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To Fight Climate Emergency, Democrats Told: 'We Need Leaders With the Backbone to Stand Up to Big Polluters. Full Stop.'


To Fight Climate Emergency, Democrats Told: 'We Need Leaders With the Backbone to Stand Up to Big Polluters. Full Stop.'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Democrats hoping to sit at the helm of their party in the House in the next congressional term vie for support ahead of a January vote on the House floor, dozens of progressive groups released a letter Tuesday telling candidates that their leadership must include a firm stance against the fossil fuel industry, including a rejection of all donations from oil and gas companies.


Thank you Sunrise Movement, but from my perspective, until the corrupt DNC is politically eliminated not much will change from taking their bribes from the contributions of the fossil fuel polluters.


Leaders are a problem. Look how badly Bernie set us back, He didn’t even bother to ask all the people who supported him if it was okay to quit.

Humanity will learn to organize autonomous democracy that focuses distributed intelligence or fade into extinction.

Leaders and representatives cannot know, understand or direct the grandeur of distributed human intelligence. It is up to humanity acting in concert to move forward and quit paying attention to governments.


The biggest polluter are people willing to have children knowing the habitat is collapsing, all the while a vasectomy is an easy process and costs very little.


Yeah, at least Bernie could have returned our financial contributions back to us, since he said that we cannot afford for Trump to become POTUS! But I hear Bernie is potentially planning to run again for POTUS in 2020 and what that means to me, is Bernie is willing to be used by the corrupt, dems. again!


We are living in a house of mirrors
Breaking out brings you right back in again
'cause there’s no ‘out there’ any more
Emmanuel Goldstein is the new name,
the same-old, only game.


“is Bernie is willing to be used by the corrupt, dems. again!”.

Shantiananda, I would have to go farther, and say he’s not being used, he’s in on the corruption if he runs again under the Dem banner.


The Backbones. Where are they?


I believe that the fossil fuel corporations give far more money to Republicans than to Democrats and actually both parties should stop taking this money given the climate emergency situation. But since Democrats actually say they believe that climate change is occurring and is mainly caused by humans whereas most Republicans deny this certainly Democrats should not be accepting these contributions. Democrats can get money from plenty of other sources such as labor unions and trial lawyers and wealthy donors who support the party as well as small individual contributions so saying no to money from fossil fuel corporations seems feasible even in this money-soaked political environment.


I object to your first adjective. Disgraceful!


The headline is accurate, but the image that goes with it is incongruous…Nan does not have the “backbone” or “will” to stand-up to big-money; she is after-all worth an estimated $100 million. She is a capitalist who infamously said “We’re capitalists, that’s just the way it is”.- that myopic corrupt mindset is NOT what the US, the world, or our only planet needs at this point in time! Add to that the refusal to support Universal not-for-profit Single-Payer or restore fair taxation on the wealthiest (ie herself and cronies and those who buy her via campaign “contributions” bribes) and its clear she will not do the hard things that must be done…R’Con lite DINO neo-liberal mindset!

" Nancy Pelosi, one of the top Democratic Party leaders, is courting donors in the same manner that has poisoned the Democratic Party’s reputation confirms that Democrats have learned nothing from their losses. Instead of revamping the party through grassroots organizing and fundraising, Pelosi travels the country with billionaires and corporate executives. Nothing in the Democratic Party will ever change until politicians who prefers donors over voters are removed from leadership roles."

Nancy “off the table” Pelosi has “compromised”, AKA capitulated, many too many times, she does not have the _Moxie_or incentive to forcefully challenge the powers that must be fought tooth and nail to make any difference - she is a charter member of the corrupt entrenched DINO establishment… .IMO.


Medical cannabis! STAT!!


Followed by recreational cannabis PRN.


Fat chance of saving our planet with "not on the table" Nancy.


Lot of chicken littles today, the sky must be falling. You would think the plan has already failed and they haven’t even picked leaders for this endeavor. This is pretty simple at this stage. Just keep an eye on your congressperson to see if they are indeed getting any money from the fossil fuel industry and call them out. Better yet be proactive and let them know ahead of time of your concerns and that everyone is watching them.


All news ends up relating to the abuse of power in Washington DC.

Please take a few minutes and witness this recent interview between Chris Hedges and the Editor of Consortium News.


You’ll have to excuse us chicken littles who have seen this movie time and time again:


The Chris Hedges’ of the world are in danger of censorship if Assange’s fate is attended to by the U.S. Dept. of Deceit.


No worries. Just didn’t want you blowing a gasket. We need you here.


There is plenty of space for all the whining after they have failed at this attempt at redemption.