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To Fix 'Out of Whack' US Judiciary and Supreme Court, Biden Says He'll Create Commission to Study Reforms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/fix-out-whack-us-judiciary-and-supreme-court-biden-says-hell-create-commission-study

If this kind of wishy-washy bullshit is what we can expect from a Biden presidency, why should I vote?
The nation is being run into the ground and turning towards fascism because 1/3 of American voters are nuts, and a good portion of the other 2/3rds still believe that if we all just got together and sang a few verses of “kumbayah” and let bygones be bygones, that everything will turn out great.
It’s very simple here folks. We’ve tried the supply side, the fascist side, for forty years. It hasn’t worked. The masses are suffering. Yet this old motherfucker Biden believes that all we need is another blue ribbon panel made up of all the people that screwed up the nation in the first place. Do you suppose they’ll suggest a stark move towards socialism, or do you think they’ll say that capitalism just needs a little tweaking?
If Biden says something else this fucking stupid and out of touch before November 3, I’m staying home.


Merely by using the ReThug’s term ‘packing,’ Biden has indicated he will assent to a cracker doodle corporate feudal court that will more than likely outlast his lifetime. Another tip off should be the 180 days number. Any half way competent historian knows any president’s prime time to get their agenda passed in the first 100 days (a la FDR with the New Deal), as anything afterwards is much harder.


SCOTUS might become a political football???


I share your reticence, but he’s trying to win an election. Putting states like Florida and Ohio away early are way more important than creating a news cycle about packing the courts two weeks before an election when you need some lean-right independents and Republicans to come your way (particularly in Senate contests). Republicans are working hard to stop mail-in ballot counts via the courts, winning states that are called early is key to stalling that effort.

Events will take their course too. If the Court looks to wreck the ACA, my hunch is Congress isn’t going to stand down. A huge portion of Joe Manchin’s electorate is on Medicaid, after all. I suspect he won’t be happy if his voters are suddenly stripped of their health coverage.

Last, I can’t help but notice all the concern about the Court here lately. It’s almost like all the times I was told talking about the Court was pushing “fear voting” in 2016, when it had a vacant seat, was a bit more performative rather than substantiative. Who knew?

Creating a commission to study is a cop out.


bipartisan = once again no working class representation on the commission except indirectly though duopoly parties tightly controlled by the elites.



Political football? It already is. The GOP got the ball and scored twice, about to be three times, when the score will be 6 to 3.
One side doesn’t get to play because they never get the ball.

We need a rain-out. Too much lightening (politics).
The Supreme court vote should be on the national ballot along with the presidential.


Courts out of Whack? Better call Jeff Toobin . that’s his specialty . Jeff will get a grip on things

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YEAH … I feel better already knowing Biden is on the job.

I’m still waiting on my Reagan tax cut and Obama’s elimination of
taxes on my meager social security.


“put together a national commission, a bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, [and] conservatives.”

Translation: We’ll study the matter diligently for the next four years.

The Republicans are determined to drown in their own bile

And CorpDems like Joe Dough are equally intent on throwing them a life preserver.

Yeah, since Marbury v Madison maybe (1803). But it has certainly gotten a lot worse in recent years. When Nixon appointed “moderate conservative” Warren Burger as Chief Justice in 1969 upon the resignation of Abe Fortas, two of the next three justices (Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist) were rabid right-wingers. When Burger retired in 1986 Rehnquist replaced him as Chief Justice, and again two of the next four (Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas–thanks a lot, Joe Biden) were even worse, two of the most ardent supporters of draconian government ever to sit on the Court, IMNSHO.

After Thomas, the next appointee was Ginsburg, and three of the next five were reasonable moderates. The other two were John Roberts and Samuel Alito, not firebrands like the four mentioned above (while Thomas is mostly silent he seems to smolder with hatred for humankind), but their cloak of moderation obscures their long game, which is “to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.”

There is a strong argument to expand the court-----a justice should represent a broad section of this country-
Tonight Biden said he supports a $15 min wage
He supports a public option
He supports 11 million undocumented becoming citizens These are real changes.

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Those without plans or vision call for commissions. It’s a trick so people project their preferences onto the incredible vapidness which is the Democrat alternative offering to Republican policy.

Biden has been play for pay his entire career, look it up. We the People can’t afford Biden, only Oligarchs can.

Jeez, what are the ROTpublicans gonna do, with an ADULT in office?

Pay attention, people, and you’ll see that some people really are caring AND capable, and that some of them really are Dems…

Shake off the dregs of the current political Death Cult, and maybe you can see the light…