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'To Defend the Indefensible,' Trump Picks Former Fox News Anchor to Push Dangerous US Foreign Policy at United Nations


'To Defend the Indefensible,' Trump Picks Former Fox News Anchor to Push Dangerous US Foreign Policy at United Nations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday that he will nominate State Department spokeswoman and former Fox News anchor Heather Nauert as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, critics argued that while the president's decision to select someone with zero diplomatic experience to represent the U.S. before the international community is "appalling," the belligerent foreign policy and contempt for human rights that Nauert will be in charge of selling is immeasurably more dangerous.


Jeffrey Sachs? Are u kidding me?? As a spokesman for “global congruity”???
The JS that complied with the rape of Russia??
“The worrying aspect of the U.S. is not a particular appointment but the aggressive, unilateralist foreign policy of the Trump administration,” Sachs said. “The U.S. is breaking treaties, cutting foreign aid, imposing unilateral sanctions, engaging in beggar-thy-neighbor trade protectionism, threatening other countries, expanding the arms race, and gravely endangering the global environment. Global peace itself is being put at risk.”
Who writes this SH$%???


Yup theyŕe puppets, but its the puppet masters laughing all the way through the bank vaults.


Thomas Frank’s (2008) The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule really gives insight into what is happening under/behind Trump. Heather Nauru’s ascension to UN ambassadorship only validates Frank’s analysis. The systematic dissembling of this nation’s longstanding domestic and international policies marches on for no apparent reason but treason. Treason against the people of the nation and the world by the monied interests. Out and out war was declared decades ago. Until the people can extricate themselves from the bread and circuses that keep them pacified their rights will continue to erode. Ignorance may be “bliss” for some, but for me it would be a prison. I prefer to suffer an enlightened position in life, lonely though it may be. Thank you my fellow CD readers and contributors for offering your fellowship. I think we all need it badly.


Are we sure that this is not a test to see just how far we would let leadership take us? When do we say uncle, we have had enough? We get it. Now bring us back to the surface.//// What do you mean this is real, and do I have my papers?


Trump the showman and beauty contest host knows the propaganda value of a pretty face.

Things may have to get worse before they improve. Here’s hoping better educated future generations can fix what conservative stupidity has led to.


It’s like “Hee Haw” is back on the air.


We in the trade refer to it as heeeeee haaaaaaw. Morning PB


Morning G-man.


Are you Gandolf the Gray or Gandolf the White?


Fox knows too. Give 'em a little cleavage, and catastrophe goes down a LOT easier.


There are so many witty ways to answer that. So I’ll reserve that one one for the other side of mountain at the cave exit.


Too late to put a paper bag over our heads … MORONS R/US©. Joking about the copyright. Trump already holds the exclusive rights.


Johnson sez: “According to CNN, Trump ultimately favored Nauert over other candidates because of her unwavering willingness to defend him and effectively peddle the White House’s aggressive line on television.”

That, and no Gold in Sacks exec was willing to accept the demotion.


Trump’s foreign policy certainly looks an awful lot like Russia’s foreign policy. It could be because Russia controls Trump or because Putin and Trump are both fascists. In any case the main goal to destroy the world order that was set up after WWII and is dominated by liberal democracies in the US and western Europe and replace it with a world order dominated by fascist countries with Russia being the leader. Many of Trump’s associates have sold out to Russia for money and it appears Trump’s real estate empire was saved by Russia after Trump could no longer borrow from western banks to keep it going. Many of Trump supporters like Russia because it is a traditional society dominated by whites and strongly religious. It has a strongman leader in Putin and is pretty much what they would like the US to become.


Nauert = Lipstick

Trump = Pig


Yup. I guess they use the elitist neoliberal Sachs as a source because he’s at Columbia U., where Nauert got her M.A.

The main differences between her and OB’s UN Ambassadors are that they attended elitist universities all the way through; they were established Cold Warriors and war mongers (OK, that may not be much of a difference but Nauert’s murderousness was on FOX instead of elite think tanks); they were well-regarded neoliberals of the first-rank, and they had different hair color.

Point being: while - like Trump - Nauert is aesthetically brutal - she will communicate the same imperial, neoliberal foreign policy in the UN that U.S. has practiced for more than half-century.

It’s just that her tongue is made of gold from melted-down bling, while the others were forged with the smooth metal of silver spoons – and they didn’t drool when they ate their bouillabaisse.


To me, the war profiteering interests have committed treason at least since the Korean war was called euphemistically, " A POLICE ACTION" because the Constitution says only Congress can declare American wars and ever since Korea, Congress has abdicated their constitutional responsibility to declare wars. The result is today with no congressional oversight, we have a military, war profiteering, dictatorship.


Russia is hardly religious. The last few times I visited Russia, all of the churches were empty except for a few people in their 80’s and 90’s. No one I met considered themselves to be religious and most Russians believe that reason and logic should be the cornerstone of any domestic and foreign policies.
Though Putin has rigged the electoral system to stay in power, the U.S. is worse. In the U.S. the entire system is rigged to ensure that only lackies from Wall Street can even participate in an election. To make matters worse, any foreign country’ in the world knows that the U.S. is a military industrial complex that thrives on war and disorder. Russia can hardly be blamed for acting ‘aggressively’ given the context of the global world order. If Clinton had won the election, I’m not so sure that we would not be at war now with Russia over some manufactured ‘crisis’. Both choices offered to us in the last election were a threat to world peace.
The only way to tame Russia is for Americans to establish a functioning democracy at home. No where on the planet is “regime change” more urgent than here at home. The 99% must completely clean house of these corporate sycophants in both parties, if the planet is to survive into the 22nd century.


I have to strongly disagree with this observation. While the Trump style is brutal, erratic, fascist, racist and mysogynist - Trumpian policies are consistent with duopoly policies of the last 50 years. He has introduced a new wrinkle with his openly treasonous behavior, but since his predecessors committed multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity on a massive basis – absolutely massive - his treason becomes small potatoes – though it does offer grist for more Kabuki media white noise here in TweetLandInc. USA.