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To Get Beyond "If True" Caveat, Democrats Vow to Investigate Trump's "Potentially Impeachable Offense"

To Get Beyond "If True" Caveat, Democrats Vow to Investigate Trump's "Potentially Impeachable Offense"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In order to get beyond the "if true" caveat that followed Buzzfeed's explosive report that President Donald Trump personally instructed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, top Democrats on powerful congressional committees vowed to investigate the serious allegations in the story

What about all of the other fucking felonies we know about?


Directing people to lie to Congress is practically a hobby on the Hill. Ironically enough, that includes the scumbag-turned-virtue-warrior Mueller.

Nearly every offense so far is perjury-related. Make no mistake, that matters (although it didn’t matter much to Democrats when Clinton did it). But I’m still waiting for some substance other than “they lied to me”. Lying in politics is like breathing.

In other news, the prediction a few of us made that you would now be getting investigations until 2020 appears to be accurate. Enjoy the scandals!


O’Bummer and P’Loser let the War Criminals – Cheney, Prince, Rummy, Yoo and many others – off the hook
in 2009 without even one hearing, although it was clear that they had lied to Congress about WMD’s & much more.  Ditto all the Banksters – Mnuchin et al – so why should anyone associated with Tweetle-Dumb’s many crimes be worried now?

P’Loser is too busy protecting her Korporate owners by crushing the new wave of progressives in Congress to do anything about the tax-&-regulation-cutting darling of the far right wrong.  Hair Prezidunce is safe – at least for now.


Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, campaign finance violations, conspiracy.

Be patient. Mr. Mueller is likely to add to this list.


Shouldn’t the headline read: Investigate Potentially Impeachable Offenses

I’ve been in politics my entire life. Year after year I hear how the US Congress is going to investigate this and that. Years later, nothing ever happened or was investigated. It was all talk. For example, Pelosi said that she was going to investigate the orange man’s migrant child policy. She never did. Today, she said she’s going to investigate the orange man’s migrant child policy. Ah hah. They also said they were going to investigate the allegations against Kavanaugh. Whatever came of that Nancy? Yawn. They will investigate nothing. People will be paid off and that’s the way that goes. Just being realistic.


But don’t give up, get active. Register as a Green or Socialist, that will put the fear into the “third way” Democrats.


How about being an evil bastard? Is that an impeachable offense?
He pissed me off with “They’re just democrats” reference to federal employees.
How about ‘obscene civil indecency’ for an impeachable offense?



Let him who is without sin cast the first stone


Unfortunately, none of Trump’s brazen “character flaws” that you allude to (adding his racism, sexual harassment, daily lies, etc) are impeachable. But, I’d say it’s overdue for Congress to begin PUBLIC INVESTIGATIONS since after one and a half years of the Mueller probe and with Trump’s new AG Barr promising to keep some/most/all of Mueller’s results SECRET FROM THE PUBLIC. We have a RIGHT TO KNOW.

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But wait: now this


This is just going to go from bad to worse. We are watching “The End of Oil” and the oil companies are not leaving without a battle.

The planet’s habitat will collapse. Refugee camps will fill up with millions.

So what? Oil companies will march over the cliff for one more day of profits.

Also, no one has figured out how to stop using oil.

Caught in the devil’s bargain.

Pelosi and Schumer will continue to divert the attention of progressives with hearings and promises of still more hearings into Trump evil-doings. House Dems aren’t going to impeach the Donald because business is booming and their donors, who are also the House Repub’s donors, are ecstatically happy with Trump. Hearings and scandal are an autoerotic way for progressives to blow off steam while Pelosi and Schumer go about their business of squelching progressives and progressive legislation.

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“Scumbag-turned-virtue-warrior Mueller”
Exactly right. The never-ending stream of sycophantic praise for Repugnant Mueller was absurd beyond measure.

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Mueller has denied that the Buzzfeed accusations are accurate. The imoluments issue is a slam dunk, audit the hotel ,track what foreign dignitaries and lobbyists are cozying up there-at extravagant rates. He also has doubled the initiation fee for membership at Mar a Lago since taking office. Money talks Trump listens; as his son said, “The only color he sees is green”.

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the point is that being an “evil bastard” is pretty much a generic job description of the political class as a whole, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure that Obamas reduction of Libya to a chaotic, non-functional “slave state” is pretty frigging evil.

They’re all evil, so none of this justifies a unique investigation into one face for the sins of an entire class.

This entire sordid scene is “investigation-in-lieu-of-governing”.


Could be the Dems want to let the hatred build as Trumps’ rock solid fan base is showing major cracks due to the Shutdown. After seeing interviews with Govt workers living paycheck to paycheck and not able to buy food or pay their bills has opened many eyes as to Trumps’ Booming Economy. So why Impeach him? Let the anger build towards the 2020 election. Then we can get him Out!

Just down the street from the whitehouse Trump owns a hotell where almost every visitor to the whitehouse pays to stay.
That is an impeachable offense right there, and by no means the only one.
If the impeachment circus was anything but a distraction he would have been ousted long ago.

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Don’t stop there. Remember Manafort’s smirk when he was caught lying to Mueller after his plea deal? He couldn’t have cared less what charges he was convicted for, because he knew Trump would pardon him. How did he know? Well, obviously, Trump told him.

And don’t forget Kirstjen Nielson, likely also told to lie.

Trump has made it clear since even before the election that he would do favors for people who were loyal to him, and would punish people who didn’t vote for him. He lost the California vote, and now is withholding (or threatening to) FEMA funds for their wildfires.