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To Combat 'Political Malpractice' of Democrats in the Midwest, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Joining Forces to Boost Progressive Agenda in Kansas


To Combat 'Political Malpractice' of Democrats in the Midwest, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Joining Forces to Boost Progressive Agenda in Kansas

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are joining forces next week as they both head to Kansas to give progressive contenders a lift as they run on a similar agenda of bold and progressive policies in that state's upcoming Democratic primary.


AO-C ought to be careful about the company that she keeps and the endorsements that she makes. Not all “progressives” are that progressive.

James Thompson’s website is pretty milk-toast “progressive” mouthing the usual cliches. Most importantly, though he is running for the U.S. Congress and is a military veteran he says absolutely nothing about the imperial military or a military budget that makes domestic austerity inevitable. He does say that PTSD is a bad thing, which is a good thing to say. Of course he doesn’t mention the tens of millions of human beings around the globe who suffer with PTSD because of U.S. violence against them.

Brent Welder’s website is worse. Not only does he not recognize the existence of the rest of the world (and the imperial U.S. military and its consequences around the globe and domestically) – he makes the bald-faced lie that he “organized” more than a million Teamsters when he worked as National Field director for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT).In fact, he oversaw electoral campaigns, which is a different thing. His website does not tell the outcomes of the elections the IBT was involved in (they regularly back Rethugs) or what his specific role was. It certainly was not organizing workers.

According to Ballotpedia, he was an IBT staffer 2008-2016. In 2008, there were 1.4 million IBT members. In 2016, there were 1.37 million IBT members. Hell, the were only 7.6 million total private sector union members in the U.S. in 2017 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If Welder was responsible for organizing a million members, the union world would have been shaken to its crumbling foundations.

I guess it’s not surprising that this lie has not been challenged yet in the world of the meme brought to you by Sanders’ Our Revolution, among others. And of course they ignore the fact the Welder worked for the flaming labor radical James P. Hoffa Junior for nearly a decade of corrupt, anti-democratic, sell-out-contract “unionism.”

So Bernie’s just being Bernie. The post-convention Duopoly Bernie.

It’s AO-C who better look closer at these things before she becomes another sheep-dog who speaks really well and is a hell of a courageous and committed organizer and activist. Even at her young age she has a legacy to protect and a growing constituency that believes she can do something real, progressive and different.


Perhaps, though, if AO-C vociferously argues for the missing anti-imperialist elements you list, then, by association, these more mainstream dems might to some degree be moved to follow suit.


Good Luck with that.

The fact they haven’t recognized those realties up to this point says an awful lot. The U.S. has about 6% of the world’s population, produces about 25% of its waste, has used nuclear weapons against civilians (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, DU in wars of occupation since the Balkan bombings), has the most powerful and expensive military in human history, has nearly 1,000 military facilities in over 150 nations, is the leader of global capitalism, etc.

To run for the U.S. Congress w/o somehow mentioning these realities shows absolute ignorance (looking away from reality), plain stoopidity (not knowing basic facts) or the worst kind of exceptionalism that is so grossly-voiced by our current Tweeting Furher.

A-OC, a young working-class woman from New York knows better. These working-class Midwestern boys (I am one) should know better too. Bernie knows better, but he’s firmly in the pocket of the F-35 crowd and the party bosses, even as he says differently.

The most basic connection, even for these guys, is the lock-tight financial relationship between an imperial military and a healthy domestic economy. The simple mathematical (and moral) facts of the matter are that you have to choose between them. You can’t dance on these things and be “progressive” no matter how decent your intentions may be.


They need to “join forces” and endorse Mike McCabe for Governor in Wisconsin—how he could endorse Ocasio-Cortez and not Mike McCabe at this point in time is beyond me . . . to quote the author of post below:

“Sen. Sanders, if you’re serious about starting a political revolution, there’s no truer path to it in Wisconsin than giving your unqualified endorsement to McCabe as our next governor”


Well, I wouldn’t deny it would take some luck.


If you look at Bernie’s endorsements, they are decidedly mixed and it seems as if he is avoiding many “radical” or “controversial” candidates – i.e. committed populists, leftists, etc. I fear that he is very much (after the convention) a sheepherder. Look at NY where even his front group, “Our Revolution,” backs Cynthia Nixon, but Bernie doesn’t. This is especially strange because NYC is his homeland and his name recognition there is off-the-charts. I fear he’s playing the game of “balance” to keep his (second-class status) place in the party. I’m sure that McCabe’s “Principles Before Party” populist slogan scares Bernie whitless. Anyway, all of this is clarifying, as to what the rest of us must do – even former Bernistas.


