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To Deliver 'Fundamental Message' for 'Survival of Future Generations,' Greta Thunberg to Sail Atlantic for Americas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/deliver-fundamental-message-survival-future-generations-greta-thunberg-sail-atlantic


Wow, this is impressive! Fossil free fuel and it’s using solar panels and underwater turbines for power That’s impressive, and I hope she’s accompanied all the way across the pond, by solar powered drones as who trusts those lying fossil fuel companies----who knew long ago that fossil fuels were killers.


Greta is the heroine of our times. Our Joan of Arc. I hope she has a much longer life though.


I read this story this morning - stunning achievement by Greta.

At the same time, one wonders where everyone else has been ?

If there are still sentient human beings anywhere other than in Sweden, Greta Thundberg will be awarded, by a grateful planet, the Nobel Peace Prize.


Assuming that she does not have a lot of sailing experience, then she will need to stock up on the Dramamine of scopolamine.

I wish she had chosen something more practical means of crossing the Atlantic that is accessible to ordinary people. A passenger cabin on a freighter operating in economical slow steaming mode is one possibility that would have a smaller carbon footprint than flying.


Or perhaps Boudica of the Iceni:
Statue of Boudica & her two daughters, London


And as someone commented on twitter: "What kind of carbon emissions were produced by the rich owner while making the money needed to build this super fancy custom racing yacht?

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Wind in their sails speeding hydrofoil riding fossil fuel free solar above water turbine generator below, stealthily accompanied across the next biggest pond by killer drones, children in their killer crosshair sites. (dramatic wording)

This boat isn’t even close to being “fossil fuel free”. It’s a carbon fiber boat, and carbon fiber is made from composite epoxies, which are mostly made from petroleum products and distillates. Granted, this material is not being burned and put into the atmosphere, but it is still the product of drilling, which releases other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. We still have a long way to go on bio-plastics, and plant based epoxies in order to completely stop using oil.

And, it’s not really a new thing, sailing across the Atlantic, as we have been doing it regularly for over 500 years now. I get it, she’s crossing an ocean without putting and carbon in the air from air travel, but the solution to the climate crisis isn’t carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative. I love sailing, but the solution to 410 ppm C in the atmosphere isn’t a sailboat, it’s biodiesel powered container ships.

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This wonderful young lady has more courage than most adults, especially our elected leaders.


Hi Wellan:
That’s what I worry about , : (

Good for her and the sponsors taking her along
Bon Voyage


This is a Serious and dangerous trip.
I have never done it but I spent years studying the possibility. I spent about 6 years building a 35 ft sailboat(in the 70’s-80’s) to do something like this. I’ve completed navigation and seamanship courses and sailed in Lake Michigan, Oregon, Puget sound, San Juan Islands Alaska, Florida and the Abacos. In the 70’s and 80’s I read just about everything in print about voyaging and survival at sea and those that had made voyages. It’s no CAKE WALK even with professionals.

She will be a different person on the other side. and probably better for it


Yes, we must look at every detail, and if anyone who has anything to do with this journey has ever had a carbon footprint the whole thing must be rejected. Nothing anyone is doing is pure enough, with the exception of animals. There is no point in anyone bothering to make any attempt at doing anything abouyt climate change, since nobody can be pure enough.


I think this is incredibly romantic–Greta is such a marvelously romantic figure in her own right, and then the idea of sailing ships has captured my imagination since I saw a clip about Tres Amigos (a cargo ship that sails between the I think the US and Europe) some years ago. Whether it will do any good is another matter–I think governments appoint negotiators with the mandate to get allowances for their own countries to pollute as heavily as possible, and so far they have had no worries about being held to account for it.

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Things didn’t end well for either of those ladies. While I don’t subscribe to Miss Thunberg’s hysteria over mankind’s contribution to climate change, I would never wish her the fates that awaited Boudicca or Joan of Arc.

Air friction, the biggest energy cost in flying a plane, is related to air speed to the fourth power. In other words, if somebody were to build an airplane that flew across the Atlantic at 1/2 of current air speeds, it would use 1/16 of the fuel per hour of flight, but the flight would take twice as long. So, the plane would use 1/8 as much fuel for the flight.

I’m saying that jets are fuel hogs only because nobody demanded that they not be fuel hogs. If lots of people did plane shaming, the commercial aviation industry would decide to greatly reduce their carbon dioxide pollution habits.

They might raise ticket prices a bit because of higher labor costs, but they’d save on fuel. Every increment in a carbon tax would help them to make a better energy decision.


Another climate denialist appears - this time ‘with compassion dripping from every pore’.

Not to you - but to the few who might peruse this article.

All leaders are in a sense used by the people - who have not the courage nor the brains to lead.

But that is the way the world works.

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Just to reply, I subscribe to Greta Thunberg’s grasp of the situation. I suspect that humans, rats and cockroaches can survive nearly everything, but humanity shall be in deep mourning if we can’t grow food anymore over most of the world. Then humanity will suffer through a hunger-driven precipitous numbers decline. That could get really ugly. The survivors are going to be, well, quite strange people.

I believe that the planet doesn’t have to have this catastrophe. It’s our option. It’s a choice. It’s a convenience with a bad ending, like smoking cigarettes but far more disastrous for all of us in the end.


Thank you for the thoughtful sarcasm, wildfire.

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