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To Defeat Coronavirus, Media Need to Look at Real-World Examples, Not Play ‘Simulitis’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/19/defeat-coronavirus-media-need-look-real-world-examples-not-play-simulitis

When national economies evaluate situations such as the novel coronavirus, they do so just as they do war. The salient question boils down to what are acceptable losses of people–collateral damage as it were. Historically, economic warfare has preceded military warfare so we should not be too surprised by that economic lens on humanity. It should, however, give one pause as to the nature of nationalism, which is shown to be a one-way street–you should bleed for your country, but will your country bleed for you? Sort of brings us back to JFK’s famous quote and look what that got him. Big Money is a sickness folks. It always has been. When one has enough one should step aside and mentor those on the rise and give the overambitious a good throbbing with the newspaper to the nose when needed. Hyper-financialized crony capitalism has to go if there is to be any hope for Peace in the world. Cooperation, not competition, is for what the times beg. We need genuine leaders–not legends in their own minds.

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From someonne in a place where we take this seriously, to you guys, where it hasn’t been, and not nearly soon enough, I have left the house only twice this month and only three times from Feb 5. Please, please take care. We need you folks to make it through and make this world over so those who have been in charge of trashing our world are no longer enabled to make any decisions more meaningful that what topping to put on their cereal.

Be well, keep safe and stay inside.

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US is on a trajectory way past Italy’s.

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