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To Defend Policy of 'Must-Run' Commentaries, Sinclair Forces Stations to Use 'Must-Run' Commentary by Former Trump Aide

To Defend Policy of 'Must-Run' Commentaries, Sinclair Forces Stations to Use 'Must-Run' Commentary by Former Trump Aide

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Facing a flood of external criticism and internal dissent over its efforts to force news anchors to recite scripts bashing the media, Sinclair Broadcast Group doubled down on Wednesday by feeding its news stations yet another must-run clip in which the company's chief political analyst and former Trump adviser Boris

I kept waiting for Rocky and Bullwinkle to appear in the video. I wonder why?

Conscience doesn’t pay the bills…

A CD poster said his father told him that any American would work as a guard at a concentration camp given the right circumstances – same idea here, so unfortunate.


the issue shouldn’t be the pretty faces that read the “news” but the man behind the curtain. Who is Boris Epshteyn ? Is he another dual citizen ? Is he the policy director? When did the masses elect him to dissemble ? The only reliable news is coming from RT and internet sites. The MSM has been hijacked by AIPAC.

No. the soft-fascist RT makes FOX look objective. And much of the internet is dominated by flat-earth conspiratorial nonsense.

As an alternative, let me suggest Al Jazeera English or the Guardian. And as an alternative for leftist analysis and opinion, jet me suggest Znet and Z Magazine, or maybe Jacobin, or perhaps infoshop.org or libcom.org for a libertarian socialist-anarchist perspective.

I am not hopeful. It is increasingly looking like human extinction will be a result not of Global warming or nuclear war, but of human’s loss of their reasoning faculties as they descend into latter-day form of irrational superstition and chaos to the point that they forget how to, or no longer have the attention span to, grow food of build a roof over their heads.

Oh, and “Boris Epshteyn” is a Russian name. Dual citizen, eh?

Seems to be the backstory to a lot of our problems. I don’t know why we give them cover.

" I’ll give you our facts and then I’ll interpret them for you. You can thank me by purchasing the goods and services of our advertisers and sending a nice note to Sinclair Broadcasting.
You’re welcome, Boris. "

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