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To Counter Trump's Hawks, CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin Says It's Time to "Build Up an Anti-War Movement Again"


To Counter Trump's Hawks, CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin Says It's Time to "Build Up an Anti-War Movement Again"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Peace activist Medea Benjamin said Wednesday that the current political moment "is a time where we have to build up an anti-war movement again."

Benjamin, a co-founder of the women-led advocacy organization CODEPINK, said her call is a response to the Trump administration manufacturing a crisis to push the U.S. into war with Iran.


The US anti-war movement—such as it was after the change to an “all-volunteer” military reduced the personal risks to near-zero for all but the poorest among us—took an 8-year sabbatical rather than criticize Saint Obama for doing exactly what they had previously pilloried Bush the Lesser for.

If the fever dreams of Twump, Pompeo and Bolton aren’t enough to rebuild it, I can’t imagine what it will take.


The anti-war movement has to confront Zionism to be effective. Zionists block that. Zionists want Israels neighbors and opponents in the middleeast destroyed. From their perspective the wars against Iraq, Libya, and Syria have been effective. They don’t want regime change; they want chaos. Venzuela is being pick on so they can say not all U.S. wars are for Israel. Medea has been effective because she intervenes at specific points, such as, tell leaders of S. America countries at a meeting not to vote to attack Venzuela.
When millions marched against attacking Iraq, Zionists laughed and bombed Iraq. The protests have to be focused and connect personally to be effective.


Thank you Code Pink!



Even worse, folk who had leadership roles in groups opposed to Bush’s wars, such as United for Peace and Justice, when on to advocate for Obama’s drone murder and crowd killing programs on the grounds that they are ‘humanitarian’ alternatives to a full scale ground or air war. I know some former anti-war activists who, during the Obama Presidency, went on to work in weapons contractors to work on Nuclear Weapon’s modernization justifying this as the only way to keep enemies, like Kim-Jung Un, in check.

To me, its a sign of the need for greater public education, critique of the Washington consensus, and grassroots organizing.


Medea, where were you doing the Obama regime and his 12-13 wars that he left office with? Or was that because he had a “D” for “Democrat” next to his name that you didn’t say “it’s time to build up the anti-war movement again?” Remember the many hospitals bombed in Africa during the Obama regime? His policies overall were an expansion of those of the neocon Bush/Cheney regime. And why has Medea completely ignored the US supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons that are being used to kill the people of Yemen? Yes, it seems that wars are perfectly fine if there’s a Democrat in the White House, but when there’s a Republican, well, it’s time to “build up the anti-war movement again.” The hypocrisy of partisans. Genuine progressives are opposed to all wars whether they are launched by either right-wing corporate party.

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We’ve tried to be Nice with a Peaceful Rallies with zero results. So that means we’re doing things all wrong. Action and Fear is the only chance we have, but we have shied away. All of it is getting worse by the day and we have no other option. I know I’m a minority on this, but I won’t back down to the majority of Cowards and people who think things will get better by electing the right person and hope a Politician will solve our problems for us!


i don’t know of very many people who have put their lives on hold and on the line to do what Medea has done to work for peace and social justice in the world.

i double dog dare you to read these fully and then still have your same opinion posted here.


Thank YOU ToniWintroub:! These are wonderful informational videos and I admire Medea’s commitment to the work. It was wonderful to see John Brennan struck dumb and I totally agreed with all that Medea said. I love what she is doing with the Venezuelan Embassy in D. C. too. This is what a Patriot looks like! : )


As one who joined the Vietnam Antiwar movement in 1969 at the age of 17, I can attest to the need for voices of Americans holding our government responsible for naked aggression, regime change, and the proliferation of weapons being spread all over the Earth, to be used to murder groups who disagree with repressive governments.

If I might make a small suggestion, which might seem petty, I believe we have entered into a new dimension of criminality between our government officials and our military, where the actions they are taking should not be called or labeled war.

What we are experiencing right now with this administration issuing crippling sanctions on Venezuela and Iran in an effort to gin up a reason to invade or start bombing either country, this is not war.

This is more correctly defined as an International Assault using unlawful means through seizing financial assets, and threatening other nations who are engaged in lawful commerce with these targeted countries.

Long story short, I am not sure that calling it an Antiwar Movement is accurate.

Perhaps calling it something like, Resistance to Regime Change Movement, or Anti-Murderous Military Movement, or Stop The U.S. Military From International Murder Movement, or even, Prevent The Pentagon From Regime Change Movement.

Let’s call this Military Murder, this United States Government Bullying for corporate profit, what it really is.


Thanks, star! I think Medea is an awesomely brave activist, yes, patriot, and role model. If wethepeople were a fraction of what she is, the whole world would be better off! I don’t know if that critical lady is just a troll or just doesn’t know anything about Medea. No one has the standing to pick at Medea Benjamin, much less criticize.


Bravo, PB! Standing ovation! Please share that everywhere you can, including MOC emails. (Letters take too long to get thru.)

Anti - American imperialism. Anti-American hegemony. Anti-American world domination.



Listen to Tulsi’s Monday interview on Joe Rogan if you want to hear from someone who has had enough of the MIC.


This may sound off-the-wall but I offer it as something to think about as to the conscience of the U.S. Remember when the music industry was putting out anti-war songs? Remember when the occasional anti-war movie made it to the big screen? I personally believe, especially when speaking to music, that the LACK of any social conscience screams in its silence from the air waves today.

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Medea is right. Though, don’t expect any help from the Democrats.


It seems to me that a lot of commenters here missed my point. I am not downplaying Medea Benjamin at all or what she’s done. I’ve followed her and Code Pink over the years. It’s just that when there is a Democrat in the White House (such as Saint Obama), I didn’t hear much about her. Was she silenced by the corporate media? There were little to no calls for protests at that time even though the US was still mired in several wars and beginning new ones. But when there’s a Republican in the White House, all of a sudden it’s as if “war led by Democrats” is okay, but “war led by Republicans” is not okay. And how many anti-war protests were there during the Obama era? The anti-war Movement died the moment Obama got into office, even though the wars from the Bush/Cheney regime continued under Obama. And how many protests were called by Medea to protest Obama’s wars compared to when a Republican is in the White House?


BRAVO, PB!!! I have come out against calling the terrorism of the U.S. government “WAR” on many occasions but never as beautifully as you just did. Thank you, and may more wake up to the tyranny that resides in creature comforts in Washington D.C. while their greed-oriented attacks on sovereign countries leaves thousands of innocents maimed or dead. And even more: After “awakening”…TAKING ACTION TO STOP IT!!!

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Go see the movie “Long Shot.” I think you will love it.


And I agree with ToniWintroub. Medea and Code Pink have been brave and true in the work for peace under the whole string of US Republican and Democrat thugs in the White House and Congress.

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In keeping with DONALD JUDAS TRUMP’S desire to make America into a post-WWII leader of the Free World, government needs to be re-organized, and spin off the crime units.