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To Fight Establishment's Framing of Biden as Presumptive Nominee, Warren Tells Voters, 'Get Up Off Your Butt and Volunteer!'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/fight-establishments-framing-biden-presumptive-nominee-warren-tells-voters-get-your

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Dear Senator Warren:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on that uniquely-USAn phenomenon—the “Endless Campaign.” Do you suppose it’s simply intended to generate as much money as possible for corporate media and the political consulting industry, or could it be to also burn out volunteers and to foster apathy and alienation among the public at large?

Other countries can get the transition of power done smoothly in as little as 6 weeks. Are we just dumber than the rest of the planet, or do we truly enjoy the spectacle?


Biden will absolutely be the nominee unless real action is taken by registered Democrats, now.

The only action the Democratic Party Establishment will understand is a mass exodus of registered voters.

Do it today.

Biden will be your nominee Democrats. He’s been selected.

Denial won’t change that.

Only you can.

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It’s all about the division it creates. Maintaining that division is essential to the facade of Democracy the Duopoly projects.


‘Presumptive Nominee’ … how did that turn out on 2016? Get ready for ‘Heil Trump Emperor of the World’ in 2020. By the time Trump gets half way to victory, Biden will check himself back into the nursing home amid cries from establishment/neo dems to draft Clinton. Morons R/US.

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Think about the fact that we have to fight an uphill battle against JOE BIDEN being the nominee in 2020. Think about that, think about what we are facing as a society, as a species, and that horrific person is what we have to fight tooth and nail to avoid. Why in the world should the left continue to operate in a party like that? Why should it be forced to share a party with empty heads (or hearts) that would even fathom voting for such a right wing candidate? Maybe if the Democrats stopped blaming others for their failings and maybe if they did some introspection after 2016, maybe if they didn’t spend so much time on Russian conspiracy theories and spent more time on creating a coherent policy platform, actual alternatives, changed those running the party, got off of corporate bribes, they wouldn’t be at this place. But they did none of that. If they did, he would be a non-starter, but they ultimately didn’t learn a fucking thing, at least not enough people. This political system and the media are collectively insane and irrational. Even if they can somehow justify it in some way in regards to the economic system alone (which is heavy lifting in an of itself), these empty people have no other planet to escape to. The environmental crisis will kill them and their kids too.


Joe Biden has turned into the mainstream media’s presumptive nominee, which means that most of the voters don’t particularly care to work for him unless he pays them to work.

Bernie has an army of volunteers the last I looked. I know some of them. Bernie pulled crowds of 15,000 or so in Los Angeles and again in San Francisco earlier this year, and the primary is still a year away.

Both Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are persona non grata to Wall Street. I suspect that Wall Street is giving a little boost to Warren, not because they like her one bit, but because they desperately need to split the progressive (e.g. most all of the active Democrats) vote in two, so that their candidate, either Joe Biden or somebody else if he has no public pulse at all, can sneak through. Otherwise, Bernie is just going to crash right over everybody like a huge earth ball rolling down a ski slope.

Progressives are stupid and gullible, you know. At least that’s what they hope will happen.


I’ve just about had it with this increasingly shitty, establishment-kowtowing website – Common Dreams, where it’s all Warren, all the time, despite the fact that she is an obvious charlatan (a RussiaGating, GOP-lite, confirmed warmonger who backed the neocons’ and Wall Street’s favorite candidate in 2016 and has never done a thing for the left – all words and empty grandstanding, no concrete actions).

Thanks to “progressive” websites like Common Dreams, the Tulsi Gabbard blackout continues. But their editors can’t publish enough pro-Warren propaganda! This is why the left continues losing to barbaric imbeciles like Donald Trump: our strongest candidates are torpedoed and sunk by the faux-left. Because supposedly liberal institutions are always in the tank for neoliberals, corporatists, and total frauds (guaranteeing that the far-right wins, whether Trump or Warren/Biden/Harris/Clinton wins in 2020).



