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To Ensure Dignity for 'Most Vulnerable Among Us,' Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Expand Social Security

To Ensure Dignity for 'Most Vulnerable Among Us,' Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Expand Social Security

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an effort to strengthen one of the nation's most popular programs as the GOP pushes for cuts, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and several Senate Democrats on Wednesday introduced the Social Security Expansion Act to ensure that seniors can retire in dignity and "everyone with a disability can live with the security they need."

"A great nation is not judged, historically, by the number of billionaires it has or by the number of nuclear weapons it has. It is judged by how it treats the most vulnerable people among us."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


With the amount of wealth in this country, this plan to expand Social Security, not only makes sense, it makes equality.


Judge “establishment” organizations by how and where they post this news story… if posted at all.

Odd that a bill so truly desired and loved, can be buried by media inattention. If 70% of the public supported building a wall, the media would have it on the front-page each and every day.

Of special off-topic news… the nations founders were adamantly AGAINST establishing political parties!

Instead of pushing for a third-party to resolve being trapped in the DNC/RNC electoral scam, it would be much easier to “reset” our election process the way that it was designed… no political parties… only Americans voting for Americans.

Why is our government putting the election process (and governmental money) into private hands (DNC/RNC) that have no obligation to represent the public or even be transparent with the public?


The weaponization of the Democratic Party. No wonder whatsherface comes across as so obstructionist… she is. George Carlin come back!!

The argument MUST BE MADE that this strategy is one of very few ways that democracy can be considered under the thumb of runaway predatory capitalism. This is an FDR move that the public needs to wake up to yesterday.

The era of predatory capitalism screwing all is finit.


In the past, I have had some lucrative employment where I had enough income to not have to pay anymore Social Security, but I always felt that tax legislation was a corrupt, con on the American people. When one makes enough income to be exempt from S.S. taxes, the last thing they need is an exemption!


I’m paying federal taxes on my social security income this year. I don’t know, but I’m guessing that this tax will go into the general fund when I think it should go into the SS trust fund.


I absolutely agree with the plan in general, just don’t understand the loophole. Why are people who are making $132,900 - $250,000 not subject to the tax, or am I reading this wrong?


Bernie’s bill does seem to be better than the bill Representative Larson introduced in the House a couple of weeks ago. The Senate bill includes investment income in the tax (that’s obviously really an important feature), has a smaller donut hole (with the tax starting up again at $250000 rather than $400000 like the house bill), has better orphan benefits, and doesn’t raise the payroll tax. Both bills use the same COLA and increase benefits a bit.

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No, you have it correct.

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My wife and I live on Social Security @ $660 & $560 a month collectively. We fortunately own our modest home outright, but getting by every month is sometimes not so easy. So we grow organic foods on the property to supplement what we purchase from our farmer friends. To plan for emergency expenses is pretty much impossible, we live month to month. Scrap the cap is the simplest and fastest way to ensure longevity for Social Security! I have personally been advocating Scrap the cap for over 10 years as a way to preserve our right to retire in dignity. Bernie Sanders again leading the way to a better America! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Peace


There also has to be an initiative to help seniors get out from under the load of debt. Student loan debt in the USA was changed some years ago to make it harder to get discharged from even as it made easier for Corporations to escape a debt load via bankruptcy laws.

The number of seniors in the USA carrying student debt increased by 400 percent from 2005 to 2017.

Interest rates on debt also has to be addressed. Also something to keep in mind are prices charged for anything from rent to long term health care , from food to energy. What the owner class will do is that as soon as they recognize Seniors have more money due to higher Social security payments , they will jack up prices of goods they sell in response. You can COLA add as much as you want and they will respond in kind with higher prices. I noticed something like this here in Canada (A Capitalist is a Capitalist and they not nicer up here than down in the USA) is that the monthly costs of long term health care tends to be just under what the typical Senior receives in the way of CPP, OAS and other such benefits. If those benefits go up , the costs tend to follow along.


It could do soo much to mitigate things like M4ALL, guaranteed annual income, and most other safety net programs. Something you would think would make republicans happy. But then, they are not normal, compassionate beings.


Our good friend Joe Biden supported many bills which made it harder for people to reduce their student debt.


Since this bill doesn’t directly put more money into the owner’s pockets, it has no chance of passing.

Thanks for that link. It interesting that the changes to the laws occurred in 2005 and this the very year senior debt load for student debt exploded and Biden pocketing money from the same people wanting those laws changed all along.

I fail to see how any that call themselves a progressive can ever support the Democratic party .


I may be reading you wrong! If I am sorry…

Those in that range still pay the tax, just on the first $132,900 of their income. Above $250,000 people pay it on the first $132,900 and then on everything they make above $250,000.

Why, I don’t know. This makes it still a regressive tax.

Did I read you wrong and you already understood this? If so, sorry.


And the sad thing is that Biden will probably be the rat that is nominated by the DNC and it’s super delegates in 2020, which he like HRC had in 2016, no doubt… has many already in his pocket.

Nobody ever polls me so I put no stock in polls, especially such early ones. I haven’t even heard Biden enter, or speak.

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