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To Galvanize Graduates in US, 'Class of 0000' Campaign Demands Zero Emissions and Zero Excuses From Lawmakers

To Galvanize Graduates in US, 'Class of 0000' Campaign Demands Zero Emissions and Zero Excuses From Lawmakers

Julia Conley, staff writer

With graduation season about to be in full swing, a new youth-led campaign in the U.S. is set to deliver a message to commencement audiences nationwide—at colleges, high schools, and potentially lower grades as well—that this generation of outgoing students is done waiting for leaders to act on the most pressing threat now facing the world: the crisis of "catastrophic climate change."


WOW! Power to the people!


I wonder how many of the 535 will take note.

Only two for sure: Bernie and OAC.


But they are up against one of the most unimaginatively ignorant government in the world and one that lacks any vision for environmental or social well being. Only profits and our grandchildren be damned. For example check out this headline:


Let’s not forget that 24 million are still fast asleep. Maybe that would account for the Sad state of Things?


Ignorant indeed! That’s our opening to beat them at their own game that they don’t really know how to play.

Lawmakers? We don’t have any of those anymore. They’re in bed with the rest of the Criminals and forgot the Oath they took when they passed the “Barr” exam. Oh, that brings up another Crook…

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Don’t let them tell you that zero emissions are impossible. I just built a zero fuel off-grid greenhouse and it grows just about anything in any month. I want to retrofit a building to use 90% less fuel, and the other 10% would be renewable electricity. Next, I want the electricity from your power line to be about 95% fuel free and 5% renewable fuels (hydrocarbon fuel from any source will store well, and we need a tertiary backup system). I want to reduce the lifetime use of fuel by 90% per passenger-mile for most transit, where the other 10% is renewable electricity. Finally I want my world to inhibit the Arctic meltdown, which is in slow progress right now.

Don’t let any politician try to sell you half-measures. By the way, register to vote first. You don’t need to even mention it, but it scares them more.


I would say that puts any centrist campaign in the crapper

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When you have nothing to offer Voters, doesn’t matter much How in the Middle you are.

I campaigned for Bernie last time and the group I was a part of were devastated by his final actions which were never resolved. This time I will lay back a bit and see where his campaign goes.

This is a good time to ask, how are we doing on voting/voter reforms? Is it flying through congress, or stuck in some dark drawer?
It is something to press your rep’s. on.

Zero excuses. Everyone who struggles to find reality in tv land has heard quite enough excuses from representatives with seniority and paid staff.

Trouble is, most of the centrists are intentionally posing as “progressive” and using progressive rhetoric during the nomination process. Beto O’Rourke, for example, today talked a big bit about climate change. Yet in 2018 he was the #1 recipient of oil & gas money among Representatives. This kind of deceit is often successful because so many of the D’s, for instance are as intellectually lazy and cognitively dissonant as the R’s they despise. They feel they’ve done their job as long as they voted Blue; and are therefore easily swayed by a pretty face or nice voice, etc.


According to some of the Bernie, delegates he was threatened if he did not back Hillary and true or not, to me and many others, Bernie’s actions of why he through me and millions of his acolytes under the bus is a mystery, since in my opinion, Bernie would have buried Trump in 2016. All I can figure is the corrupt, Democratic, elite wanted Trump more than Bernie.


Here are 3 questions for potential candidates:

  1. What will you do to change the direction of climate change? No answer IS an answer. it says that you don’t care if the world becomes uninhabitable by humans.

  2. Who is funding your campaign? (correct answer: the people who will vote for you, not the mega-bucks person or corporate person)

  3. Will you prosecute, not pardon, the law breakers in the previous executive branch (back as far as you can go)? Let bygones be bygones has sent the message that “high profile” office holders are above the laws that apply to the rest of us and can get away with anything.

This SHOULD be the defining characteristics of a progressive candidate.


The fastest way to change anything is to change what you believe about it.
Beliefs create behaviours .
I see humanity’s main enemy as it’s self, in effect it’s a civil rights movement for the soul of humanity.
Who are we ?
Do we believe we are physical creatures or spiritual entities having a physical experience ? And are we seperate disconnected unrelated beings ,or individual expressions of a single source.
This is the most important decision we will ever make as individuals and as a species.
This choice placed before us will determine our approach to free will and how we use that.


Dear Class of 0000:

For many years I’ve been telling anybody who would listen that our patterns of consumption, disposal and reproduction were unsustainable, and were slowly destroying us all, down to the last protozoan. The single most-often heard response was “What do I care? I’ll be dead by then”—a sentiment echoed by none other than Pwesident Twump himself. It’s the mating call of the nihilist—sort of like Louis XIV’s “Apres moi, le deluge” but now threatening us all with cancers and unquenchable wildfires and drug-resistant epidemics and Category 6 hurricanes and resource wars.

Well, it seems you are now in the unenviable position of actually not being dead when these and other dire manifestations come to pass. The present is upon you—really, upon us all who are now alive, whether some know it or not—faster than all but a few thought possible. As you try to deal with this reality, know that there are some of us who, although we will likely be dead sooner than later, have always felt a sense of responsibility toward those who will come after us, and who applaud your courage and determination in this time of existential urgency.

Your efforts, and the efforts of those who support you, will determine whether there is a Class of 0001. My love to you all, and may you prevail.


Donald Trump and the elites that follow humans cultural story believe in getting all they can while they live in there current bodies .
They have no idea.

It’s time to wake them up ,for they know not what they do ! Most of humanity believes in survival of the fittest ,we still operate by this primitive myth .

This could help us along …

There is a saying in the cosmos: Eternal Life brings Eternal Peace

If, on the other hand ,you imagine that you have a limited time in which to experience what you desire to experience ,you will give up your peace to acquire it ,or hold onto it if and when you do acquire it.

This is the story of humanity in fifty words and less.Life as an HEB is felt as an eternal reality.

From Awaken The Species …A New and Unexpected Dialogue