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To Counter Rise of Far-Right, International Labor Leaders call for 'Global New Deal'



Neither of the "presumed" candidates from the US establishment parties will be good for labor, quite the contrary. One serves big-money and the other IS big-money. So how come "labor" has kissed Hillary's "ring" rather than support Sanders? The answer is political corruption!

The only pro-labor candidate getting any exposure (as opposed to Jill Stein) in the corrupt/biased/bought media/press is Bernie Sanders! The RepubliCons are stuck it seems with trump at this point and Clinton & Co (the DNC, "superdelegate" Clinton/DNC bots, corrupted media and talking-heads) are doing their best to steal the nomination - ignoring the questionable prospects for Clinton herself, the Dem party such as it is, and for down-card candidates. the prospects for a stunning defeat are very real!

ONLY Sanders stands a chance to topple the Red Queen and her record of self-interest and serving big-money - bankers/Wall Street, the MICC, big-pharma, big-ag, and all he others she serves openly or surreptitiously! Only Sanders can beat Trump and the right-wing soundly and positively!

Sanders win in West Virginia sets the stage for coming contests - 29 delegates total - something about the math there - Sanders 51.4% 18 delegates - Clinton 35.8% 11 delegates with "100% reporting"


The solution is simple: identity politics. Just call the right bigots, racists, homophobes, misogynists, and don't worry about the political non-starter of actually improving the lot of working people. Just nominate more Jewish lesbian latinas for office and the problem will take care of itself. /END SNARK


There is never a mention of Hillary Clinton in this article! This article is not even about electoral politics, but about building effective labor organizing in the US and internationally to resist the neoliberal attack on workers power. Electoral political endorsements (and plenty of them were for sanders btw) are the absolutely most minor and unimportant thing a union does.

But yes, since you mentioned the subject, left and labor grassroots organizing of all sorts will be at least incrementally easier under any Democrat-led government than a Republican government.

You need to get outside and join an organization and forget about electoral politics for a while.


From the article:

Notably, Tuesday's panel placed "a sizable share of the blame" on center-left parties' embrace of neo-liberalism, HuffPo reports, which has "diminished the public's faith in the ability of labor unions and progressive politics to deliver for them—paving the way for far-right populism."

"We must insist that the candidates and political parties we support back an ambitious program for broad-based economic growth driven by rising wages," declared Damon Silvers, director of policy at the AFL-CIO. "The labor movement must demand that the politicians we support offer, in place of neoliberalism and austerity, a global New Deal."

This is almost an admission that establishment labor Unions have sold out their workers to neoliberal wolves dressed up as "center-left" parties!

And as @thelmafollett and @posthuman have already noted: If Big Labor sincerely wanted to stop selling out to neoliberal wolves, they certainly missed their chance by (non-democratically, without a vote of Union membership) endorsing Clinton, leaving Sanders - who actually fights for a New Deal - to twist in the wind.


See my post, just below yours. Yes, this article is about electoral politics, as cited in the quote from the article.


All for show -- and you can bet that most union members trust their labor leaders less than they trust Trump. Labor leaders have been selling out the rank-and-file to the corporations for decades. They have colluded with management to pacify labor and remove any threat or leverage it once had. If Trump's campaign has managed to frighten labor's elite leaders, then chalk one up for Trump. Meanwhile, as labor leaders endorse and vote for Clinton (who will eventually accept the TTP), the working class will vote for either Sanders or Trump.


The New Deal solved little--it basically bought time till WWII could begin which "solved" the economic depression--then the "cold war" bought another 25 years or so at the cost of trade agreements that shipped many profitable jobs elsewhere.
Since that time it has been multiple jobs for bread winners and using whatever equity they may have accumulated as equity for loans (credit cards and mortgages) to maintain the lifestyle to which they have been urged to be accustomed by the dominant mass media in this country.
The solution is to reinstate tariffs, do away with the personal income tax, and make the federal reserve a national development bank under control of the treasury as originally intended instead of a privately owned monopoly with the power to create money.
The US is by this time too far gone and when the financial collapse comes it will have no one else but itself to blame.


