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To Fight Corporate 'Assault on Journalism,' Sanders Unveils Plan to Stop Media Mergers and Bolster Independent News

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/fight-corporate-assault-journalism-sanders-unveils-plan-stop-media-mergers-and


Another reason to support Bernie. How can I not love his outspoken support for independent journalism?

And I wonder how the US corporate media behemoths will react.


Jake Tapper and Chris Matthews report, “Bernie threatens to destroy journalism.”


There is no assault on journalism by Bernie Sanders, only on the corporate talking-head, propaganda, shallow deceptions, lies, exclusions, and pablum that has adopted that title. and very rightfully so!
The media today is a business exclusively, not anything even remotely akin to the legacy of the great journalists that actually filled the role in The Fourth Estate of providing all the news, truly independent, not just selling shiny diversionary objects. They are now bottom-line propagandists, serving their advertisers, political allies, other divisions of the corporate parent company.
Investigative journalism, the muckrakers, the true meaning meaning of “journalism” as dead as Kelsey’s cojones in the daily “news” show that is today’s “journalism”, It a business venture of sideshow carny barkers, vapid sophomoric pretty faces, extremist bigots, slanted propaganda, diversionary rubbish, and the unwritten law of “don’t piss-off the boss” or his crony’s, or advertisers!
That’s what we lost when we turned from print and actually reading, to watching someone else telling us what to think and why the Big-Brother thought machine!.

Independent actual journalism - The Fourth Estate - that is so critical to any free republic, honest electoral processes, informing the public truthfully and fully is a quaint notion of the past - with a few exceptions, but all are dependent on the “market place”, that vulture capitalist con that determines what lives and what dies, or what can be killed! Journalism and print media are on the block.to the business dominated world of BS, profits above all else, and wholesale deceptions.


Bernie’s talking about real journalist. Those being able to speak out without being fired for not sucking up to their master’s corporate narrative. So morons like Matthews and Tapper are safe.


Bernie has it exactly right! "At precisely the moment when we need more reporters covering the healthcare crisis, the climate emergency, and economic inequality, we have television pundits paid tens of millions of dollars to pontificate about frivolous political gossip, as local news outlets are eviscerated."

"Today’s assault on journalism by Wall Street, billionaire businessmen, Silicon Valley, and Donald Trump presents a crisis—and why we must take concrete action, we cannot sit by and allow corporations, billionaires, and demagogues to destroy the Fourth Estate, nor can we allow them to replace serious reporting with infotainment and propaganda."

The old saying " “News is something somebody doesn’t want printed. All else is advertising.” is right on target today as never before!

Bernie’s criticism of the current pablum, celebrity scandal diversions and politically slanted “opinions” is exactly accurate. That critique of what we have allowed journalism to become - a tool of political and corporate forces to manipulate public opinion -

Bernie’s truth of how media and journalism has been bought-up and manipulated is a universe away from what the orange pustule uses his mindless blather of “fake news” and the media is “the enemy of the people” rot!

Bernie Sanders is a person worthy of our strong support and organizing to try to assure that he will be the presidential candidate, not some manufactured tool for business as usual!

BERNIE 2020 - for all of our lives and planet!


That Bernie - not just a handsome, young face!
Go Bernie Go!


Sen. Sanders sez:
“We cannot sit by and allow corporations, billionaires, and demagogues to … replace serious reporting with infotainment and propaganda."

Noble sentiment. I’m curious to see how one might legislate the delivery of “news”, which has long since been given over to SEO-driven ranking, “user-generated content” and devil-take-the-hindmost conformity, with click volume determining which “stories” multi-platform outlets push to print or screen.
Yes, journalism is still practiced in receding, shadow-dappled corners of the world, but it’s switched to an opt-in model accessible only to those who go hunting for it.


Dear Bernie. He is going all the way. And risking it all, it seems. Beautiful. At the very least, it will help educate the public. Just today, the pseudo progressive Guardian, had an article on this, twisting anything Bernie says into he said she said, repeating their covert anti Bernie bias from 2016, and ironically, making Bernie’s point by their very own article. Sadly though, most people have no time for these nuances, and they are already conditioned by the corporate media. That’s why I think it is good Bernie is bringing it to the people in a simple direct way. Brilliant. But risky.


