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To Defeat the Far-Right and the 'Inane Establishment,' Progressives Launch 'Citizen Takeover of the EU'


To Defeat the Far-Right and the 'Inane Establishment,' Progressives Launch 'Citizen Takeover of the EU'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A diverse coalition of progressive activists, academics, and politicians gathered in Brussels Monday to present a humane alternative to both the failing European political establishment and the xenophobic right.

"The EU needs to become a realm of shared prosperity, peace, and solidarity for all Europeans. We must act quickly, before the EU disintegrates."

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I hope UK MEPs will also be able to work with you on this within the EU, and that you will find support from within the existing parties, because it is when the ideas take root across the progressive parties that real progress can be made.



They need to develop economic controls that prevent the bankers of richer countries (like Germany), the World Bank and the IMF from forcing dangerous and ineffective austerity measures on weaker countries like Greece. Those policies have done nothing but damage economies and spread untold misery among a helpless populace.



“Brave new world”.

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Can America join?

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Thanks. Interesting.

From https://europeanspring.net/new-deal-for-europe/ - click on Constitutional Assembly. Starting on page 6:

I. Democracy

The European Union must be governed by the people of Europe, and for the people of Europe. Today, the EU suffers from a deficit of democracy: unelected officials make decisions behind closed doors, where corporate lobbyists have far too much influence. European Spring will fight for a democratic Europe, where citizens enjoy fundamental rights and control the future of their communities.

i. A Democratic Constitution

We call to bring the people of Europe together to develop a new Democratic Constitution for Europe. The EU is currently governed by a set of treaties drafted by unelected diplomats and government ministers. European Spring will launch a series of citizen assemblies, traveling country to country to ask people what they want from a new European constitution. This process will culminate in a referendum requesting a Constitutional Assembly, composed of democratically elected representatives from across Europe, who will draft the new democratic constitution.

ii. Empowering European Parliament

European Parliament must have the power to represent the interests of its democratic constituencies — and to check the power of the EU’s unelected bodies. We propose to strengthen the European Parliament in several ways. Parliament should have the competence to determine how its members are elected. Parliament should have the right to initiate legislation. And Parliament should be able to elect the President of the Commission freely and democratically — and to dismiss the Commission and its President through a constructive vote of no confidence.

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I’d love to straighten out Europe, but we need to straighten out the US first, or it isn’t going to do much good to straighten out Europe only to have it re-infected by U.S. corruption and oligarchical crime.

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