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To Combat Right-Wing Assault, Millions 'Pinkout' in Support of Planned Parenthood



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The Repugnicants and Harm-to-Women (aka Right to Life wingnuts) will not stop their efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade and relegate women to a patently subservient role to serve their man/children, clean house, cook, do laundry/iron, and only speak when spoken to.

Pink Out!!!

Fully Fund Planned Parenthood, Congress or suffer the consequences AT THE POLLS when it comes time for re-election.


The best way to stop abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancies through education and access to birth controls for men and women. Why is this so difficult for abortion opponents to see?


Something to think about... as we work to fight climate change... and get rid of fossil fuels... let's make sure that medical care gets it fair share of energy, especially to make birth control... it's going to be a real jusggling act, to keep what we need but stop the nonsense and frivolous. Think about that.


Because conservative's purpose is to control women's bodies.


If you want to watch Ms. Richards on C-span trying to answer the repubthugs, it will make you sick to your stomach. Everytime a rep. asked her a question and she began to answer, they almost always talked over her and really did not allow her to answer. I always have to remember, these thugs were voted in by voters in their district and are paid with our tax dollar. We need to vote them OUT of office next year and beyond.


Because abortion opponents also preach abstinence unless you plan to make a child and only when you are married. They believe that the ONLY purpose for sex is to make children. We know they are wrong but their religions don't let them see the truth. Gotta remedy to pull their heads out of their ----?


Anti-abortion forces claim "life is sacred." But it really isn't, is it? The history of this nation does not speak to the sacredness of life. It began with the near genocide of the First Nations, and enslavement of black Africans, it continues through the MIC, drug war, a foreign policy based on empire, and of course, the death penalty itself. Thousands of Americans die every year because they still have no access to healthcare, while black Americans are shot down in the streets. Then there's the near killing off of entire species, forests, and waterways. If life is sacred in America, then I would like to see the evidence of it. This whole conversation treats women as if they are vessels, rather than actual fully alive human beings, with the same imperatives to survive as other living beings drawing air.

If the GOP manages to make abortion illegal (again), will they go after the wire coat hanger manufacturers?


"In every nation of militaristic tendencies we find the reactionaries demanding a higher and still higher birth rate. Their plea is, first, that great armies are needed to defend the country from it's possible enemies:second that huge population is required to assure the country it's proper place among the powers of the world. At bottom the two pleas are the same. "

Margaret Sanger, "Woman and the New Race," 1920. Almost a century ago, but the person who founded planned parenthood called it then. Daily the claim is typically "the most powerful military on the planet." And still the recruiters are active. And the GOP with rare exception continues to demand women produce cannon fodder. btw Sanger was anti-
abortion, but led the fight to provide contraception the GOP continues to try to remove along with the ACA which provides it by law.


I watched Ms. Richards (her mother, Ann Richards sure did one GREAT job of rearing her daughter) on C-Span last night (replay of over 4.5 hours of interrogation). It was not a hearing in any sense because the Repugnicant members were not HEARING anything Richards had to say. Celile Richards made these malcontents look like bloviating blotards. A chart put up by the committee chair, Rep. Chaffetz said it was taken from the material provided by Planned Parenthood and IT WAS NOT...it came from Americans United for Life, which is an anti-abortion group. Read more and watch videos of the hearing, an interview on MSNBC, etc., at this website: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/09/30/cecile_richards_talks_house_hearing_to_rachel_maddow_some_comments_were_really_sexist.html

I had a hard time listening to Chaffetz and company as their vitriole was particularly pungent and their utter lack of respect for Ms. Richards was repugnant. Were it Cheney or Rumsfeld or Perle or Wolfowitz at a hearing, then their vitriole would be warranted but NEVER would these pendejos address a male in that way.

Their wives must have been really proud of how their Repugnicant spouses conducted themselves at the hearing, dontcha think?


Well done!!!