Maybe we all should get off our butts and check out the candidates. Tuisi Gabbard, an early Sanders supporter, sure has many good positions on the issues (just checked). A lot of us are going with Sanders because he has the name recognition to win and he was there when no one else would make any commitment (think Warren, Biden etc) during the 2016 primaries. Sander’s goal is more than just beating Trump. I must admit, however, my faith in the American election process is weak. I fear we will all be frustrated in the end if no change occurs.


Liberals, test your PIQ (Political Intelligence Quotient)!

Select one:

A) I like Joe Biden and think he is our strongest candidate if we want to defeat Trump in 2020!

B) I’m not crazy about Biden, but I’d sure as heck vote for him over Trump!

C) I like Buttigieg/Harris/Beto/Gillibrand/Booker/Klobuchar/Hickenlooper/ DINOs #9-21 the most!

D) I think Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a strong liberal candidate and our best hope for defeating Trump!

E) I like Sen. Warren a lot, but I think Bernie Sanders is our best hope for defeating Trump!

F) Nearly all of the contenders are just as horrifying as Donald Trump – and Elizabeth Warren is an obvious fraud and warmonger – so I’m enthusiastically backing Bernie/Tulsi!

G) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is the strongest candidate with the best platform, by far, but I would accept her as Bernie’s running mate, if I had to… and Sen. Warren as Secretary of the Treasury or head of the SEC.

Answer key: If you selected (A) or (B) your lobotomy scar has reopened because you won’t stop picking at it with your “Blue No Matter Who” DNC-membership card; if you selected (C ) you are a low-grade moron and probably can’t spell Identity Politics, even though you’re extremely susceptible to it; if you selected (D) you’re not a total moron, but an extraordinarily gullible/naive person, with no apparent concern about the anti-Muslim/Arab holocaust that “President” Warren would clearly escalate; if you selected (E) you have precisely half a brain, making you considerably more intelligent than the average American voter (congratulations!); if you selected (F) you’re actually a pretty bright cookie and deserving of several gold stars; and finally, if you selected (G) for Gabbard, you might not be a Genius, technically, but you clearly have an exceptionally high PIQ and a pragmatic mindset, to boot – and you know the surest way to unseat Donald Trump in 2020 (Gabbard/Sanders or Sanders/Gabbard) and pull the U.S. back from the neo-fascism cemented by Bush-Obama… well done!


Sadly I’m not seeing the level of urgency in dem voters we should be seeing. This election is most likely our last chance to minimize the damage to our planet and our lives. A handful of us here tried to get you to understand this after the stolen primaries in 2016. But the majority of you refused to leave the party, claiming it could be reformed, well it wasn’t. So now here we are less than 1.5 yrs. away from the general election, and now it’s too late to jump ship, and we are stuck with this rotten to the core party.
I’ll say it clearly, if progressives lose in 2020, WE ARE DONE!
Nothing has moved the centrist core of the party, except for them to trying to hide their corruption from the voters even more. So we are left with threats, every dem voter and every dem candidate (other than golden boy Biden) needs to tell the party leaders: IF YOU SCREW WITH THIS ELECTION, WE WILL BURN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HOUSE DOWN. They need to understand, that there will be nothing left when we get done. Playtime is over. I will do whatever it takes to ensure my kids and grandkids have some kind of future.


I can’t thank you enough for writing that. You’re absolutely correct. Commondreams, a supposedly progressive website, and one of the biggest on the net, is seemingly deliberately ignoring the campaign of the most clearly progressive candidate of all, Tulsi Gabbard. Is this by accident, an oversight? I thought so at first, but it has gone on so long now that I strongly doubt it at this point.
Another point … Warren and Sanders are now splitting the progressive-change voters in half, potentially allowing Biden to waltz to an easy victory.
That needs to be addressed by the two more liberal candidates.

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I’d like to add that Gabbard seems to me the best candidate to stand up to Trump’s childish put downs.
She has more gravitas than any other candidate and seemingly has nothing to hide. She’s a major in the National Guard and has served in Iraq and Kuwait battle zones. I’ve never seen her hem and haw or shrink from any of the constant smears thrown at her by the MSM.

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