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To Get Any Economic Fairness, We Need To Be Demanding It—By Name


To Get Any Economic Fairness, We Need To Be Demanding It—By Name

Tom Huckin

The United States has the most inequitable distribution of wealth of any developed country in the world. The top 1% own 40% of the nation’s wealth. The US has 26% of the world’s 2208 billionaires, including 12 of the top 15. The three wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the entire bottom half of the US population.



What do you propose to do about it- ask people to give up their money to strangers?



Demanding by name would be suggesting an economic system BY name that designed to alleviate these concerns, that being Socialism and defining by name the economic system that by design is intended to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few and that is Capitalism. That in articles such as this the writer too afraid to use those words merely illustrates how the 1 percent dominates political discourse by having poisoned those words via its propoganda arm , the media.

If we want to use language as a guide the system called Capitalism extolls capital well being over Social well being. The system as designed is to ensure vast pools of Capital can be controlled by a very small segment of the population claiming that 1 percent will use that Capital to improve the lot of all. It idiotic thinking and it could only have been designed by a person who already has vast pools of Capital.

Oh and before the usual suspects come forwards claiming Socialism does not work and using the USSR as example , Lenin himself indicated that what the USSR implemented was not Socialism. It was State Capitalism .



US capitalists liked Lenin’s USSR “state capitalism” so much that as soon as FDR’s New Deal came as close to leveling the economic playing field than had ever been seen in the US, US capitalists started eroding the New Deal to create the “state capitalism” (rigged in favor of the 1% at the expense of the 99%) that has been in place for the past three plus decades.

Concurrent with the emergence of the New Deal US capitalists, their media and politicians amped up the socialism boogeyman to make the USSR appear to be more of a threat than it ever was, and open the floodgates of rigged capitalism of the 21st century.



The problem for the left is its reliance on a party that will never bite the big donor hands that feed it.

And they say crime doesn’t pay…



As an example how “State Capitalism” works I will refer to a case here in Canada regarding criminal activity by one SNC Lavalin. A Justice Minister was demoted from her office and it was claimed in a recent article that this occurred because she refused pressure to have prosecuters drop criminal charges against the firm and instead implement a “remedial action”. A remedial action is much like what Wells Fargo always gets away with down in the USA. The firm pays a fine but no criminal charges laid.

Now here the thing. Under Federal law firms can not bid on Government contracts for 10 years if they have been convicted of a criminal offense. It claimed that had these charges went ahead SNC Lavalin would have had to declare bankruptcy as the majority of revenues come from Government spending. So much for the free market!

I am going to suggest that a whole lot of these Corporations would be out of business were it not for Government contracts and a whole lot of these “self made billionaires” a whole lot poorer if it were not for Government spending and Government policies.

Needless to say the new Justice Minister favors remedial actions over criminal charges.



It’s interesting that someone who focuses on the language of propaganda does not see the use of propaganda, or particular words that soften the real meaning: “inequality” is just another word for an older term class (which is basically a taboo concept for capitalist media). Another big one is the innocuous term “climate change” substituted for the more threatening ( and accurate) global warming.

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So, yeah, the link of ‘… one donor alone …’ was a bit of shock, even for someone as jaded as I’ve become to all this. Crimminy!




We need to reverse the Reagan revolution by going back to the policies that preceded it, where the rate of growth was twice that which followed, where that growth was more equitably shared, so a middle class was created and built. The answer lies in our past. Trickle-down is an absolute fraud; money does not trickle down, it is sucked up.



Yes, it’s shocking and Sheldon Adelson’s $$$ may very well get him his war with Iran for this decades long crusade to create A Greater Israel Empire. ( The Kochs and The Oiligarchy will just as effortlessly benefit from the spoils of both Iran and Venezuela’s destruction. )These are winner-takes-all scenarios dropped on the backs of the 99s, purchased for pennies on the invested political dollar. Invested in 535 members of the Kleptocratic/Plutocratic Congress, pretty much.
The U.S. taxpayer’s cost for destroying Iran and Venezuela would be in the $$$ trillions, however. And, it wouldn’t advance The Empire’s goals an inch. It would simply make Crony Zionist Zealots/Capitlists of the worldwide MIC more aggressive and more able to meddle around the planet. With the blessings of the U.S.; a plethora of proxy wars and more wealth to the stockholders of the MIC. Spoon-feeding the many dozens of Multi-National Corporations who benefit from the chaos of eternal war and the detritus of the human carnage eternal conflict always brings.
The Corporate leeches of war will bloat on the bloodletting that will continue to occur. But they will never let go of their hosts, the shrinking middle and working classes of the 2nd and 3rd worlds. It’s a sick and twisted play on the old saw, " Socialism for the rich, free enterprize for the poor ".

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The Federal Reserve Bank – a private bank – runs our economy and makes the
decision over how many Americans will be employed every year.

They’re reduced it to low 50% – that would be OK if it were a part time job with a living
wage for all of us – but it doesn’t work that way. People don’t have the power in government;
Elites and their organizations do.

Didn’t notice that Huckin mentioned that … !!

Took hundreds of years to overturn slavery in US –

Genocide against native people continues on quite actively even now.

We are being enslaved to debt and any moment they can do to us what they did to Puerto Rico.



” In 2018, one donor alone gave $122,250,000 (and wasrewarded by his wife being given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest honor).”

Definition: Money = A certificate of Freedom. Therefore.the more Certificates of Freedom an individual holds the greater their freedom is.

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Still grinds my ass that Bush got an award for being good to veterans he sent to be killed for a bogus war.

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I hear you Gand. Grinds my ass he isn’t swinging like Saddam for war crimes. Same with all the signers of PNAC’s mission statement of Pax Americana, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Trump. Gee, that hanging event could almost fill a gymnasium as big as the Nuremberg executions.