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To Force 'Congress to Do Its Job,' Capitol Hill Sit-In to Demand Immediate Impeachment Inquiry for Trump


To Force 'Congress to Do Its Job,' Capitol Hill Sit-In to Demand Immediate Impeachment Inquiry for Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

Members of the U.S. public from all over the country are planning a major sit-in on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning to demand that Congress begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Organizers with the grassroots group By the People will risk arrest by assembling in the nation's capitol, hoping not only to convince lawmakers that many Americans want the president to be impeached, but also to ask the public to join the call.

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Oh, this makes me angry.

You >bleep< >bleep< should be doing sit ins on what really matters, not some grand theater that won’t do anything but give Trump a stronger base.

How about protesting the growing likelihood of war with Venezuela or Iran? How about protesting the continuing support of Israel’s terror against Gaza or Saudi Arabia’s terror against Yemen? All these are policies that TRUMP’s administration is doing. So why don’t you protest that?

You guys disgust me. Ultimate “Our Team good Their Team bad. Our Team good Their team bad. baaa baaa baaa” politics.

But actually try to do something about the policy that should be opposed? No. Nope. Not a bit.


This is so annoying. This is a useless stunt that doesn’t do anything about the system that gave us Trump. Impeachment obviously won’t proceed so it’ll end up helping trump win reelection. And if it somehow did work, then we’d have Pence who is arguably worse.

Want to get Trump out of office? Support a progressive like Bernie or Tulsi and force the superdelegates to follow the will of the voters otherwise in the second round, they’ll select a corporate hack and we’ll have Creepy Uncle Joe selected by them.


Look, whether or not this will end with Trump’s removal from office, which it won’t, this is a good thing. We need as much militant activism as we can get on all issues concerning the further descent of the U.S. into fascism and neoliberalism. Passivity and apathy are rampant.


My man Dennis Kucinich ran up against a concrete wall when he put up articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney. I’m sure the results will be the same this time. When one lives in a country with TWO justice systems; TWO sets of tax laws; and TWO sets of morals, what can we expect?

Besides, this "impeachment rhetoric" is basically nothing more than, as LibWing said above (and I paraphrase), just another distraction, red herring, or whatever you want to call it, to avoid the important issues!


Ya, gee, why go? It’s just a distraction from the issues.

Yep, the rule of law doesn’t matter? Freedom of the press doesn’t matter? The emoluments Clause? what’s that? The Constitution is just a piece of paper. There are some 20 investigations into the sitting President, so what?

I am severely ill, unable to ride in a car but BY GOD IN SPIRIT I’LL BE THERE!

There is only one thing more important than this. Ice Melt.

Get it? Then stand up.


Unfortunately the false narrative du jour is…Either we impeach or we can focus on winning the next election, or we can deal with the pressing issues, but not more than one of these. Ultimately however they are false narratives which revolve around the deception that the democrats are opposed to the Trump/republican agenda and just need to be pressured into acting by the populace into doing the right thing. All of this is false, all of it.


The Fear Card use of Pence is irrelevant. Pence is already in charge from all I can tell so I don’t know how he could be any worse than orange. He might appear to be more “presidential.” He’s been actively working on the coup for the stealing of oil with self-proclaimed presidente Juan Guaidó in Venezuela. How do you plan to “force the superdelegates to follow the will of the voters?” Nobody can force any superdelegates to do anything. That’s wishful thinking.


It’s called dancing around the issue.

It’s an insincerity trick.


The congress is doing their job. Both corporate parties work for their corporate owners and the MIC, et al. It’s just that some people choose to live in denial about that and still fall for the myth that they work for us. Protests, sit-ins don’t accomplish anything in the US other than to get those protesting arrested. I can’t think of anything that I protested ever since 2000 that changed a thing. All the wars went on as scheduled, and so forth. Even locally, protests changed nothing. Protests do accomplish some things in other countries, such as the Mouvement des gilets jaunes (The Yellow Vests) in France. They’ve accomplished a little bit through concession from the French government, but their vigilance continues. They just completed the 25th consecutive Saturday protests. Can you tell me any group in the US that would be out there 25 weeks in a row giving up their Saturdays throughout the country? Not about to happen in the phone-addicted US and neither is impeachment. Orange enabler Pelosi et al will see to that. After orange gets back in for a second term, I suppose Nancy will say, “it’s too close to the 2022 midterms for us to consider impeachment and furthermore, the voters have spoken in 2020. They love him and we must honor the will of the people.” Unspoken she says to herself: “He’s one of my best friends despite the theatrics I go through when I appear before network cameras giving the impression to my gullible base that I can’t stand him. He’s really quite a nice guy, I think. We’re quite close which is why I said he’s not worth impeachment. That’s because I don’t want him to leave. I enjoy our relationship, just like I enjoyed my warm relationship with George W Bush and we walked arm in arm together at the congressional picnic. It was so much fun.”


Tulsi is the only thing out there.


She supported conversion therapy for queers, you know. You can read this article: “Tulsi Gabbard once touted working for anti-gay group that backed conversion therapy.” But now because she’s running for president, she claims she doesn’t support conversion therapy. How convenient that her position changed on cue. Regardless, she has as much chance as I do.

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Super delegates are there to do what the higher up’s tell them to do.


Anyhow, if you are pro war…, well hey.


“Anyhow, if you are pro war…, well hey.”

How did you jump to that conclusion? I oppose all wars.

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Let this joke of a Resistance do what the hell they want. Let them throw Darts while they Sit In. Maybe something will stick. Get Him outta there first, then worry about the next Turd. Sick of the daily bull shit! Enuf!!!

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How would you Force Superdelegates not to commit Election Fraud… by paying each one a personal visit? Hey! That’s it! That could work!


I didn’t even bother reading the article because I knew it was stupid. Reminds me of those blaring headlines on Common Dreams for everybody to meet at such and such a place to protest if Trump fires Rosenstein or whoever.

I like you LibWing, you’re my kind of gal. I figured if anybody would have a response to this stupidity, it would be you. You say it best.

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Corporate State Democrats love the Trump Administration. Big tax cuts for them and those pesky incremental steps they just LOVE to take to foist Austerity upon the little people, take so much time, and so much talking and so many broken promises. Better to have a clucking sledge hammer in Trump at the wheel moving things far further and far faster than they would be willing to do otherwise. But when it comes down to it, money and power is their realm, and they hold dear the club they are in with their Republican cohorts.

NOTHING will come of the hearings, subpoenas and the rest, because those who have all the power in the Democratic Party will have none of it.

Fascism? No problem. I mean, it makes perfect sense right? Socialism for Banks, Big Insurers, Big Pharma, the MIC, Big Intel, Privatization of Schools and Prisons (yes I know Obama after pushing them pulled back just a tad, for legacy building purposes) and that list goes on, but last but not least has been the contribution of Corporate State Democrats to endless wars, codifying mass surveillance, sweeping under the rug and sealing the deal that TORTURE and other State crimes against humanity will go without consequence but instead imprisonment and indeed torture for the whistle blowers, with a last minute pardon for legacy building.

Me cynical at this point? I haven’t even begun to be clucking cynical.


Tulsi Gabbard may have been homophobic 20 years ago but she is no longer homophobic. She is not like the Democrats that voted for the Iraq War before it started & opposed the war after so many Democrats lost their seats to Republicans. Joe Biden voted for the war & opposed it after that happened. Now, he wants war with Venezuela & Iran because he was in Obama’s Administration which bombed Libya. Tulsi Gabbard & Mike Gravel are the only two Democratic Candidates that said Julian Assange should be released.