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To Great Applause, Paris Announces Combustion Engine Ban by 2030


To Great Applause, Paris Announces Combustion Engine Ban by 2030

Julia Conley, staff writer

New goal would accelerate existing plan to do away with gas-powered cars and trucks


In your face Koch Brothers.


That should make American auto manufacturers mess their running shorts…


It would be really helpful if we learned how to have battery swapping stations. There’s always someone with a good reason to drive a vehicle a near-unlimited number of miles in one day. Battery swapping stations are a relatively simple engineering fix that makes this quite possible for everybody.

To get there, we need one or two universities to volunteer to have a battery-swapping station for their campus shuttle bus.

Hey all you universities who signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. Put your academic integrity right out here, let it shine in front of the entire world and say “YES, we’ll perform the critical climate research and product development that helps save the world, because that’s just who we are! Our word is our bond!”

“< Crickets >”

I said, hey, rear up on your hind legs and volunteer already!

“But, but, who’s going to pay us millions of dollars to do all of this? We don’t do things, like, out of the goodness of our hearts. It’s all about profits, you know.”


for the children yet to be born…

To this we need to add songs for the ecoforestry of all of the original native peoples


I have an idea for this to create a platform for support for greener living and have some of the software done. I need help, if anyone wants to and has some expertise in social media and socially redeeming campaigns.