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To Contain Carbon Bomb, US Must End Fossil Fuel Leasing on Public Lands


To Contain Carbon Bomb, US Must End Fossil Fuel Leasing on Public Lands

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

If the U.S. government wants any chance of meeting its stated global climate pledges, it should start by curbing emissions from its own property and end new fossil fuel leasing on federal lands and offshore areas, according to a groundbreaking report released Wednesday.


The oil&gas industry will not stop making profits on the public dime, or end their part in man-made global warming/climate change. Their entire cause for being is to make profits regardless the consequences, be they local pollution, pipeline ruptures/spills, area catastrophic spills like the Deep water Horizon in the Gulf, or frackng pollution of various sorts. Government “regulatory” agencies and elected officials from top to bottom depend of campaign-contribution cash (read bribes) to see to it there will be little or no meaningful “regulation” or oversight. The revolving-door between industry and regulatory agencies especially subverts regulation, and corruption of politicians, elections, and elected reps gives the oil&gas industry enormous power to keep the muck flowing at any cost.
Leasing public lands/offshore areas will continue until the public realizes the gravity of the threat and the very short time remaining (if any at all) to effect change and demands an end to the threats to our nation and their children’s future. A president not in thrall to big-oil would help as well - getting money out of politics is also essential.



Funny how Public Lands turn out to be very much like private lands for corporate use. Somehow we are told that leasing away publicly owned resources to private industry (which uses these public resources for private profits that are not returned to the public) is considered public use. How does that work? A privately owned corporation using public lands to extract resources can make a profit selling those resources (that belong to the public) back to the public … and the public has no say in the matter? Even worse the public gives tax cuts, rebates, depletion allowances and direct subsidies and low leasing rates for which they get nothing but pay the market rate for their own resources.

Times are changing though. The old way of doing things and that free hand to pollute, to destroy, to poison rivers and streams, to clear cut, to drill, to frack, to blow away mountain tops and dump the residue into streams and valleys, to send billions of tons of carbon and methane along with heavy metals and mercury et al into the atmosphere… will encounter the Corporate Disobedience version of Civil Disobedience.

Since it is on public lands I suppose it will encounter both Civil Disobedience and Corporate Disobedience together at the same time…

if there is any difference between the two anymore in this corporate run oligarchy?


the civil disobedience of a new generation.

They shut down a coal mine in Europe. They blocked Shell’s rig. Sea Shepard confronts whalers and sealer ships.

Corporate Disobedience… People are refusing to obey… the corporations that are ruining the planet and all our futures.


To contain the worldwide carbon bomb, the U.S. must perform research and product development to drive the cost of daytime photovoltaic power down below the cost of coal, fracked natural gas and oil. We’ve done that research and now it’s working. Such research is vastly more long-term effective than either charging higher rates for coal leases or setting a few areas off-limits forever, where Washingtoon defines “forever” as about eight years these days.

To contain the worldwide carbon bomb we must also perform research and product development in several other areas. We must do this work. If we do this work we greatly affect climate change, and if we don’t do this work we lose. It’s that black and white. Here are the other areas:

All buildings in the Frost Belt must be retrofitted to heat themselves up to 68 degrees at 5:00 a.m. on winter mornings, using stored solar heat. A similar setup for solar-based air conditioning of buildings is also wanted.

We need to store solar-based energy for nighttime electricity generation and for cloudy day electricity generation. I’ll listen to proposals to store wind energy.

We need to develop great amounts of affordable biofuels, preferably off of arid land or off of currently unusable near-tundra land. Algae bioreactors are a good start. We also need to generate gigatons of hydrocarbons that we can bury in huge mountains and then cap for 2000 years or so.

Our urban transit systems needs to be automated, electrified, and total lifetime energy costs need to come down by a factor of ten. Also, 40,000 traffic deaths per year is crazy, as are massive traffic jams.

We also need environmentally benign ways of reflecting sunlight back into space the way the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack and the surrounding tundra used to do the same job.

Fail to solve these problems and the world will be awful. Solve these problems and we all at least half-win. Inventions are worldwide and they are permanent. Political lobbying is too often good in only one country and is temporary. So, do you want to choose the relatively inexpensive path that works or the hard one that barely works? Which will it be? The bad one?

Now, if you need some technology answers right now to each of these problems, I have some. I’m an inventor. Somebody else may have other, alternative answers, and I will welcome them.

You should go out and look for answers. No one else seems to be leading, so I guess you’ll personally have to do the leadership part for the time being.


