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To Counter Dirty Energy Influence, These 35 Candidates Are Rejecting Fossil Fuel Cash


To Counter Dirty Energy Influence, These 35 Candidates Are Rejecting Fossil Fuel Cash

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Setting a potential example for political hopefuls nationwide, 35 candidates for the Massachusetts state legislature have pledged to refuse campaign contributions from executives, lobbyists, and others employed by 10 major fossil fuel and utility companies through the duration of the 2016 election cycle.


Once again Massachusetts leads the nation with common sense solutions.
Hopefully Senator Warren had some direct positive influence on this action?


In celebration of the integrity of these 35 here in north america, a brief breather to see what is being said by indigenous peoples in the Xingu region of the Amazon

Where did the swallows go?


Curious how you can suggest that. One witnesses a lot of political grandstanding originating in Massachusetts, but as for tangible evidence of commitment or follow-through the place is somewhat wanting. Look no further than the issues there dealing with the adoption of wind generation of electricity as but one recent and glaring example.
For all of the slams and derision directed against it, California has been, and remains, the actual leader in terms of energy efficiency and conservation in the United States. While folks in Massachusetts are still barelly past the talking stage on these issues, solutions have been a fact in California for over forty years.
It's good that other states are beginning to become aware, but let's no be remiss in denying credit where credit is due.


Would love to see things like this happening all over the country. Great news.


Have they shut down all of those nuclear power plants that they built on earthquake fault lines yet?
Seems to me California recently licensed a brand new nuclear power plant in southern California that sits on the nexus of two fault lines. Is that true?
What about all of the oil rigs off the Santa Barbra coast that keep leaking?
And the gas and oil pipelines running in every direction above and below ground all over California?
Isn't the San Joaquin Valley running out of water? It's going to be tough to grow fruits and vegetables in the desert.
Then there's the serious problem with the Colorado River.
How's the Salton Sea doing these days?
Should I go on?


Electric cars are getting harder to kill.


LOL! So donations of $199.99 are OK ...


Heading of the article should read, "Candidates are Rejecting SOME Fossil Fuel Cash," to be honest. Why aren't they rejecting all of it? Oil and Gas companies have plowed in record profits over the past decade. They are in the best position to massively fund the shift to a Clean Energy Economy.

It is the Neocons and War Profiteers on Wall Street who are the problem. They thrive on the Permanent War Economy and want to keep it going. This is why Big Media and Big Oil have effectively privatized the "bipartisan" political system, presidential debates, and formerly public elections. They own it because they bought it.

On one hand you have the Democrat Hilary Clinton with a proven track record destroying the Libyan state, funding the Ukrainian coup, and routing weapons and money through the "rat line" from Libya to Al Nusra, our "moderate" Al Qaeda allies attempting to topple the Syrian regime.

She's a proven war criminal who just this week received the endorsement of major Neo Con Paul Wolfowitz. Virtually all National Security State officials under the Bush administration have lined up behind Hilary because she is the Real Deal! She will guarantee continued funding of the Permanent War Economy, serving her Wall Street backers and continuing the Obama legacy far into the future. Just forget about Clean Energy as long as the priorities of Congress and the Executive lay in the preservation of the War Economy.

On the other hand, there is the Billionaire Blowhard Buffoon / Reality Show Host who is a Total Wild Card.
First he says he would never have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. That it was a complete disaster for the United States and our image world wide. Then he says, "but we must deal with ISIS," who wouldn't even exist were it not for the disastrous, illegal invasion of Iraq by the Bush/Cheney neocons in 2003. The guy is a cartoon demagogue. Trump could have played The Joker in Batman.

Making a complete mockery of the "Bipartisan" System, Trump announced he would appoint an Oil magnate, CEO and founder of Continental Resources, Harold Hamm, to direct the Department of Energy. Plus, he will adopt an "All of The Above" energy strategy. How original!

