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To Fix National Poverty Crisis, Study Shows Even $15 Wage Won't Do the Job


To Fix National Poverty Crisis, Study Shows Even $15 Wage Won't Do the Job

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

There are few states in the U.S. where a $15 hourly wage is enough for workers to make ends meet, and a true livable wage would amount to no less than $16.87 an hour, a new report published Tuesday has found.


Hello in there! Yes, there are many who make $11-12 an hour and are living in their cars, broken down motorhomes, garages without plumbing, couch surfing and/or probably much worse. $15.00 an hour ( indexed ) and a flat $150.00 fee monthly, for all; for good medical, dental and vision, et al would be about right. Then local gov’ts and regions could adjust up, as needed, from there. Not down on this, only up. In the 1 bedroom in SW Portland next to me there were 6 TIN ( Tax Identification Numbers ) workers alternating sleeping, etc. in the place, sometimes more on weekends. Nice people; but still, how much landscaping, drywalling, dishwashing and painting and roofing can there be in the 3 county area? And, only one of these workers made more than $12 an hour. He seemed to serve as a foreman/spokesperson for them all. BTW- I’ve worked in Texas and it’s worse with under-the-table and the all the rest of the underground economy going on down there. All this talk of helping small business people with tax cuts and training tier wages, etc. The problem is, as always, that everyone wants something for nothing and every week is " shit on your neighbor week ". The bottom 70% of Americans better learn to get along with their parents and in-laws and cousins. They’re are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the coming decades. :sunglasses:


My son lost his lucrative job with benefits due to downsizing and he lives in Seattle (VERY high cost of living/rent). He worked THREE minimum wage jobs, which meant working seven days a week in order to keep up his rent and pay his bus pass (commuting by car in Seattle is worse than commuting in Los Angeles). I covered his groceries and his cell phone bill (he had to have his phone for his jobs and interviews for employment). I live in a rural area (with a University being the major employer) where he grew up and he said he would never move back. He loves the Seattle area and will do all in his power to remain there. At least SEATAC has managed to get the $15 min wage passed (airlines are crying foul, though…even with their record profits…the airlines managed to get rid of the ground crew unions and contracted out that labor at minimum wage/no benefits). I am amazed by the total disconnect of so many people: disconnect with each other; disconnect with the environment/nature; disconnect with how we are ALL connected (people, nature, animals, environment…life) and when one is damaged, we all suffer either directly or indirectly…it cannot be avoided.


The man who made that rough hewed comment was a decorated WWII vet, landing on Omaha Beach and liberating (?) the prison of Birkenbau. We, as a country, have gone a long way since then. And, mostly, the trajectory has been down hill. He would have added that " shit rolls down hill and payday is on Friday. " I would only add the word, " hopefully ". I agree completely with your insight, btw. Also, " the garrison state " project is working quite well in the Portland area. Maybe Neil Young was right when he said, " everyone knows this is nowhere. " :wink:


We’ll never get what we need

Until we’re not asking for it from someone else


There’s also going to be much more family strife and tension, as well. I can see it coming.


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“To Fix National Poverty Crisis, Study Shows Even $15 Wage Won’t Do the Job”

Of course it won’t! Compound interest in perpetuity accrues debt faster than everyone can produce wealth. You get higher wages,the fed gives you money that is worth less in purchasing power thereby requiring an increase in the price of everything.
Right now Janet Yellen and the chicken entrails reading sooth-sayers at the fed are debating whether they will raise interest rates before the new year or right after because (I am not making this up!) “the unemployment rate is too low”.
Part of the solution is to outlaw compound interest rates and to replace it with simple interest only. Another bigger part of the solution is the wiping off the books of all personal debt for everybody every 7 years.


What the heck. Let’s make it $50.00/hour. I always wanted a six-figured income.


Well, $50.00 an hour Xs 52 gets you a somewhat decent 2 bedroom rental in Washington, D.C. Then, you and your roommate can go ask how Texas creates millions of minimum wage jobs. Congressman Louie Gommert was my representative and with a tag name like yours I’m sure you’d get a Great Big Howdy!. He’s full of ideas as well as having a cave full of batshit crazy in the brain, to boot. Good luck there, Carl.


