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To Counter Trump, Hawaii and California Assert Leadership on Climate Action


To Counter Trump, Hawaii and California Assert Leadership on Climate Action

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Less than week after President Donald Trump announced that he was pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, Hawaii rebuffed that stance and became the first state in the nation to enact legislation to uphold the goals of the landmark accord.


The United States of America must show the World and Donald Trump that they are not United behind Trump and ‘His’ decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Following the lead of Hawaii and California, sane leaders of all states must show the World their intentions to adhere to the agreement made prior to the disaster called ‘Trump’.


It may come to this, i.e., states working independently of the federal government to provide for the well-being of their citizens. What happens if early efforts at a more general welfare ethos for, say, California, succeed, and state residents refuse to pay federal taxes, opting instead for increased state and local taxes to deliver a person-centered life promoting social order?


To some extent states and municipalities can counter the negative effects of Trump puling the US out of the Paris accord. But we should not fool ourselves into thinking what Trump did can be completely overcome by the actions of states and cities. Because the Paris agreement is too weak to limit global warming below even 3C a critical role of a US president is to make a stronger pledge and help convince other countries to do so also. It was very difficult for Obama to get many countries even to make pledges at all. So given how critical it is to make stronger pledges within the next year or two the election of Trump will almost surely turn out to be a disaster with regard to climate change even if every state become the next California. And it is almost certain that Trump will sue California and every other state that sets out on a different path from his if they set their own vehicle emissions standards, etc. In all likelihood people for many generations will be adversely affected for the stupidity of those Americans who made the decision to vote for Trump.


This is all to the good, but Jerry Brown is missing in action on a couple of fronts:
Some of us in California have been trying to get him to ban fracking. No luck so far. Anyone w/even slight familiarity with the process knows how dangerous it is (especially in a state riddled with seismic faults - heck, it’s even been proved to have caused quakes in Oklahoma, not otherwise known for its quakes).
Then there’s the issue of oil companies being allowed to sell oilfield wastewater to farmers, for some of the latter to use on their crops which, of course, some did during the several recent unprecedented drought years. Both practices perfectly legal in California.


I fully agree that the state and local battling climate change is a poor effort compared to a coherent national battle plan but this isn’t just about fighting Climate Change it also has a great deal to do with how the United States is perceived world wide. It also is a warning shot to our “socalled” president that he is not omnipotent and he serves at Our pleasure not his.
My latest T’Rump question is; who is the guy he is fronting for? T’Rump has not demonstrated any of the savvy that put him in the Oval Office. Hey,Why are those guys rappelling out of those black helicopters? Uhoh…


Okay, we are at a PERMANENT, 400 PPM… that will NEVER GO DOWN… BUT WILL GO UP… WHY?.. Who here understands that there is a difference between CO2 CONCENTRATION IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND EMISSIONS. Okay, if you have that, then you must understand that unless we are at 0 (THAT’S ZERO) EMISSIONS, we are going to continuously INCREASE ATMOSPHERIC CO2… AND when considering ALL GREEN HOUSE GASES we are at 450+ ppm… So, what does this mean?.. WE ARE SCREWED… HUMANS HAVE NEVER EXISTED AT 400PPM ON THIS PLANET… That level, COMMITS US TO AT LEAST 3.5 degrees C by mid century… all those “by 2100” … boundaries are already being wiped out… https://awayfromitall.me/2012/11/28/4-degrees-warming-by-2040-at-last-the-truth-is-out/…Humans have not been around for those temps… ESPECIALLY 7.5 MILLION… OF US… in order to use carbon sequestration… we would have to take out 10-20GT of carbon from the atmosphere EVERY YEAR… AT THIS JUNCTURE…THAT IS HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE… 1. because we DO NOT have carbon sequestration technology completely developed yet… and then we would have to scale up… ssssooo … NEXT… we won’t just suffer and die from the direct effects of climate change … but also from ALL THE OTHER EFFECTS OF IT… CONFLICT … will be a biggy… if humans think for one minute that we have any chance in hell to stop this … well, whistle in the wind and see what happens… most of us, came to know and understand the concept of climate change very very late in the game… the powers that be… knew … It was know that burning fossil fuels could lead to climate change… but it was ignored… for profit making… …here is more info on how late it is in the game… http://www.businessinsider.com/so-much-co2-planting-trees-cant-save-us-2017-5


And with population growth guaranteed, we have more or less sealed our destiny with the woolly mammoth. Why is the environmental cause such a toxic issue with knuckle draggers? Don’t they have children and grand kids? I’m sorry gophers, but a life under grund is awful.


I hear multi billionaires are buying up military silos and furnishing them with provisions for several life times. I agree we are to far over the edge to scramble back. Just jet travel adds 10% TO THE CO2, China is opening one coal fired a week. Apparently there aren’t enough BTU’s in natural to smelt iron.


Yeah… and the real clincher, are all those 400 + nuke plants around the world… that need babysitters… which one by one… will not have any… booooooomm