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To Defend Rights and Set Precedent, First Nation Targets Logging Plan



Clear Cut............Why are we still having this conversation?
Since the time of my Grandfather these Greedy Rats have been dealt accordingly.

May as well ask for Murder authorization, because that is what clear cut does.
It Kills Everything.
Look at the Tar Sand desecration....Thousands of clear cut acres.

Same mentality as Dick Cheney.....killing 200 ducks in a captive shoot.
May you Rot in the Hell of your own creation.
No Humanity.


Yeah you wonder why selective harvesting isn't the norm. It is corruption to be sure. The pulp mill gives campaign donations where it needs to and gets what it needs in return. That how it woks here. The clear cut is profits fast and furious and people's health is secondary if it is even an issue. Very sad that the First Nations are still mistreated


Used to settle these with a visit to the wood shed.


Where is the sanity? It is a sacrilege to clear cut ANYWHERE, and especially so when the well-being and livelihood of the people is jeopardized. Guess it wasn't enough to effectively decimate whole populations of First Nations people with war, diseases, missionization,and virgin soil epidemics during the early history.... Will the avaricious and insatiably greedy powers-that-be ever realize how absolutely irresponsible and downright evil their lust for money truly is? The profiteers do not live in vacuums and will surely suffer their own misery sooner than later.

May the Grassy Narrows First Nation triumph!


Does the thief who picks your pocket care about whether it is wrong to steal or is just happy he's got the money?


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Yeah, may Dick Cheney and the rest of his ilk " Rot in the Hell of your own creation. But the problem is: THEY ARE FORCING THE REST OF US TO ROT IN THE HELL OF THEIR OWN CREATION!


I knew that one was coming, I felt it as soon as I hit return.
Problem is we end up living there with them....no doubt.

I think of the backwards catapult the world experienced as a result of
the US coup of 2000, courtesy of the bribed SCOTUS.

While I may have to experience time sequence with them,
I do not have to loose my center.
And at the end of the day, I know my path is clean to the best of my ability.

Another way to view it, look at all the energy expended world wide
to see that their path is not the shared path of us all.


When one first enters the Native American Museum at the Smithsonian in DC,
the first room has a wall with a vast myriad of names of tribes from the Americas.

Then you realize that the names are all tribes that are now extinct.


Yeah - there is no honour now (as the Clingons would say). lol


An insider of the legal power-play Ottawa uses against First Nations says it is the government's intention to bankrupt aboriginal opposition, thereby attaining victory. That is why it is not inaccurate while repugnant to acknowledge that our feds and the provinces are still playing the genocide game while dressing it up as responsible politics. It is good and right to call this out for all to hear- whether they want to or not.