You seem to be interpreting that paragraph oddly. This was an international conference to address broad issues of the political environment that world labor is working in - and the workers turning to neo fascists in the US and Europe.

They are blaming the center-left parties (i.e. Democrats in the US, Labour in the UK and Australia, Liberal and NDP in Canada, Social Democrats in Germany etc.) embrace of neoliberalism as the reason that workers are rejecting them and embracing neo-fascist populists. They are calling for the center left parties to return to a pro-worker ideology as the UK Labour party under Corbyn will hopefully do. That seems perfectly reasonable thing to me. I don't see this statement as "and admission that they are selling the workers to the neoliberal wolves". Admittedly, most of the AFL-CIO unions in the US are doing this (but more to the bosses - political endorsements are minor stuff) but this conference is a possible antidote to that. Now maybe you think a better strategy would be a "to hell with them" strategy, but organizing an effective alternative party is very difficult and takes several decades. Once again, as Corbyn is showing, center-left parties can be turned around and revitalized.

And sorry to say, but there are worse things than a Clinton presidency - like a Trump presidency. One holds many disagreeable positions, but has worked in a environment of deliberation and consensus building and the constraints of elections. The other, besides extreme-right-wing views, is eccentric, unpredictable, has made a career of being a capricious absolute dictator with zero accountability - what do you thing a corporate CEO is?

BTW, are you a union member?


re:fear of right-wing agenda strikes me as a little rich. ]

Exactly. Generally it is the so-called “leadership” of many unions who colluded with the 1% and who drove the working class to desperation. Most of the time, the workers themselves support Bernie. And it can even be surmised that Trump, in rejecting trade pacts like NAFTA and TTP is on the workers' side, not Trumka and corporate mouthpieces like Hillary.


In a Republican debate in March the billionaire real estate developer shied away from arguing against more H-1B visas for skilled foreign workers, saying he was “softening the position because we need to have talented people in this country”.

Trump will fold under pressure from the same corporate forces. Unless you have someone of real integrity in the White House who knows or at least empathizes with what it's like to be part of the working poor, workers will inevitably be thrown under the bus.


i was in a Union until i left my job in September. Ironically (given that i am talking to you) i worked in an IWW shop, the administrative bargaining unit at our local consumer co-op grocery. FWIW it was by no means an activist, or genuinely Wobbly, bargaining unit, but more of a random assortment of the people who had gotten those jobs, IMHO. Prior to that i was in UFCW, on the floor of the same grocery.

You're not informing me of something i missed, so i'm not sure why you're "explaining" the international context to me. i stand by what i wrote.


Well, “softening” his position means he hasn’t given up his opposition to the visa thing. Also, such recruitment is more tolerable if the “talents" are absent in this country and not because imported foreign “talents” could be paid lower wages which is often the case. At any rate, if one assumes that Trump is running against Hillary, then certainly the former is more pro-worker than someone in the pay of Wall Street/1% types. Today’s national malaise is a result of the Far Right neocon-neoliberal policies which HRC has championed - something that until now didn’t seem to trouble union leaders like Trumka.


And here in America Hillary supporters think Bernie supporters are just whiners and there is no movement against more of the same.


With Trump and Bernie surging in spite of the bad publicity, it looks like more and more, people don't listen to the pundits.:grinning:


Donna, you are so correct. Unions have been selling labor out for decades. Right now there is a Verizon strike ongoing and so far one striker has been injured when his car was hit by a van driven by a uniformed NYC police officer who was attempting to get scabs to work by running the picket lines. Word is the injured person "ain't doing so good". Then there was the UAW deal with ford and nexteer earlier this year on the new contract. The ballot box was stuffed and there were more ballots than union members in the boxes. The new contract was passed by ghost voters in the union. This goes on and on. The unions are in bed with the corporate bosses so that profits go up while wages and benefits go down. A NEW new deal is a joke. The only new deal to be had is for workers to take over the ownership of the corporations and decide for themselves how business will be run. Anything other then that is a joke.


"As for the American labour unions... they've almost all lined up for Hillary's neo-liberal agenda."

This is a rift between union management and union members.


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