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To End Gun Violence, We Need to Address the Influence of Big Money In Politics

To End Gun Violence, We Need to Address the Influence of Big Money In Politics

Ben Gubits

I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, just a few blocks away from Columbine High School. I was fourteen years old when two heavily armed students walked into their school and started shooting innocent classmates. Our quiet community was left overwhelmed with anger, frustration, and sadness. I remember coming downstairs before school the next day, to find my mother, a school teacher, weeping uncontrollably as the news reported the aftermath of the tragedy, and all I could do was cry with her.

It doesn’t take corporate special interests to stymie you. It merely takes more voters that disagree with you than you think. You saw the echo chamber effect by listening only to H voters, now you’re showing you didn’t learn anything.

I’ve been called twice. In both polls the questions were somewhat leading, and without sufficient detail to assess what I actually supported. I answer what is asked, and my answers probably led them to be one of the people you think supports bans on particular firearms, or standard (high capacity!) magazines.

There’s been loud and furious outrage over this for decades. It doesn’t go anywhere not because of special interests, but because voters time and again elect more congress critters who’ll defend firearm rights, than not.

I think part of the issue is a tendency to lean towards the echo chamber, a mistake, and the second to therefore attribute a lack of action you prefer to Big Money, or Big something…instead of merely being outvoted by regular folks, on a national scale.