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To Democratic Voters – Up Your Demands; To Trump Voters – See How He Didn’t Deliver for You

Don’t broadcast your “hey Democrats come get my number 2 vote” too loudly.

You may influence the creation of a new d-party bumper sticker: We’re #2.

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“I think that the limitations are built into humans generally.”

Sure you can argue that. My point was that progressives’ and liberals’ feeling about this varies - before the French Revolution vs after the Terror, e.g. Now is obviously a dark time for US progressives.

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Baska: I agree. During the Sanders campaign, esp. in 2016, I experienced a huge burst of optimism and hope. We all would prefer to be hopeful, and the experience of hope is a hostage of the ebb and flow of events, as you rightly point out. But when I look at things intellectually, I really don’t think that members of Homo sapiens sapiens are up to the job of governing themselves. It’s not that people are incapable of changing their perspectives and behavior. They are: just look at the decline of patriarchal and homophobic attitudes over the past 50 years. Rather, it’s that it is easier to stay in our comfort zones than to transcend them. As Daniel Kahneman points out, it take so much less energy to think “fast” – in a shallow way, using stereotypes – than it is to think “slowly” – analyzing matters thoroughly, systematically and deliberately. Jennifer Bosson and Joseph Vandello have analyzed “precarious masculiinity,” which implies that people will try to conform in order to keep membership in groups that provide power, status or protection. For that reason, most humans are conformists. This is even borne out if we look at people on the left: groupthink is no stranger there either. I’m not folding my arms, mind you, but I am not a long-term optimist. Anyway, thanks for mentioning Walter Benjamin, who is always someone to contend with. Cheers!

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photo caption:

Representation of diagonally askew human arms in ironic counterpoint to off-kilter election “boxes” savagely indicts post-industrial capitalism.

Trump voters have what they want —hate and violence-------NYT about to release Trump taxes-----Trump took a $70,000 deduction for hair cuts-------The IRS sent him $72 million by mistake but he refuses to pay it back??? Trump is broke------and he has been taking money from Turkey—$13 million----$9 million from the Philipines----while in office???

again, every vote counts, we need to win by millions to keep el trumpo from being able to contest but then he will anyway. here in Oregon I really don’t have to worry but not taking any chances so voting blue all the way down the ballot and I hope all do that and get more progressives in house and senate.

They sure won’t have Bernie to blame, but DNC elites are liars and fabricators of truth.

Of course they are but if re-elected he will be reenergized and know he can get away with anything. Some red states are clamping down hard on protesters. I believe trump and miller sent white supremacists to my Portland to cause violence and destruction here and then he really got everyone wound up again when he sent troops here.

Nothing will be guaranteed under trump!