They rail against inequality. I wish that they would tell what the solution to it is; namely, increasing the marginal income tax on the super-rich. In 1953, during the Eisenhower Presidency, it was 91 per cent; that money filtered down to the middle and lower classes, stimulating the economy for a long period of prosperity. It was 77 per cent when Reagan took office. He cut it to 28 per cent and threw the economy into a tailspin.


Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grew up in the Westchester County town of Yorktown and lived there until two years ago she should be able to connect with the suburbanites outside of Kansas City. She also should know a lot about dealing with the costs of college. She was fortunate enough to be admitted to Boston University but had to deal with the approximately $50,000 per year for tuition and room and board .If she took student loans to help her pay for BU then she must know a lot about that situation from personal experience. She has the distinction of coming from one of the two towns in NYS that has a Donald J. Trump Park courtesy of failed golf course proposals. I am sure thousands of people have had the uplifting experience of driving on the Taconic Parkway and seeing signs for Donald J. Trump Park. From what I have heard these parks have no funding and are in a state of deterioration. Maybe that says something about Trump’s priorities.


Will there be liberal progressive division over good but imperfect candidates, and lose the election?

Or will liberals unite like conservative regressives around horrible ones, and win it?


Progressive taxation doesn’t work for very long because the rich make the tax laws and they will not tax themselves.

Capping personal net worth to limit power centralization might be a better way. But both progressive taxation and wealth limits could only be established by direct democratic government.



Uh…that’s what we are all working on. Don’t ever give up and don’t compromise your principals. Get behind candidates who celebrate democracy, not the so-called centrists who rely on money coming from PACs. You lose some, you win some, but eventually we can get rid of this toxic presidency and spineless congress. It won’t happen if you are think a particular candidate doesn’t have a chance. Vote your conscience, not what the polls say or for the candidate that you think may have a better chance of winning.


Should be an interesting contest between Welder and Davids. And why not. Having competitive party primaries should be a good thing, not as a sign of candidate weakness as they are often portrayed.


Heard onboard a public transit vehicle: Donald J Trump is an evil sonofabitch, a July Saturday 2018. Don’t give up against this admonition administered to the willing to admit defeat before the adversity of a PIG HITLER promulgating worldwide human extermination racist golf course. his relaxing perfection infinato. FUCKTRUMP.




Bernie Sanders accepted foreign dark money and help from the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove’s PAC FOR OPPOSITION COMMERCIALS. He never disavowed this


Sanders is desparately seeking a celebrity female POC to front for him. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is obviously his ‘NEW MUSE.’


Yes, in private Ocasio-Cortez dresses up as Mary and Bernie dresses up as her Little Lamb. I know this because the party of the Other 1%, headed by a very large T.Johnson1, told me so. He even got the infamous sheepdog ( which is a well travelled mutt ) to appear wearing a black spiked collar in a recent exclusive photo shoot. Held in a broom closet in Madison, Wisconsin at a fundraising event to replace the original money the Green Party solicited ( is that the right word ) for a recount of votes in the 2016 General Election, starting with the Democrat-leaning Badger State. Note- The GP spokesperson failed to respond to our question, " How many times are you going to bamboozle these suckers out of their hard-earned dough, anyway ?". Even Tom Cruise was heard screaming, " Show us the money, Doc! What’s up with the delay, it’s been almost 2 years? This is turning into a farce, Doc. "
While the Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, received about 1% of the vote, her average, ( <31000 ) she raised enough money to count those few votes approximately 25 times, using *out of work Wisconsin dog trainers dressed up as little green Leprechauns. This is according to the Wisconsin Dept. of Labor & Statistics. Who also said they knew nothing about a labor call from Dr. Jill Stein, during this timeframe. The only measureable spike in labor calls, according to the WDL&S, was for dog trainers specializing in working with Russian Wolfhounds. Who claim to be foreign-educated Independent voters, as well.
As to when and where all the $$$ for the various GP iniatives will be found, a spokesperson for Dr. Jill replied, " Dr. Stein is currently attending a conference on 21st Century Entrepreneurship at a resort on the Caspian Sea and has no comment, except how great the caviar is, at this time. Oh, and how good the cake is; we all should be so lucky to get some, and eat it everyday. "
Apparently, the GP is saying through a persistant Johnson1, " let them eat cake " to all the donors and all 31,000 ( 1% rounded ) Wisconsinites on this refund business. Is this acceptable, GPers?


Why is Emily’s List?