On the money as usual Wereflea! My comment is a little off-topic, but beside leasing public lands to oil&gas exploitation and private profit, the leasing of BLM “managed” public lands in the west for pennies on the dollar to “welfare ranchers” to run livestock for private profit is a special issue for me. There are about 5 million head of cattle and sheep and only about 23,000 wild mustangs allowed to live on the range. Wild horses do little damage to the range while cattle and sheep do massive damage.


Large predators are exterminated by an arm of the Agriculture Dept (Wildlife Services) to “protect” livestock and ranchers profits; wolves, bears, coyotes, fox, large cats, and many other animals deemed a “threat” to ranchers or anyone else are slaughtered by the millions by this hideous obscenity of death, Wildlife Services that must be exterminated itself!




Your comment was not off topic about sweetheart deals given to private corporations and other interests. I just forgot to mention the BLM 's pro rancher bias.

They just don’t care is why. Money is their God although they huff and puff about how church going they are… They serve mammon and simply avoid admitting what they do.

Amazingly it took one woman who fought to save the last ‘pure bred’ Spanish Barb mustang herd. They were the last of the mustang herds that still had the characteristics of the first mustangs that were ‘released’ by the Spanish. Last I heard they weren’t being accorded any special consideration and were culled like the others though on public lands. Hopefully some are still out there.


Dakota/Lakota oral history claims the wild horse was part of their culture before the advent of the white man. Evidence the wild horse survived the last mega-fauna die-off in NA as they did in Asia has not been found - yet. the same genes that evolved in North America crossed the Bering Land Bridge to Asia and eventually after being domesticated to colonizing Europe and back to NA with early explorers/settlers.


While the right rants about how far left everything has gone, how government over regulates and interferes with business and productivity, the RIGHT, which includes most Republicans and many Democrats, leases public lands for fossil fuels. Say it again, they lease our lands against our wishes to private interests that are well documented to undermine democracy and create endless toxic pollution that kills 100,000 Americans every year.
Yes indeed, look how far left those lefties are taking us, trying to save a 100,000 lives every year. It will interfere with profits!.


Yup. Stop the extraction. And stop the conveyance over the same lands. And better understand the enemy and the unconscious power of the language of ads.

Donald Trump is all for The Keystone Pipeline, right? Am I correct about that? And he knows it’s dandy to call a lot of people stupid, right? So it’s okay to call him stupid for favoring The Keystone Pipeline, right?

Why would any sheeple favor The Keystone Pipeline when the reasons against it are so compelling? Because of the almost poetic name of the thing, much like Peggy Noonan’s “thousand points of light.” The Donald fell for that just like any other sheepson.


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You are a twit aligatorhardt. Passive aggressive sourness. You make me smile but I doubt that you’d understand why and I see little point in bothering about it. Just one point…

Language is of course literal but it is also idiomatic. To confine words strictly to their literal meaning is not cool. Oh wait… maybe you need to look up that word. Anyway idiomatic flexibility is hot stuff and… oh wait … best you look that up too. I mean hot is pretty cool in this context and I don’t know, maybe you should check out McLuhan?

This is all too simplistic and rather silly and I cannot fathom why anyone would think it important to write what you did. I think my meaning was clear enough and if you prefer to be anal and … oh wait… that word? …well you know the idiomatic usage thing… whatever.

Seriously though, I have little respect for those who quibble over little things while offering nothing constructive to the subject.

Here’s a quibble (just to join in) the literal meaning of the word illiterate would presuppose an inability to read your comment. Thus it would be nonsensical to write to an illiterate such as myself. I figured you needed to look up the word but it is okay.

You don’t have to continue writing to illiterates who won’t read what you write.


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Yes you wanted to inform me about a literal definition of the word corporate and the word disobedience. Which one did you think I was having trouble with and needed help defining the literal usage? It was a conceptual idea not a literal one. A play on the words civil disobedience as relating to disobeying the corporate oligarchy (corporate nationhood actually). However much disobedience to corporations may be more correct in the literal sense of the words, I was trying for a more metaphorical rather than a literal expression. However I need to come up with something better than this initial attempt, I guess. Nevertheless I think that my placing the two terms in bold lettering showed that I was conversant with the potential objections from the literal minded among us.

Were you offering information when you started off by calling me an illiterate? Or the other schoolyard insults? Really aligatorhardt… I am crushed. I don’t know how will I ever recover and here you were only offering information too!


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so the words >>> ‘the corporate disobedience version of civil disobedience’… doesn’t convey meaning and intended use in context? Maybe the word - ‘version’ - was unclear? Was it the words - ‘version of’ - that was confusing for you?

Um… okay …sure.


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Okay fine…whatever.