just us. Just-us. Justice.

And who are we? We are everyone, everywhere, who wants to do this. Everyone, everywhere, who cares what happens to everything—each other, humanity, Mother Earth, nature, the planet, the future creatures for whom what we do this day—this year—will make a difference. Possibly all the difference.


I hope someone thinks up a something more specific than “do everything we can.” Entire very large techno-industrial systems such as transportation, finance, food production will need to be reengineered and built anew, and that can’t happen unless detailed plans are made, blueprints, schematic diagrams, step by step to do lists. Humankind is nowhere near getting started with any of that.

The only starting point I can think of would be more persuasive communications than are in use now. After all, as things stand now, the climate deniers are the optimists. They’re the ones saying that things aren’t really as bad as all that, despite what all the disaster freak Chicken Littles are saying, the sky isn’t really falling. Those of us who are and have been saying, Uh, yes, it really sort of is are the ones seen as the doom and gloom negative thinkers possibly with agendas and ulterior motives.

If the current episodes of bad weather subside for awhile come spring, that will make it all that much harder to get large numbers of people to forget all the stupid wars and beauty contests and vicarious living through celebrities and wealth seeking activities and begin thinking about how best to change things.

When a storm or series of storms are right there and raging, when a typhoon or tornado or cyclone or hurricane is happening right there in your face, all that can be done is hope to survive so the clean up and rebuilding can begin and lessons as to how to be better prepared for the next one can be learned.

But if the storm doesn’t stop but just keeps on coming, what then?

The communicators need to be looking for better ways to creatively spread the word that it’s all real but without scaring the population into a state of pessimistic fatalistic surrender or a scapegoating let’s get weapons and attack the problem with panicked hysterical warlike rage.


Bravo, you are as right as right can be professor Foran, and it will take everything we’ve got - there ain’t no justice any longer, just us. We have a core of millions, people who see the enormity of the issues we face together, but we are not yet overwhelmingly strong and our “leaders” that used to be have vanished like a fart in a corporate big-money windstorm.

What will it take to wake the masses to the crises we face and exactly who the oppressors/abusers are - how effectively they manipulate politics, society, media, military, and economic diversions from the truth and people? So much is hidden from so many via the obscene power of big-money inequality that buys our futures in so many ways - wage and interest slavery, sold-out media diversions/carny side-shows/corruption/collusion, corrupt politicians of every stripe and party, lack of moral leadership with very few exceptions, and on and on…

The air-waves used to be the “public airwaves”, owned by and dedicated to the American people, held in trust by government, rented to broadcasters/media to be, in part, of and by the public good, the Common Good, then we the people were sold-out by Congress/corrupt politicians along with our Public Airwaves. Now even so-called “regulation” is a joke. Media, previously required, at least in part, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so critical to informing the people, to democracy itself, became a propaganda tool.

Now we must inform everyone person by person to inform and convince enough of the sleeping we must indeed change everything and right quick.



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To change anything, the first thing that needs to be changed is the propaganda and brainwashing of the Fourth Estate which manufactures consent of the American sheeple. If we could get our airwaves back from Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS that would go a long way in starting to change everything.


So, it’s up to us. And to change everything, we’ll have to have everyone we can, doing what they think best, giving everything they have.

Wow … more tripe from an ‘intellectual’ whose only course of action is everyone will have to do everything they can. There are a whole lot of specifics here.

This guy is a professor who is teaching our children this “high level” of stating the obvious while nurturing the kind of critical thinking a problem-solving skills that were on full display in this article.

Instead of being paid for writing this article, he should be required to pay each reader for taking their time to read this tripe.

What a waste!

(I apologize for being so negative about this asswipe but I have no patience for this type of “fluff”. The issues are too important and dire to treat so frivolously. This article fully illustrates why I cannot stand to be around liberals. They have zero depth.)


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A piece of advice - don’t wait for everyone to get on board before YOU take change. And there are plenty of things already happening that you can join in on. There are plenty of specific actions people (not individuals but groups/communities) are doing. Large communities are have or are putting together the details plans you are asking for. But more importantly people are working at the grassroots level to not just plan but to make things happen. Maybe you know this already but when you say, “Humankind is nowhere near getting started with any of that,” it indicates you don’t know this.

Sure there are many doubters and the MSM does not help. But as the article says, “it is up to us.” If you spent some time looking, I am sure you find a group or organization to get involved with.

You know the saying, “think global, act local.” Ultimately what needs to happen will take place in all of our local communities.


No the first thing to do is for you (and me) to change.

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Edited by author.

The kind of critique you (and a couple other similar commenters) provide here, is entirely empty.

The writer is part of several organizations that are explicitly developing detailed plans for all kinds of efforts to turn things around. And the last words in this introductory article are: “…to be continued…”

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We are not going to change anything, until we get rid of our government. All three branches are corrupt from top to bottom, inside, and out. Nothing can be improved or changed. It must be all done away with. We need a new government that represents all the people.May be our new government could start using our old US Constitution again.

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So, first get rid of government? Next… sit down together and hash out a new one? Doesn’t work that way. There has to be an alternative governmental system fully developed to transition to, then and only then can the existing one be dismantled.

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I love how the professor has given us so many thoughtful suggestions as to what steps he envisions our taking. I would suggest that the basics he didn’t mention should instead be stated each and every time he brings up this topic, this is assuming he has some. There are always, we hope, new people who will read these kinds of articles. To leave them bereft of real solutions, meaningful actions they can take seems at best a waste of time and at worse a complete turn-off.


I just found this 48-minute video by Bill Moyer (the long-time activist, not the journalist) this morning. The sound and video quality are rather poor but the content is very good. The video presents the eight stages of social change. Though the video was recorded in 2002, the message and process(es) are still relevant.

Thank you for taking the time to view the video.

Note: This video was included in the weekly newsletter sent to the subscribers of PopularResistance.Org.

Thank you. You said everything I believe. I wish my friends would wake up! I sent this as email to everyone I know.

And that’s supposed to help in the fight against fossil carbon? To people outside of your ideological subgroup, that just looks like you don’t really believe your own rhetoric about how serious the climate change challenge is.

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