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To Defeat Coronavirus, We Need to Expand Medicare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/08/defeat-coronavirus-we-need-expand-medicare


Coming at this from one who is a nonbeliever, I find it ironic that Medicare for All (which I wholly support), which is as close to Jesus as there is, is opposed by those who find Jesus to be so Holy.


To defeat COVID-19™, we (the United People of Earth) need to establish affordable, publicly-funded health care for all People of Earth. (For those living in extreme poverty, “affordable” means free.)

To establish affordable, publicly-funded health care for all, we need to defeat global fascism. To defeat global fascism, we need to challenge the narratives (stories) of the Predator Oligarch Class that controls governments, corporate infotainment media, banks, insurance companies, real estate conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, agribusiness companies, and education business companies. Ruling class narratives support ruling class zombie belief systems. Ruling class zombie belief systems support predatory zombie behaviors from the top down. If we undermine the narratives, the belief systems crumble and collapse.

Now look around. What is the dominant ruling class narrative today?


Fear of viruses.™ Fear of death.™ Fear of life.™ Fear of humanity.™ Fear of love.™ Fear of sharing.™ Fear of scarcity.™ Fear of humor.™ Fear of candor.™ Fear of laughter.™ Fear of the smile of a stranger.™ Fear of Nature.™ Fear of God.™ Fear of Being.™ Fear of thinking.™ Fear of non-conformity.™ Fear of freedom.™ Fear of dignity.™ Fear of honor.™ Fear of Real Value.™ Fear of Meaning.™ Fear of new stories.™ Fear of ancient stories.™ Fear of compassion.™ Fear of everything™ except deaf, blind and mute obedience to the norms™ of a completely sick society.

So, to defeat global fascism we must find ways to undermine the global Corporate Fascist Narrative of Fear.™ To enact global health care for all, we must replace the Corporate Fascist Narrative of Fear™ with the Human Narrative of Love and Compassion. The Human Narrative cannot be trademarked.

Listen to the hidden meaning in the howl of the wolf: “Too much safety yields only danger in the long run.” -Aldo Leopold

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While it is encouraging to see so many people taking to the streets and the proposals in Minneapolis to transform the police department . . . . we still have Biden as the nominee who is (obviously) opposed to M4 all.

Many here(including me) are disappointed Sanders so quickly and seemingly easily stepped aside to shepherd us to get behind this husk of a neoliberal man----- Biden.

I occasionally escape into fantasy and imagine what it would be like if Sanders had the fortitude and courage to lead this movement that is focused on abolishing systemic racism and transform it into something much bigger that would tear down the whole f----ing system whose fetid roots go deeper than racism.

And as an aside:

Can someone please explain why it feels like I am living in what feels like (what I imagine to be) a bad acid trip?

How have we so dramatically shifted from the disciplined quarantine mindset to what looks like------ in my part of the world------ covid never existed in a matter of days?

There seems to have been no transition whatsoever.

As someone said on another web site:

“It went from you’re an asshole for going to the bar to you’re an asshole for not supporting the close gathering of thousands of people protesting the police.”

and as one more aside:

To “defeat coronavirus” we need a whole lot more than expanding Medicare!

#Destroyed Habitat Creates the Perfect Conditions for Coronavirus to Emerge

COVID-19 may be just the beginning of mass pandemics

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Sorry there are some very real problems with credibility on this issue. Medicare For All is another scam. There are better ways to fix healthcare with most of the problems being a lack of regulation and dishonesty

The best example I can think of is long-term care for seniors, Medicaid funded and Medicare prescribed. With funding cuts and further deregulation and privatization, Medicare for all is NOT going to fix this.

Global Health Care totally sucks.

Edward Curtin published an essay on Saturday that addresses the ‘bad acid trip’ you mentioned.


More surreal than the rabbit hole Alice experienced ?

Alice is now a commodity, and the rabbit hole is a scientifically controlled environment.

