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To Expose 'Dark and Hidden' Trumpcare Push by GOP, Senate Dems #HoldtheFloor


To Expose 'Dark and Hidden' Trumpcare Push by GOP, Senate Dems #HoldtheFloor

Jon Queally, staff writer


KarmaCare, coming to a Republican near you…


Schumer is showing real leadership on this. The Indivisible groups around the country are supporting this strategy of slowing things down.


He is and so are Senate Democrats, even red state ones, who haven’t joined any of the Republican efforts. Fifteen years ago, guys like Manchin would have given McConnell bipartisan cover.


I’m guessing that McConnell is calling bumpus right now urging him to tweet something - anything.

Corporate media will take their cue with great energy and noise. Several hours after the GOP Senate passes this death sentence msm will breathlessly and rhetorically ask us on their nightly mental beat-down “how could this have happened?”

And Dumpster Fire will be voted “Entertainer of the Year.”


Ya, maybe at another baseball diamond, with some folks who’s aim is truer! If republicans in government would represent US then comments like mine would be moot!


Please stop calling it TrumpCare.


And neither do most Republicans.


Where are all of the rest of the Senate Dems? Aren’t there 48 of them? Bravo to these few; there should be a Hero’s Gallery like this Rogue’s Gallery of R’s (or just a ‘Normal Human Decency as Senator’ Gallery).


Poor Chuck Schumer, it seems the article was revised and the information about him been removed even though he is leading this slowdown effort by the Democrats. Some people just don’t get any respect.


I like that!! What goes around comes around. Eventually.


Any DINO that rolls over for the GOPers on their secret DeathCare should at a minimum be voted out of office.


I call it what it really is…GOP FUKYOUCARE


Tony, I see from your previous posts that you were supportive of Bernie Sanders, as was I.

I also see that you mentioned that you were a registered Democrat.

Knowing damn well what the Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC, the MSM, and Hillary Clinton herself did to fuck Bernie’s chances at the nomination, are you ‘still’ registered as a Democrat and believe that party can ever be ‘Reformed’?


It will take some kind of grass roots thing…When people get so outraged they actually vote out incumbents for new blood…Just like the Republicans did when the tea party was born…I think if the GOP passes all the bull shit they plan on doing I think a lot of people will wake up and smell the coffee…Both parties…I hope we get to repeal and replace corporate loving democrats…Remember Booker not to long ago voted with the GOP against a big pharma bill that would have helped…He gave a lame excuse…But he was also given lots of campaign cash from them bastards so his story wont hold pee pee water.