Humans are social animals going back to their most distant ancestors. We all rely on getting things we need from someone else, and giving to others, according to our abilities, things they need.

But in the past, there was no “keeping score” on all this giving and receiving. And there were no symbolic green pieces of paper assigned to the things given and received so that people confuse the thing with the green piece of paper. This great bearded German thinker named “Karl” in the 1840s to the 1880s called this confusion “commodity fetishism”. You should read up on him.


Long, long ago I earned a minimum wage of $1.00/hr, then $1.25. At that time candy bars cost 5¢. Thus I could buy 20 to 25 candy bars per hour.

$20 - $22.50 today is about the same in constant candy bar dollars as when I was a kid.


Note to our bourgeoisie: The low wage problem and the poverty crisis are two entirely different things today. Of the poor, the lucky ones are those who can rustle up $15 per week. Contrast this with low-wage workers earning $15 per hour. Out here in the real world, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all. THAT is the critical issue. The $15 per hour wage has nothing to do with with alleviating poverty (something that even liberals clearly don’t want to do). Min. wage workers have to do without things that they want, but at least they can afford what they need.


I thought this might be misconstrued. Let’s see if I can elucidate more efficaciously this go 'round.

What I was trying to relate was the concept that we can never consider ourselves truly in control of our lives as long as someone else can determine our economic well being.

Our toil should be solely in service to ourselves and our community, our only boss our conscience.

Capisce, amico mio?


Increasing wages only provides short time relief for workers as prices will soon go up to pay wages and allow even more rip off of wealth and income by 1%. And what about people on fixed income, Social Security and Disabled, many of whom already are asked to live on 50-80% of existing minimum wage.

We need a guaranteed livable income for all adults with USA citizenship (maybe even people with long time green cards) that includes everyone even Bill Gates. This would require 100% public financed elections at all government levels. Also we need 100% Single Payer Health Care (everyone on America) and basic Life Insurance for all. Free public schooling thru college and trade schools (most everyone). Free Child Care (everyone). All this paid for by progressive taxing of the top 10%, bureaucratic saving from now unnecessary Social Programs (Welfare, SSI, Social Security, workers comp, etc). ( This would be the computer driven increased productivity dividend we were all promised, but which was stolen by 1% all these years) I can’t list all the details here, but this system creates a basic level income for all, a real safety net for everyone and should never be allowed to be taken away from anyone. Convicted persons might have to reimburse people victims, but only after their family needs covered, but never government or corporations. (End the current new Jim Crow prison slavery system) Obviously, the increased wealth of the lower 90% will mean prosperity for small businesses via enriched customers coupled with less paper work bureaucracy and no minimum wage. Most adults would need to work 30 hours/week, 10 months/year to qualify (this could be volunteer work with non-profits), be full time student, disabled, or be parent with child under 6. Increased income means more demand for more stuff, thus manufactures of all products must soon create only environmentally safe recyclable or repairable products. Guaranteed Livable Income woulf be based on cost of essentials for decent life. Tax the top 10% what ever is necessary to do this. The incentive is for the top 10% to work to create a cost effective society.


The two big lies-the unemployment numbers and inflation numbers—everyday I hear about companies laying off workers from decent paying jobs. I see food and rent going up on a regular basis. By the time these $15. minimum wages take effect it will make little difference.


Now picture that same scenario for a large number of seniors, having to live solely on their social security checks, while paying for food, rent, heat, car insurance, health insurance, etc. Poverty and hunger - it’s not pretty. It’s actually quite scary.


OK, thanks. The “asking for it from someone else” is a common trope of the so-called Ayn Randite “libertarians”, and I mistakenly took it that way. Of course regarding the capitalist wage-labor system, we do not so much “ask” for a wage from a boss but are compelled to do so to survive, in the same manner of a highwayman holding a gun to your head.


It works out about the same for beer dollars. When minimum wage was $3.50 per hour, after-work happy-hour Olympia’s or PBR’s (12 oz. drafts) could be had for $0.25. Now the cheapest you will see them is $1.50 - PBR’s higher, as this former beer-that-made-Johnny-Russell famous is now the beer of urban-gentrifying hipsters.

Ironically, most of those drinking those 0.25 after-work beers were I live now were union steelworkers and coal miners making at least $30 per hour.


Thanks. Time and product cross referencing for the older generation.