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To Defend Against Trump, Delaware Just Enshrined Abortion Rights


To Defend Against Trump, Delaware Just Enshrined Abortion Rights

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the Trump administration ramps up its war on women, Delaware just took a step in the opposite direction, passing a law to uphold abortion rights.


Brava, Delaware! One question: is viability defined and, if so, how? I believe the Supreme Court got it wrong when it set viability at 24 weeks. The dictionary definition of viable is "having attained such form and development of organs as to be normally capable of surviving outside the uterus". The definition does not include "with medical intervention". Before 24 weeks, doctors will not normally use intervention to save its life. Without intervention, a baby born before 30 weeks has a greatly reduced chance of survival, and will have a lifetime of medical problems. Assuming the availability, and the financial resources for, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical care when defining viability is a stretch. Any baby born before 36 weeks will likely have problems. So restricting abortions, except in certain circumstances, to fetuses less than 24 weeks is sentencing a child to lifelong difficulties and parents to a lifetime of enormous debt for the birth. This results in greatly decreased quality of life for all involved, and should be considered punitive. And there are no biblical justifications for any restrictions at all. The closest the Bible comes to addressing the issue is in Exodus 21:22, which calls for a fine to be paid if a person causes a woman to miscarry. This looks as if the fetus is considered property, not a human life. Otherwise the penalty would be much greater. So, Delaware, when laws are written about a woman's right to dominion over her own body, consider your definition of viable and the lack of a Biblical injunction against it at all.


Right on! Delaware leads the nation! However locoadele makes an excellent point. I've noticed for many years that the "right to lifers," who seem to feel "every sperm is sacred" [Monte Python] will spend thousands of dollars, blow up clinics, assassinate doctors, torment mothers making this decision, to make sure every fetus is delivered, regardless of consequences. I've also noticed that after delivery, the child and parents are on their own, no matter what problems occur.
* In my eighty years, I've never met a woman who takes that decision lightly. Sometimes the decision is made after a doctor's exam shows that the child may not be viable, or will have such severe defects that it will not survive without huge amounts of money being funneled into the medical system. Sometimes it is an accident, pill failure, or forgot. This may be a child who would prove to be an overwhelming expense to the family who cannot afford another child.
* A woman may have many reasons for terminating a pregnancy, and the decision should be hers, period!
* Before Roe vs Wade, a woman had two choices. The wealthy took a nice vacation in Sweden. The poor got a rusty coat hanger in a back alley and often died from sepsis or hemorrhage.
* We are looking at a country that is slowly morphing back to that time, wanting to make penalties for women who abort, or express a wish to do so. Who look on unwanted children as heaven's punishment for "sin," etc.
* If Delaware can pass this bill without a bunch of caveats, leaving women in charge of their bodies, with the ability to make their own decisions, we will have finally caught up with much of Europe and Scandinavia.
* Good on ya, Delaware!


Abortion doctors are very happy because they'll get more business from out-of-state women.


*** the population bomb ***
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These points are what the far right cannot wrap their tiny little brains around.


but no one is making them abort. this just gives a person a right to do so if they want to. best way to cut down the # of abortions is free and easy access to family planning..... in colorado this has been done, with a good drop in the abortion rate, with revenue from marijuana sales. free public college too. what the regressive feseral government revokes, the states can provide.


"Abortion doctors???" Are you implying that there are doctors that only perform abortions? I smell a rat.


At the time the framers were constructing the Constitution, abortion (midwifery) was legal and accepted. It was not until the 1860's did it become a contentious issue and by 1900 it was illegal in all states (and religious zealotry played a major role then as it does today). So for 72 years women were forced into a corner and stripped of the right to make life choices for the sake of their welfare and those of their families. Ugh!