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To Halt 'Drift Toward War,' Sanders Urges Congress to Defend Iran Nuke Deal


To Halt 'Drift Toward War,' Sanders Urges Congress to Defend Iran Nuke Deal

Common Dreams staff

Senator calls Trump's announcement to decertify agreement both "rash" and "reckless"


As usual Sanders speaks-out and the Dem establishment remains silent - and essentially complicit - with an “opposition” party like that, who needs the extremist stupidity vulture-capitalism of trump & co?

Bernie as usual is politic in saying the decision by trump is “rash” and “reckless” - let’s be clear; trumps decision (like most all) is extreme and insane, based on fantasy, lies, non-existent “facts”, supposition, and Bull Shit! (with a large dose of Israeli subversion!)

Bernie is more than accurate when he says:trumps stupidity “would irreparably harm America’s ability to negotiate future nonproliferation agreements (our honor). Why would any country in the world sign such an agreement with the United States if they knew that a reckless president (mental idiot) might simply discard that agreement a few years later?”

Are there no others with the moxie to speak-out strongly and verypublicly against this fuckin idiot?..apparently the answer is a deafening “no”…

All the posturing and craven silence from the Clinton/Obama/DLC corporate-whore wing will not, obviously, lead to the reformation needed to sweep away the filth of the trump regime!

As usual the Dem “leadership” are AWOL when it counts, just like their betrayal of America foist the loathed red queen as candidate - probably the ONLY Dem candidate trump could have beaten, leading to the selection of the mental-midget tantrum-tweeter-in-chief!


A treasured and adored champion of all life. Love you, Sen. Sanders. GO BERNIE, GO!


I think it is very bizarre that Congress is allowing Trump to act like a king or dictator. How can it be that this one person can have the power to decide for all of America and take apart treaties and agreements on his own say so without regard for the wishes of democracy?

How is it that Trump seems to wield such arbitrary power when for so many years the power of the presidency was mainly a veto? Trump rips into the very structure of our democracy and seems able to do whatever he feels like and no one can stop him?

Trump is being allowed to run the country all by himself and not democracy (congress)!


The Senate must quickly affirm that Iran is following the Iran agreement and reaffirm the agreement. The Senate should reaffirm that we are not at war with Iran and North Korea. It should say that any use of Nuclear Weapons or attack of any nation over nuclear policy requires a Declaration of War by the Senate and the President. Nuclear attacks on any state and attacks on states over the state’s nuclear buildup without a declaration of war is an impeachable offense.


You don’t understand how politics at this level works. You offer very little that increases anyone’s understanding of what progress looks like.


It should be obvious now the GOP’s Congress has been taking anti-balls pills as in they are letting Trump destroy what little dignity this nation has which isn’t much these days. Muzzle him lest he unleashes Armageddon and destroys the world. The Iran deal is working as intended and all the other signatories agree except the rogue state of the US. Congress has to do something and I’m speaking to both sides now before things happen that can’t be undone. It’s bad enough that the environment is taking huge hits from anti-environment, pro fossil fuel administrators but Congress has to grow some new ones back and rein in the demon in chief.


If there is a nuclear war followed by a nuclear winter, impeachment likely won’t be necessary as most of us will be dead including Crazy Donald and his family.


After pushing the Russia hacked our election narrative for several months on Democracy Now, Bernie is now talking out of the left side of his mouth and acting anti-war with Iran(Russia.)


Imagine how differently our country would be run today had the Democratic Committee endorsed Sanders as the Democratic nominee. Alas, this Distopian nightmare rolls onward.


I’m sure he’ll be conveniently and safely rushed to a bomb shelter deep in some mountain in Colorado… where he’ll spend the rest of his days eating canned food. Until the supplies run out… Starve Donald! Starve!


Sanders didn’t get the votes, or the delegates. Not a question of endorsing. There is the whole issue of an actual general election as well.


Bernie’s a bum, but putin is cool.



Any unprovoked attack on another country, short of responding to a verifiable incoming missile, should be grounds to turn the culprit over to the Hague for trial as a war criminal. Trump listens to nobody and does whatever stupid things enters his demented mind. The refusal of congress to act should be grounds to file dereliction of duty charges against any/all congress crooks guilty of putting party, religion, ideology, or any other excuse over the best interests of the country and the citizens.

It is easy to see why the French finally reached the point where revolution seemed the only viable option. It won’t take too much more before the citizens here start seeing that they have little left to lose if things don’t change for the better soon. We will all be in a world of shit if we get to that point.


If Trump’s actions today are not reason enough for Congress to limit the amount of power one man has, Trump’s diarrhea mouth and his willingness to threaten every Americans life by acting like a bully and using our Military to provoke a confrontation with North Korea which could quickly become a Nuclear Exchange, should.


There is another possibility besides impeachment, albeit a drastic one. With Trump becoming more extreme and unbalanced with each passing day and both Republicans and Democrats avoiding the impeachment option, there is a possibility of the military stepping out from behind the curtain and and staging coup to restore order and prevent Trump from initiating a nuclear holocaust. The two parties, after all, are little more than fronts for the military. None of the players in the Deep State have anything to gain from a nuclear war.


Please consider that If Tweetle-Dumb attacks North Korea or Iran – with or without a Declaration of War – there won’t be anyone left either to be impeached or to do the impeaching.

Nonsense – we’re years behind the Chinese, the Russkies and the Welsh.  Have you forgotten that there’s a Mine-Shaft Gap?

Tweetle-Dumb = Duh-mockracy and Duh-plomacy.   We’re in a whirled of hurt!!

But TGIF!!   We can watch football all weekend and forget politics (unless a few rabble-rousers probably suffering from CTE remind us of our domestic issues).  Ooops, I almost forgot – it’s Friday the Thirteenth
today.  I wonder if Tillerson will get the boot via Twitter in time for the 11:00 news?


Bernie is right both times.


Well whenever war mongers need an apologist handy, or Corporate State Democrats need an apologist, you can be counted on to show up.