This would be the very same National Energy Strategy hammered out by Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Industry officials behind closed doors at the White House in 2005 by former VP "Halliburton Dick" Cheney. Oh yeah, it's also the exact same "All of The Above" National Energy Strategy adopted by our latest two-faced "Hope and Change" president. If there is anything these two candidates, and their parties disagree on, it is NOT Imperial Foreign Policy, or National Energy Policy. And this is supposed to be a "choice???"

The two Libertarians running are Republican retreads who will privatize and outsource and deregulate every thing. Only the Green Party offers an AntiWar Alternative. But they've been excluded from the official PRIVATIZED presidential debates. So, if you're in a state where there are no Libertarians or Greens on the ballot, because they've been effectively banned by The Media and The State, you'll just have to hold your nose and vote for The Big Orange Douche, or the Turd Sandwich. Be sure and smile on your way out of the Voting Booth when they give you your little "I Voted" sticker! Democracy!! Ain't it great?



Duke Power owns the NC government......Hopefully we can get rid of these useless republican assholes in 2016 and get our state back.....Every time they ask for a rate increase the republican regime allows it...The governor also implemented a new sales tax increase for utilities and he lets them keep most of it....Duke Power was fined millions for coal ash pollution yet republicans let them off paying pennies...They are allowed to poison our water and nothing is done....This how bad the republicans have been bought off in this state by big oil and duke power.......They literately work for them...Republicans are evil vile corrupted criminals and very dangerous to our democracy.


Do you know how much the fossil fuel industry donated in total to the campaign coffers in Mass.?


There are also "useless" Democratic "assholes" too.
What say we vote 'every' incumbent politician out of office?


I can agree to that.....I know Democrats are just as bad but what few we have representing us do try to stop the madness yet they are over shadowed by a republican majority....Once they took over they dismantled anything resembling environmental safety and common sense(something they have not)........They started selling us out the moment they took over ...Passing sweeping laws in the middle of the night with no debate.....any and every crazy type of law you can think of they have passed...One stupid republican so much as asked for a state religion to be implemented.....Lucky that one didn't fly.....But NC has become a Petrie dish for conservative agendas....and it proves they are all full of shit.....Their program's dont work and big oil writes all the new laws....Our schools have suffered the worst and citizens struggling to get by have been hurt the worst.....Republican agendas are nothing but corporate dominance they have been bought lock stock and barrel...They are common crooks looking to sweeten their own pockets with lobby bucks.....Evil is the republican lawmakers.....This is their agenda.


Fracking money is no good! Try this in your state. Ask your state representatives.

Phase 2: go to your consumer-friendly company and ask them what their stand is on energy. Is your company a climate leader, ahead of the pack, a me too or a never was? What did they put in writing? By the way, what specific energy Sullivan Principles did you put in writing for them to follow or to break, or are we just being stupid and letting them get away with anything? Are the leadership corporations writing some good climate Sullivan Principles?


Won't help if they just turn around and sell themselves to pharma.


I see no point in turning down donations of perfectly good money from the fossil fuel companies - take their money and enact the right policies even if they don't like them. Let them be suckers.

If Charles Koch wrote me a check for $1Million, I'd take it in a minute - and then I'd donate half to the Socialist Party, USA and keep half for a nice retirement. Would I change my views on anything? Nope.


MA has this in their Constitution from 1780 - "Government is instituted for the common good...and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men." Perhaps this should be suggested for our US Constitution and/or all 50 states? This was the intent of the Founders when they referred to the "general welfare" and also for liberty and justice for all, not just the rich and powerful few. Yet those who hold power today are so corrupted by the policies they are responsible for creating that it will take drastic actions to return this country to greatness.


Love that quote from the MA Constitution written by John Adams. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Data here:

shows that the per-capita CO2 emissions in California are only a little smaller than Massachusetts. But when one considers the geographical advantages that California has - notably abundant hydropower plus more nuclear and far greater wind and solar potential, then California does not look so good.

And when it comes to discretionary personal carbon footprints - notably car usage, Massachusetts is well ahead of California.