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To Clean Up the Planet, Clean Up Washington


To Clean Up the Planet, Clean Up Washington

John Sarbanes, Michael Brune

For decades, majorities of Americans have favored swift, meaningful action on climate change. They understand that we must transition away from dirty fuels and toward clean, renewable energy. Yet despite this overwhelming support, Congress has repeatedly failed to act.

This jarring disconnect between what the public wants to see and what Washington is prepared to deliver doesn’t just threaten the health and safety of everyone in our country—it undermines the very principle of representative democracy.


H. R. 1 will not do any of the things claimed in this article.

Even if it were to ever become law, which it never will, it would not accomplish the claims.

The only reason it is being offered at this point is that it will not become law.

It is nothing more than another empty promise by politicians to do something in the future so they don’t have to do anything now and so that citizens do not take any action now on their own to remove the big money from our political process.

Legislation cannot solve the problem of big money in our political process for the same reason that the problem of big money in politics prevents action on climate change/disruption- when the big money legislators pass legislation it is designed to benefit the big money interests and not to benefit ordinary citizens.

The big money interests have no interest in getting the big money out of our political process.

In order to pass legislation to get the big money out of politics you have to first replace the big money legislators with small donor legislators.

You have to solve the problem before legislation can be passed to solve the problem.

Citizens do have an opportunity to take action now and demand that candidates run a small donor campaign. But they need to be careful not to be fooled by candidates running small contribution campaigns.

For example, the media has dutifully reported that Bernie quickly received many small contributions totaling millions of dollars for his 2020 campaign, including how only 20 of his donors out of 200,000 contributions had already maxed out the legal contribution limit in the first week.

This was supposed to show that most of Bernie’s donors were small donors, which is true. But it also showed that Bernie has large donors.

By touting the average contribution Bernie is trying to pass off a small contribution campaign as if it were a small donor campaign.

How many of Bernie’s small donors will still be small donors by this time next year?

A person could make a 50 dollar contribution every week for the next year and by this time next year have contributed the maximum legal limit despite having made average contributions of 50 dollars.

This not a small donor.

Citizens that want small donor campaigns instead of deceptive small contribution campaigns can register now at www.onedemand.org that they will only vote in 2020 for small donor candidates- candidates that limit the aggregate (or total contributions) from individuals to the amount of 200 dollars or less per election (200 primary, 200 general).

Just 10% of voters contributing 100 dollars would total over 1 billion dollars.

If Bernie were to commit to an honest small donor campaign, returning contributions already received in excess of 200 dollars he should be able to get at least 5% of voters (3% of citizens) to contribute an average of 100 dollars to his 2020 campaign.

Any candidate that cannot get 5% of voters to contribute to their campaign does not deserve to be president.

Bernie could encourage those that can afford more than 200 dollars in aggregate contributions to his campaign to instead donate that money to other candidates that make the small donor campaign commitment- even to his primary opponents that make the commitment.

The big money interests work across state and congressional district lines so there is no reason that small donors cannot do the same and help each other.

While many of the people that make large aggregate contributions may have the best of intentions, they are providing cover for the big money contributors that have nefarious purposes in mind. If a candidate runs a small donor campaign then there will be no question about the motives of large contributors because there will be no large contributors.

And for those that can afford more than the 200 dollar limit that spread the extra money they can afford around to many small donor candidates will no longer be providing cover for big money contributors with nefarious purposes and will only be helping those citizens that can only afford to be a small donor or can’t afford to be a donor at all.


Vote Green if you want Clean.

Take it from Noam, not me.


Clean up Washington? Great headline completely ignores the US government as the #1 polluter on Earth.

Legislators with seniority carry the longest shame record of enabling the #1 polluter.


And Sarbanes-Oxley cleaned up corporate governance. Yep, sure.