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First off, acid is now considered therapeutic for some people, interesting that a chemical warfare drug is now investigated as therapeutic. So maybe it is just the side effect of the many pathogens present in society at present.

Hi Fern!
My knowledge of acid is minimal but yes, I’ve heard of the therapeutic uses and after I posted rather hastily, it was perhaps not the best analogy I could have come up with.
But I think people get my drift without the specifics of acid, lol.

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Alice and the rabbit hole (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) freaked me out, couldn’t even read it along with issues (to put it mildly) raised about Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll.

A great song came of but was ruined for me by Celebrity Cruises.
It was used in a commercial. WTF Grace Slick??? Couldn’t they (Jefferson Airplane) stop that?

And of all things it was used for a sickening cruise company.

Talk about feeling like you are going down a bad rabbit hole.


Hi Caroline

It is a very interesting topic about the changing nature of society. Acid has been an issue and force for change since it was created. I think it still carries a mandatory prison sentence of 5 to 20 years if it is sold by anyone not approved to do so. There is a new documentary with interviews from all the well known or famous people that have taken it and how it work out for them.

I don’t even like aspirin…

I have been following Curtin for years and respect his viewpoints. But I’m really having a problem wrapping my head around this one. I believe it is totally possible the global elite ruling class cabal introduced Covid 19 around the world to create global chaos and fear to immobilize the peons of the world. What I am having a problem with is the denial of the statistics of the deaths that have actually occurred as a result of this pandemic. I believe that the “doll house” is real, but there are a whole lot of dead people in there too.

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Just curious, do you know about any studies using magic mushrooms? I ask because I’ve never used acid, but have mushrooms long ago. People I know who have used both, claim the experience is very similar, if true, I would trust mushrooms more, being that they are a natural product, not manufactured by man.

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Excellent point. Undoubtedly there are real COVID-19 victims inside the doll house. And undoubtedly there are significantly more victims of COVID-19 flu than victims of other flu viruses.

The salient question regarding the COVID-19 lockdown policy, however, is not strictly about COVID-19 mortality statistics. The salient question is whether the lockdown policy results in greater or lesser overall suffering and mortality than non-lockdown policy alternatives.

If non-lockdown policy alternatives (or semi-lockdown policy alternatives – for example, policy alternatives that lift the lockdown for persons with demonstrated immunity to COVID-19) are reasonably projected to result in less suffering and death than lockdown policies, then Mr. Curtin’s thesis is entirely valid: lockdowns based on COVID-19 fear™ are based not on epidemiological and mortality statistics, but on ruling class strategies for shutting down democratic institutions and transferring public wealth into ruling class bank accounts.

Most people who do not want #ImprovedMedicareForAll (H.R. 1384 & S. 1129) have not had it properly explained to them.

The opponents are pros at explaining it wrong.

Supporters don’t have the cash to buy ads to set you straight like the industry has to mislead you.

Supported by Physicians for a National Health Program and NationalNurses United and Business for Medicare for All.
See and support groups found at Campaign for Guaranteed Health Care.


Have you ever scooped up a pan of freshly fallen snow? It looks so clean and white. Melt the snow and see how much dirt there is in your formerly ‘clean’ pan. There is dirt everywhere in nature. “Natural” things are used to make medicines. Either can kill you.

“‘Natural’ things are used to make medicines”
This is true, they are also used to make chemical fertilizers for crops used for human consumption. I’ll choose “natural” fertilizers, not altered by man, to use on my food crops every time. A benefit for me and the earth IMO.


I’m not all that familiar but I’ve heard there are some micro dose tests for drug treatment and maybe other psychological disorders. Evidently, the two have some similarities in how they function in the human body. With one being about 6000 years old and the other since the middle 1900s. I tried peyote a couple of times, along long time ago.

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I’m not most people. I’ve worked in field for a longtime and like everyone else, access healthcare.