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To Counter GOP's Attack on Democracy, Indivisible Unveils 50-State Plan to Thwart Trump Agenda


To Counter GOP's Attack on Democracy, Indivisible Unveils 50-State Plan to Thwart Trump Agenda

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the 2020 presidential election grabs headlines with Democrats lining up to challenge President Donald Trump, the grassroots organization Indivisible on Thursday unveiled its new plan to fight the Republican's anti-democratic agenda in all 50 states over the next year and a half.

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The 50-State Plan reminds me that I’m aware of at least one former Dem Party
candidate who didn’t make it but still affiliated with the party who is relating that
she and a group of others very much would love to see a 50 state plan go forward
but that they can’t find candidates.

I do know that over the years, many ordinary citizens responded in the past –
only to be betrayed by the candidates they campaigned for – and or to find that
as candidates they were being pushed out by the wealth of other Dem candidates
shown favor by the party.

Republicans are also very active in soliciting new candidates – and, as I’ve
mentioned before, they now consider many of their GOP elected candidates to be
too “squishy” to put forth their corporate agenda. (See: Dark Money/PBS)


Agree. One has to wonder if this “plan” is a way for the DNC to undermine progressive candidates for more corporate friendly candidates at the state level. Will they have to prove their fundraising capabilities like they do at the federal level? Of course this method has gone mainstream now, so I’m sure the party has invented new methods to undermine good candidates by now.


Could be – not like any of us have total trust in the DNC or Dem Party.
But, nothing has ever stopped them from soliciting more right wing candidates for the party,
and giving them the help that should have been given to liberal candidates.
Quite sure that has never stopped.

This November, we got Rep. Malinowski/D in place of Rep. Leonard Lance/GOP – and good to
get rid of Lance. But even our usually right wing town paper called the Dem Party out on supporting
Malinowski because, as they made clear, the public wanted a female, someone who would be for the environment and a bunch of other liberal issues. Malinowski fell short of what they wanted.
But, it does go on and on.

The candidate I exchange texts with occasionally was the candidate who didn’t get the nomination.
She did well, but not enough to beat him.

Tonight I sent a donation off to “Bernie 2020” - all the while thinking about those at the head
of the party – Pelosi, Hoyer, Shumer … another I can’t recall – and wondering what it will take
for them to support Bernie’s nomination. And what I’ll do if they present us with Biden or anyone
else I don’t trust.


It might help if this initiative continues to focus, highlight, and make public the agenda that they are working on.

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Were you perhaps thinking about Feinstein?
Oops, i see that this is what CD was saying in their first article today. I can get videos so i didnt read that one yet.

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We have monetary conditions for sports. Why not for politicians? I would suggest you can’t run for office if your total net worth is over 1-2 million dollars. And set another limit for sitting congress critters to be able to run for re-election.
We sure as hell don’t need multi-millionaires making sausage on our behalf, because it would seldom be on OUR behalf.