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To Denounce Immoral #GOPTaxScam, Nuns on the Bus Begin 54-Stop US Tour Ahead of Midterms


To Denounce Immoral #GOPTaxScam, Nuns on the Bus Begin 54-Stop US Tour Ahead of Midterms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Arguing that the Republican Party violated basic morality last year when it pushed through President Donald Trump's tax plan, the progressive Catholic group "Nuns on the Bus" embarked on a cross-country tour this week, targeting Republicans who are fighting to keep their seats after voting for massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.


Give each Nun a very thick yardstick, and set them loose in the Senate office building.

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These are nuns who don’t pay taxes and work for an institution that doesn’t pay taxes?


Not sure what point you are making. I have been an advocate for affordable, accessible health care and I have had free healthcare for years.


I’m suggesting taxing the churches. If find it amusing when the beneficiaries of one of the biggest existing tax scams campaigns to eliminate tax benefits for someone else, but shows a completely blind eye to the fact that they’re scamming the system…

It’s sort of like bank robbers complaining that not enough is being done to stop muggers.


We have to keep in mind that operators like the Trump organization believes it’s only a crime if you get caught. And they seldom get caught because they pay lawyers to finagle and buy free passes.
As far as churches go, perhaps a means test would help. Small churches, no tax. Big ones pay tax according to the take from the plate and solicited contributions. Would that be something we could accept? Hate to see nuns have to wear Ivanka hand me downs.


No, there should be no tax exemption for churches. A little thing called “The Establishment Clause” - no state-sponsored religion. You want to go to church, fine, go to church, build a church, but don’t expect it to be subsidized by the government.