Let’s not also forget, that behind Hong Kong’s protest, there are some invisible supporting fingers from an un-named big power that wants to weaken China. Without diminishing the effort of the people of Hong Kong, let’s not forget that part too. It was the same in the fall of the Eastern Europe, in the coup of Chile…and so many others.


Yay Bernie!!!

For an America the way it is supposed to be!



Wasted 15 minutes this morning watching “Morning Joe” (well, along with exercises–not a complete waste) only to hear how the next president can’t overhaul healthcare in this country and how reasonable Dems in the primary won’t want that and how meaningful Joe Biden’s new ad is and — blurp, coffee and Democracy Now with Amy was when I got to wake up.


Really? Do we have an electorate that looks up the actual meaning of “liberal” and/or “neoliberal”!?! Just try to get a factual Letter to the Editor printed when their leading political editor prints “I don’t even know what an “establishment” candidate is.” Dave Helling, Kansas City Star.


This is what happens when Elites own government –
Beyond Operation Mockingbird drafted in 1943 to put our post-WWII
free press under the control of the CIA and CIA journalists –

Ownership of government has moved into Elite hands –
and so has our free press –

Total corruption now of our government agencies, basically owned by
corrupt corporations.

But, how is this different from where we were at the very beginning with
Elites writing our Constitution for their own benefit?

They were slave owners who saved and supported the system of Slavery here
which GUARANTEED the Civil War - which further benefitted Elites by splitting
the nation into two camps of hatred which continue to echo today.

Over the past 15 years, more than 1,400 communities across the county have lost newspapers, which are the outlets local television, radio, and digital news sites rely on for reporting. Since 2008, we have seen newsrooms lose 28,000 employees—and in the past year alone, 3,200 people in the media industry have been laid off. Today, for every working journalist, there are six people now working in public relations, often pushing a corporate line.


“The man who doesn’t read newspapers is uninformed, while the man who reads newspapers is misinformed.”
–Mark Twain


Hell, just this morning a commenter here, at a supposedly fact-based site, was peddling the notion that the Meuller Report proved Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

And Bernie peddles that BS himself.

My point: Americans are misinformed because misinformation is widely distributed.


I donated to Bernie and Common Dreams the other day. We must keep CD alive, please contribute too if you are able.


Love Twain’s quips. A man with one foot in, one eye on and one ear cocked, watching and listening to the main street of his time. The others watching ( processing ) the twists and gyrations of the power elites; who are endlessly trying to squeeze one last nickel out of the anything that has DNA in it.
We have no Twains, currently. We only have gatekeepers and editors, injecting the elites wisdom ( propaganda ) and selective caution into everything of note. Like the electric fence, turned up to 10, they corral and stop the herds from getting into to the nourishing best of the clover. Weeds and scrub brush for them. They’re going to the slaughterhouse eventually, anyway.


lulemali … I saw that this morning … agree with you 100% … was disappointed but, not surprised.

I agree.

I think that ‘Our’ Revolution, led by Bernie, has to be a two part project due to current political circumstances. When he takes the oath, he’ll face a House run by anti-progressive Pelosi and a Senate that’s either McConnell’s plaything or run by Schumer and his band of Republican-lites. The gerrymandering of 2011will still be in effect. These DP roadblocks will mean that Bernie won’t get much accomplished in the first two years of his term. If Bernie has coattails long enough to flip many state legislatures to Democratic control for 2021-22, those legislatures can gerrymander Democratic Congressional districts that would take effect in the election of 2022. That would give progressives many opportunities to elect lefties for the second half of Bernie’s term.

Part one of Our Revolution is to elect Bernie in 2020, and part two is to get control of the upcoming redistricting process - for the explicit purpose of gerrymandering. I hate to suggest anything that resembles lote, but step two requires that progressives support Democratic nominees at the state level. I emphasize ‘state level’ - control of the state legislatures will be critical to Bernie’s efforts to enact progressive programs in the second half of his term.

P. S. - This is the flip side of 2010. The performance of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in 2009-10 was so bad that they flipped the state houses in the 2010 election. (I don’t think that it was an accident, but that’s another story.) Bernie and his supporters have to make voters as enthusiastic in 2020 as Obama made them bitter and despondent in 2010.