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To Ensure Every Vote Counts, Elizabeth Warren Says Amend the Constitution and 'Get Rid of the Electoral College'

To Ensure Every Vote Counts, Elizabeth Warren Says Amend the Constitution and 'Get Rid of the Electoral College'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a CNN town hall Monday night in Mississippi—where GOP laws and suppression tactics have disproportionately harmed black voters—Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said the best way to strengthen voting rights nationwide is to amend the U.S. Constitution and abolish the Electoral College.


I am a fan of Warren, but I do wonder about raising the EC issue in a state like Mississippi. With more than fifty percent of the population residing in rural areas and ranking over thirty (out of fifty) in terms of population, Mississippi represents the poster child for why the Electoral College was originally formed. Of course, that is only if one considers money (In America? Gasp.), which largely goes to large agricultural conglomerates and the like for rural areas. As for issues that truly address the People, the Electoral College is indeed flawed, so Go Lizzy, Go!


Too little, too late. W/o the EC we’d have a Democrat corporate lackey instead of Republican one. We’d have no more meaningful democracy than we had before. There’s a raft of things that need to be changed in terms of genuine democracy in order to effect the things we must do: ridding the world of the menace of nuclear war, militarism, fossil fuels and the threat of ecocide.

And really, it’s a cynical electioneering ploy by Warren as she knows it would require a Constitutional amendment: 2/3 of the states would have to agree - that means low-populated red states that benefit from the undemocratic nature of the Electoral College. It’s not going to happen.

With the massive threats facing all of humanity, little tweaks around the edges of the electoral system of US Empire aren’t gonna cut it.


Still often these issues have to be raised a few times to take hold. Obama’s health care, a flop, with each new progressive health care bill sounding a bit better.

Perhaps at least better public awareness about how the electoral system works can shake it down a bit.

Also, I have my demos ranked. I’m happy if a higher rank one can grab the limelight away from the ones I like less (Harris, Biden, Beto).


Agree with Helen. It’s past time to get rid of the Electoral College. And it’s past time for that issue to be brought up. It’s going to take a very long time to get it done but until pols start talking about it seriously it will never happen… not that popular vote is a panacea either. People are so profoundly and willfully stupid now that they are easily swayed by nonsense and lies. And so it goes…


Making every vote count is exactly why we have the Electoral College. Without the College, a President could be elected by the voters in half a dozen or so major metropolitan areas and vast swaths of America could be safely ignored. This “tyranny of the majority” is what the founders were protecting us from by creating the Electoral College.

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RE: “sounding a bit better.”??? Or being a bit better?

The ACA was better for the insurance companies and Big Pharma. The ACA’s genesis was at the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation. Separate the hype from the reality.


The “tyranny of the majority” , that is, democracy, is what our elite Founding Fathers feared most.


I don’t think you’ve thought this issue through. It is pretty well known that most of the campaigning happens in the swing states the way it is now. So people from Mississippi, Texas, California, and on and on are safely ignored and people from Florida or (now) Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan will have more influence over the election. What kind of a system is that? The Founding Fathers weren’t Gods nor were they really all that impressive compared to many other writers over the ages. The fact that they came up with a stupid idea to hold things together (and include the idea that 3/5 of a slave person counts towards increasing the power of the white landowners from the south) doesn’t surprise me one bit and shouldn’t have any effect on our willingness to do something smart now.


Getting rid of DieBold voting machines and going back to hand counting is an “immediate” solution that doesn’t require years of debate and inaction.


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How sweetly naive. And historically uninformed. The wealthy white men who formulated our byzantine system of governance did not want ‘ the people’ having any meaningful control. Hence the awkward electoral college work around to keep that from happening. Democracy was the last thing on their minds… and I have to add do you really have any idea how the Electoral College works? Because if you did you would not have posted what you posted I think… and Welcome to CD!,


I find it ironic that there is not even the faintest allusion to the dynamics enforced by Citizens United


Why not start with something simple? - paper ballots.


Or , electronic voting machines that dispense a paper receipt.
That way , one can immediately verify your choice and serve as a back up if the vote is contested.


Let’s say you are absolutely right, I still want to see that democrat control to prove the point. Seeing is believing, and we haven’t seen democrat control since the first two years of Obama when all efforts were to give us a better health coverage deal.

I have to be sided with anyone willing to take the voting condition head on.


Every gas pump and ATM across the country has been able to do that for years, so what’s the problem?

With that said, paper ballots marked and counted by hand can’t be hacked, period.


The heck with Liz, please watch this Democracy Now only released an hour ago.

War criminals in the United States are no longer accountable for their actions. We are a nation of animals.


She had a great town hall meeting. Her ideas, thoughts and vision are great. Now is the time - we need a woman to lead the clean up of the mess all of these neanderthal men have created. Is Warren the right choice? I think she could be. Instead of dismissing her outright people should be welcoming her to the debate and the race because she does bring good ideas and has been one of the few to speak truth in the halls of congress.


So we can just ditch the “United States of America” concept, rather we can give our Allegiance to one nation under California a state that peddles out corporate Democrat after corporate Democrat.

How is it that Democrats have still not learned one of the main reasons why they lost the 2016 election. How does this differentiate from Clinton’s ill-fated strategy to only Pander to large populous states?

To make sure that “Every Vote Counts”? Please this has the exact opposite effect. It will effectively make sure that the votes of people who hail from small states, never count again.

Listen I’m voting for Bernie in the primary, but if Warren wins, she has my vote in the general. Please don’t run on this issue and screw over the Midwest again.