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To Defeat Systemic Racism, America Must End Endless War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/06/defeat-systemic-racism-america-must-end-endless-war

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" [triple evils])” of racism, poverty, and militarism are inextricably linked and must be defeated together."

Well. Although all three may be linked, they are all tools of Kapitalism. Let’s name things for what they are, and let’s not shy away from the root of the problem.


Slash The Military Budget, Close All Of The Foreign Military Bases, Bring The Troops Home.

Use the funds saved from this and hire millions to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of our neglected nation.

Oh, did I forget to say, “Dump The Duopoly Parties That Ran Us Into This Ditch, By Serving The Corporations,” and create 2 or 3 new political parties that will represent the 99%.


"As political scientists Kelebogile Zvobgo and Meredith Loken observe, the role of race is strikingly absent in mainstream international relations scholarship.

Acknowledgement of the racism in STEM is also lacking. After a brief window in which prominent STEM organizations came up in support of #shutdownSTEM and #shutdownAcademia, many academics and practitioners are reacting against the notion that White Supremacy is embedded in the practice of STEM in the US. The reaction ranges from folk who say that racism exists, but in isolate / non-systemic instances, to folk who claim that STEM is “objective” and cannot be racist.

These right-wing commentaries capture much of the arguments accepted by a much larger population who believe that White Supremacy is not inherent to the practice of STEM in the US:


Racism is a tool in communist countries, socialist countries, tribal areas and fascist countries as well as capitalist countries.

One of the fundamentals of the communist and socialist ideology is actually anti-racism. As is freedom of people from colonizers, as is emancipation of women, as is eradication of poverty. All of these go against the Kapitalist interests. You are right about the Fascist ideology, which is not that far from the capitalist one.

Ideology is not always the same as practice. I’ve been living in a so-called Communist country.