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To Give Them Children's Terrifying View, Warmongers Like John Bolton Should Download This App

To Give Them Children's Terrifying View, Warmongers Like John Bolton Should Download This App

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As President Donald Trump continues to assemble a "war cabinet" and further fuel conflict across the globe, a new app from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) provides a frightening, haunting glimpse of war's impact on children.

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Add Bolton’s name to the list of U.S. war criminals who must be in the docket in the Hague. He is a tool of AIPAC and a traitor to the people of this country.


Downloading this app wouldn’t do a psychopath like Bolton any good, as it is aimed at people with a functioning conscience. People like Bolton are missing the part of the brain that governs empathy and compassion for others - indeed, they regard such traits as signs of weakness.


Until we can protect the Children from the PTSD of War,

We will always have them as Adults Reenacting and Perpetrating their PTSD on new Victims.


Great comment. Exactly the first thing I thought when I read this. It is the rest of the citizens of the US who need to download this. Until we stop pretending like it isn’t happening, and stop these war pig sociopaths from killing in our name, using our resources, it just isn’t going to stop.


With John Bolton onboard, Trump is gearing up to escalate the North Korea and Iran situations to divert attention from problems at home. And we’re just on for the ride.

I do believe that Trump intended on doing these things prior to Russiagate breaking out and the rest of the sorry mess.

He ran on it.

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Bolton has been on the list for quite a while. If he has his way, he could be bumped up a few notches.

What makes you think Bolton or Trump or any of their accomplices give a flying finagle about anything that happens to anybody in this country? “Endless war for endless peace” has been the plan all along, not the result of some misstep or error. Matt Taibbi has a piece about that today on Rolling Stone, and picked up by other news aggregators.

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I’d rather war criminals like Bolton and Bush be executed for their crimes against humanity. Sadly, Obama falls into this category.

Actions should have consequences, even for the “beautiful” war criminals.