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To End 'Unconstitutional Nightmare,' ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over Use of Secret Police in Portland

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/18/end-unconstitutional-nightmare-aclu-sues-trump-administration-over-use-secret-police


Special OPS Forces loose on America’s street? Carrying out secret rendition of US Citizens. Not long ago I reasoned the seemingly conspiratorial story about Home Land Security converting abandoned Wall Marts into prisons was … well, conspiratorial. One thing I have learned during the Trump Admin: Conspiratorial stories are like science fiction. Stay alive long enough and they become true.


Probably, just some silly-ass, senile, spirochete ‘et brained billionaire, hiring half the working class to kill the other half? FDR had us po’ folk build hydroelectric/ irrigation reservoirs, mitigate the dust bowl soil erosion, build us all 120mph rail corridors, teach kids, heal the sick, feed, house and clothe citizens… Trump can pay piss po’ peckerwoods to SHOOT, incarcerate and terrorize us all? Free crank and GUNZ! 2nd 'Mendment Trumps the First, huh? All they really have to do is mouth-breathe, LOUDLY at us… and we’ll drop like flies?



~https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2020/7/16/1961288/-Brace-yourself-for-the-latest-COVID-19-predictions-You-re-not-going-to-like-them (no, I don’t believe KOS, either!)



It’s only a matter of time before the Trump storm troopers announce that they have to take people, because face masks make it harder for facial recognition software to identify people.


You have the right to protest as long as the authorities do not “feel threatened.” Once they feel threatened, protest becomes terrorism and the Constitution disappears. It’s like magic.


But how many citizens will be apprehended before this law suit is heard:



This is exactly the kind of behavior that will lead to counter-violence if it isn’t stopped. People will put up with kind of thing for only so long before they start returning an eye for an eye.


This should be a story front and center on every MSM organizations, media and print, and it isn’t. Very few have even mentioned this atrocity or covered it in fiull. Independents are all over it, as well as foreign, and they should be. They clan’t even get who these storm trooper are and have been tagged as US Marshall’s and they are not. The uniforms only have one thing on them, a patch stating: Police. No names, no outfit, etc. These men (and women) have been drafted into some sort of “Federal Police” that are not accountable to anyone but the White House,and whoever is running these outlaws. They are not legal and are from several law enforcement departments which would include DHS, ICE, DEA, Border Patrol, and various paramilitary units across the board. I agree with a certain critics who stated this is a test case to see how much resistance (blowback) occurs before it is rolled out to every city and state. This is serious and a view of what is coming between now and the election and what he will do if he wins another term. He has no line he will not cross and neither do his enablers.The GOP really has no idea what they have unleashed on our country. He will toss them all into concentration camps, disappear them (as he intends to do with protesters), and any who oppose him. He is and always has been an admirer of Hitler (as was his father) and all those other psycho authoritarian heads of state. Bad now? Just wait. This has all been foreplay for him and his minions

The loss of Mr. Lewis is a loss for all of us. We should all bow our heads and pray in silence for a moment, He was the only one to take a stand against DT, and was proud of it while other Dems were silent. He talked the talk and walked the walk.

Elsewhere is a lengthy article on DeVos and how she became a turncoat for DT. Her core ideology has always been for-profit schools, charter schools, online learning for all public educational facilities, and that includes higher education. She hates the public school system and wants it destroyed. That is her core. Now she has done that one-eighty getting on board with DT and kissing his ass bigly. If children die, so be it. If teachers die, so be it. If parents die, so be it. Nothing has changed for her. She still wants the public education system ended. A win is a win no matter the consequences, even deaths.

DeVos is far from done with her quest And DT has a great deal more damage and power to seize before the election, and after if he loses which is no guarantee. He is not going to depart the WH willingly. Everyone needs to get that in their heads. He’s all over the place in his destruction like some rabid octopus, rambling, incoherent mostly, but he wants to remain in office since he likes all the powers he possesses for bullying, mayhem, and destruction. That power has made him totally and he was never that sane to begin with. He likes it. He needs it and is not going to give it up willingly or easily. repeat as necessry.


Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

— W.B Yeats

One more ratchet turn towards authoritarianism which began with fervor after 9/11.

This must be crushed or America will quickly morph into a 21st century version of East Germany.

Congress critters? What say ye? Action must happen immediately, Impeach Barr. Impeach Wolfe.

Freedom of speech? Freedom of assembly? Constitutionalists? What say ye?


Well said.

It’s just the next step into full blown Fascism.

You know: Pragmatic, Triangulated, Incrementalism


Ratcheting towards “our” authoritarian oligarchy, since the rent strikes, Gnadenhutten, Whiskey & Shay’s Rebellion…






Most people forget, or never knew, this all goes back to post Vietnam America and the roots of the Powell memorandum. The plans for establishing the Fourth Reich, a pax American led fascist state, were set forth by Lewis Powell and funded by America’s corporate and wealthy back the wake of Watergate.
As they incrementally established footholds in state and local governments And slowly took over the courts and the US senate, they knew they only needed two major events, linchpins that bring their 50 year plan to fruition. The first was of course was 9/11. It accomplished more than they dreamed, as a frightened American public simply looked the other way as a Stasi-style surveillance state was established, and a constant state of war was brought to bare. It was only a matter of time before the second opportunity presented itself. The nation, now led by fascists, suffers a tribulation, a pandemic. It causes the now rusty wheels of the Republic to finally seize up, and fall off. And that is where we are today.
Jay Gould’s America has come to pass.


Well, its hard to pursue an eye for an eye strategy if you wait until you’re blind. We better get moving.


You write that:

"The GOP really has no idea what they have unleashed on our country. He will toss them all into concentration camps … "

By he I assume you mean Trump. The question then becomes if the GOP will have an open convention next month and nominate someone who is not Trump. Or are the Republicans so cowed by Trump that they automatically nominate this full blown demagogue? You also mention that “He [Trump] is and always been an admirer of Hitler …” While this very well may be true what those in the media, both mainstream and independent, rarely say is that during the 2016 presidential campaign Trump did actually say on CNN how much he admired Benito Mussolini. And yet this astonishing admission by Trump is rarely said by anyone, either on the network news programs or on cable news.


Based on support for Trump, somewhere around 38% of US citizens are cheering on this behavior of their fellow citizens being kidnapped by secret police. I am not sure how returning an eye for an eye will work out, other than another civil war in the USA.

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But Trump said the coronavirus would disappear like magic not the constitution.


When the nightmare of Hitler’s failed dream came crashing down, he did the responsible thing.

Pray for this to happen soon.


Oh and aren’t all those roided out cops and "security " personnel just itching for that retaliatory violence to happen so they can REALLY unload on some “rioters”. Then again from what I’ve seen cops and the like seem good at avoiding those who may really be able to fight back.


Probably arresting a few random people to cover for bringing in their covert team. The ones that start the riots