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To Fulfill MLK's 'Revolutionary' Vision, Sanders Says Corrupt, Divisive, and 'Racist' Trump Must Be Defeated

To Fulfill MLK's 'Revolutionary' Vision, Sanders Says Corrupt, Divisive, and 'Racist' Trump Must Be Defeated

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a speech honoring the "revolutionary spirit" of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on what would have been his 90th birthday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday condemned both the individual racism of President Donald Trump and the systemic racism of the American criminal justice system—while emphasizing the urgency of forging ahead with King's radical egalitarian vision.


Defeated by Whom? Mueller? Sanders? Pelosi? I’ve got a sick feeling Trump is just getting started.


Run Bernie Run.


We need a real ELECTABLE progressive. I love Bernie, but even the DNC did not back him. Yes, Dump is just getting started. Now, ten states will jail women who are not only seeking abortions, but just birth control. Like, we don’t have overpopulation!!!

As much as we love the Bern and his message, we need someone who is really electable- someone who can even appeal to the regressive South.

Indeed. If the Dem establishment get their way Trump will be a 2 term president.


You disappoint me Bernie.

Corrupt Trump must never be given another chance to be defeated, he needs to be Impeached, Indicted, Convicted, and Incarcerated.


That’s what he did though. He was able to raise rallies in the south. Also you mention the DNC didn’t back him. Of course he didn’t, his policies cut into their corporate profits. Trump is horrible and should be defeated of course but the Dem establishment showed in 2016 and ever since then that they would rather have Trump then forgo their status quo of corporate control.


Sanders is right sort of. Trump obviously has to be stopped. Hes wrong to just say it because it’s apparent that America wont lift a finger to stop him. The Democrats were supposed to be the party of labor and the people, if that was true as it was in the 40’s and 50’s and 60’s, we could have easily, effortlessly, stopped Trump, Bush before him, and Bush before him. Sanders is almost begging us to get off our asses, as a people, and do it, but we wont. There’s too much at stake, no job security, NSA FBI, CIA, monitoring so we’re arrested before we even get started. There’s no longer any social cohesion, a necessary ingredient for a movement, and the media wouldn’t be on our side this time. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the government knows it doesn’t need us because it no longer has a two party system and both of our single party’s halves will maintain the status quo. Since they win either way we vote, they don’t really care very much what we think.


And how about the constitutional convention idea? Don’t they only need a couple more states to sign on to get this going. Talk about crazy ass changes, that would do it.


There aren’t very many like that, that’s why you get Johnson on the Kennedy ticket, and Lieberman on a Gore ticket. You have to get diverse support somehow.

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As long as the Trump cult has members like Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell there is little that can be done to defeat this evil. Hitler proved how easy it was to defeat logic and reason, one of the most logical and reasonable societies in history, gone bad. No “play nice” isn’t the answer. Go back in time and play every comment of the architect of this administration, Stephen Miller, to know where we are heading. He has read (Mein Kampf) and memorized every word.


We have to admit that most of presidents had bigger than life corruption behind their elections. Be it the U.S. military, C.I.A, FBI, UAW, Teamsters, Free Masons, the mafia, and any number of murder Inc. people.

And that’s why a 100% effort has to be put behind any honest politician willing to put their life on the line for our country.
Or as Gimli said it, “Certainty of death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for?”
or, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”


We are headed this way because the collective “we” are cowards. Work to build bridges not just write “doomsday” rhetoric as you sit behind a screen in a comfortable house.

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Look, after the recession and the rescue of the banks by the Bush and Obama admins- people got angrier and angrier- and continue to take it out on anyone they can. We need to have a dialogue about what caused this anger- it isn’t racism per se- it’s corruption and hubris. Obama wanted to cover it up and “move on” and just talk about immigration - anything to distract what the bankers , the realtors and our own pols did to the global community.

Stop this nonsense please- what positives do you have to offer?

Probably because they do not stand for anything.

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Were that sanders could in a speech provide the wake-up call that the people of this nation need, I expect no words can do what decades of rapid progress toward fascism couldn’t. that is to say if were not already motivated enough, were going to need a cataclysmic tragedy of unprecedented scale to snap us out of our eternal stupor. No speech can do that; 911 would be nothing in comparison to it. I expect something like that will happen soon, maybe even sooner than I think. Nobody gets away with this sort of severe neglect for long.

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All I can say is, Amen brother.

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I’m going to strongly assert that one thing we don’t need is a “cataclysmic tragedy of an unprecedented scale”. Another “progressive” fever dream.