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'To Defend the Indefensible,' Trump Picks Former Fox News Anchor to Push Dangerous US Foreign Policy at United Nations


Great post!!! I would add that the only way to “tame” all of our so-called “enemies” is to do what you propose. Kudos.


I felt the same way. Sachs, like so many others, seems like an apologist for the Democrats. I think he is still unaware that both parties represent corporate America and exist for the sole purpose of robbing the 99% to enrich the 1% further. If he thinks the absence of Trump is going to accelerate global peace, then I would suggest that he returns to school and studies ‘real politik’ for awhile.


I disagree with you on this. Sachs is absolutely aware of what his elitist corporate role is in both academia and his many business ventures. Neoliberals are not naive; they are heartless and soul-less and generally out of touch with nature (human and otherwise). That makes them immune to debate and persuasion, which is why non-violent revolutionary activism is so difficult. A central question always is: how do you deal with these intellectual and moral zombies who control pretty much everything?


The Dump cabal Fux us over once again. I LMFAO when I think how easy it is to lead 350 million suckers over a cliff. We are utterly supine in the face of manifest evil. These corporate owned lunatics in DC will kill us all, and we are all to happy to watch on our screens. Should we wage widespread civil disobedience, and a coast to coast general strike in protest? Nah. We want to be entertained.


It’s a serious matter. But I needed that laugh. Thanks.


And what neo-liberals have supported.


Bad enough to be the worst president of all time, but to be the world’s worst personnel manager ever, too? It boggles the mind.


In this respect the bling meltdown is essential to assure that she is a plug-in unit to the aforementioned body.


Jake Johnson is normally a standout here at CD. But quoting the execrable Sachs was a mistake.


Tomatoe, tomato


Imagine all of the people with knowledge and insight on foreign affairs that could represent us. What do we get? A hack ex-Fox news person with absolutely no experience or credentials. The continues Trump’s effort to make the U.S. an international laughing stock that hasn’t a clue about how to do anything. Little Richie-rich seems to always get his way, though. Please, Mueller, please.


Yes, he is part of the family but he doesn’t know how to act right at the dinner table.


We’ve come from Adlai Stevenson to this. How sick and absurd.


Great analogy. The drunk uncle kinda thang.


Man, this shit gets crazier-er-er by the minute. I would ask how many subfixes I need to add to the word crazier, but I’m afraid of the answer.


Don’t forget that ‘Hee Haw’ replaced the ‘Smothers Brothers’ after they were canceled. I believe that’s when America headed south.


If the pun was intentional, it was all too fitting.


That’s an interesting “fun” fact.

Do you think the show was too “liberal,” or had the Brothers decided on a different direction for their careers?


Trump is continuing and expanding on the globalist agenda just as his predecessors did.Sachs failing is that he ignores this fact.


Globalist banksters.Correct