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To Ensure Dignity for 'Most Vulnerable Among Us,' Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Expand Social Security




Income between those amounts would not be subject to the tax.


I used to have a job
An’ I was doin’ fairly well
Depression came along
An’ everybody start to yell
“Where’d they go, them good ol’ days,
'An all that crap we used to sell?”
Now I’m in Hot-Plate Heaven,
at the Green Hotel

Republicans is fine,
If you’re a multi-millionaire
Democrats is fair,
If all you own is what you wear
Neither of 'em’s REALLY right,
'Cause neither of 'em CARE
'Bout that Hot-Plate Heaven,
'Cause they ain’t been there

They really oughta go
'N find out how the hall-way smell -
They’d benefit to know
‘Bout what the bums in there could tell
(I guess we’re only dreamin’,
But I s’pose it’s just as well
That’s ALL you get to dream
Up in the Green Hotel)

Nature didn’t put me here,
An’ neither did my fate -
It musta been some evil ol’
Republican candidate!
He’s over there in Washington,
But I wish he was in HELL
'Cause I’m in Hot-Plate Heaven
At the Green Hotel

Things is slightly better now;
They hope we will forget
The misery of ‘TRICKLE DOWN’,
An’ jelly-bean etiquette
The Regal Presidential Style
Has simply not worn well,
But neither has my rags,
Up in the Green Hotel

(I said) the Green Hotel
(I mean) the Green Hotel
(Been there once) the Green Hotel
(An’ gone again) the Green Hotel

Neither has my rags
Up in the Green Hotel

Pass me the dog food!


Thanks. Now I can go crash with a smile on my face. (-:


Any particular musical group or selection that you haven’t heard in some time?


You have rightly recognized that it is the consumer that is taking the hit. In every area prices are being raised or the quality of the product is being reduced in some sneaky manner.


:-))) oh the degrees of guilt we have to live with. I’ve always tried to get by with a single flower, maybe that’s why I don’t have a spouse?


It is prohibited by law from going into the general fund.


It is, in effect, means tested. Those with total income above $35,000 (including benefit income) pay income tax on those benefits and that portion of tax revenue received is put back into the SS system (about $35 billion last year).


Many. That’s why I’ve been enjoying your posts.


You’ve reminded me of an old joke:

"My friend says to me, ‘I must be getting stronger.’
‘How can you tell?’ says I.
“Why, years ago, I could barely carry $20 worth of groceries, and now I can carry $200 worth easy.’”
(rim shot)


That was fun music. Reminds me of one of my first apartments. Shared with buddy John. An upstairs, outside entry, and we used a hot plate exclusively. You won’t believe the rent. $55 per month. After about a year and a half rent went up to a soaring $60. The bad part. The downstairs landlady had a couple of dozen cats and enough mice to keep them fat and happy. When we couldn’t keep the mice from migrating to the upstairs we gave it up. Lot of great memories in that place, and a few bad, but all with a haze in the air.

And if PonyBoy is still taking requests: “Travlin Shoes”, or “Brickyard Blues”, Maria Muldaur


I’ve done three and one and a dozen. This year we just looked at each other and realized we were tired enough to not care much about Val. Day.
One flower may have been too many at the store. They wanted $65.00 for a dozen roses and some babies breath sprigs. Looked beautiful though.


Were you an engineer?


I doubt Biden at 76 is interested.


No, I was a real estate developer.


Some time if you are in the John Mayall mood a couple of good ones off the "Looking Back album are “Sitting in the rain, and Double Trouble” Ramble on. Yup , pun intended


Are you sure you should be on a progressive site? Thought developers were pitted against the conservation crowd.


? $65.00 ? thieves in the night, good gawd!


I know. And then the landlady would give my dog Argus a soup bone or something during the day when I was at work. Arg was chained and had his house outside.
Half Shepard, quarter Airedale, and a quarter collie.