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To Halt Fascist March With Progressive Power, Sanders and Omar to Host 'United Against Trump' Town Hall at DNC Convention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/halt-fascist-march-progressive-power-sanders-and-omar-host-united-against-trump-town


okay great… oust trump, then what?

if working with Biden is the best ya got, i’ll sit this one out.


Stop with the talking already and kick some ass.


There is no match that I know of, to corporate money, now that unions are ghosts.
We must find a source of political funding that can stand up to corporate cash, without being corporate, or we are just building a beautiful cart that has no horse.


Elections are a great way of controlling the masses-
just like music.

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true progressives vote green. if they don’t, they still do not understand what’s coming. (watch ilhan omar denounce the palestinian cause in this town-hall).


sad about Omar. I thought she was the best of the bunch. and the DNC spent hugely to try and boot her and will do so again until she submits to the ring.

still glad she won, though.


We had a great example brewing in the people-powered grassroots funding of the Bernie campaign and the powers-that-be had to pull out all the stops to squash him. Now his inspiring funding strategy is yet more collateral damage - on top of the reluctance people in the future will have to part with their hard earned money to support promising candidates - even legitimate ones and not sheepdogs…


Sitting it out is not a realistic or intelligent choice given the damage being done daily by Trump or the empowerment of his nazi goons. Adults understand that unpleasant choices must sometimes be made in order to push for the things we want. History shows us that it is better to be in the streets than in a ditch.


Going forward we will be creating something new. Take what has worked and synchopate with the emergent.
Online organization has yet vast untapped potential to bring multitudes together in ways not previously possible. Covid makes the Net even more crucial as ever so many more must work, shop, visit, learn, and live there. We must make use of the Matrix better than it uses us. We need Edward Snowden back now more than ever.
Resilience dictates we must also diversify resources, abilities, actions. There will be many ‘right ways’.

As long as he owns your tools he owns your job, and if he owns your job he is the master of your fate. You are in no sense a free man. You are subject to his interest and to his will. He decides whether you shall work or not. Therefore, he decides whether you shall live or die. And in that humiliating position any one who tries to persuade you that you are a free man is guilty of insulting your intelligence.

Eugene V. Debs

All you have to do, gentlemen, for you have the numbers, is to unite on one idea - that the workingmen shall rule the country. What man makes, belongs to him, and the workingman made this country.

Howard Zinn, [A People’s History of the United States]


You and your silly, condescending “Adults understand” nonsense! (Seriously, aren’t you embarrassed?)

All you’re doing is trumpeting your allegiance to the other “nazi goons” – deeply corrupt, right-wing politicians who’ve played a greater role than Trump (by far) in the New Jim Crow, the evisceration of the Constitution, the destruction of the biosphere, and the modern holocaust against Muslim civilians: ~http://invitation2artivism.com/minimizing-genocide/

Since when does “unpleasant choices” mean voting for the more effective of two identical evils – identical when it comes to values and policy, not branding – the faction that’s proved the most capable of advancing the oligarchs’ neo-fascist agenda?

Go ahead and vote for your genocidal, warmongering, mass-incarcerating, biosphere-collapsing, Wall Street-kowtowing candidates – but for goodness sake, don’t boast about it and try to shame the folks who refuse to vote for candidates whose list of evil deeds makes Trump’s look like paltry by comparison!

You might as well have a MAGA hat on your head or a sign on your lawn that reads “I Love Fascism, Brand D!”



(To be sung to the tune of “Matchmaker” from “Fiddler on the Roof”)

Sheepherders, sheepherders, herd us some sheep!
Get the true left to vote for a creep,
Locking up brown people made him the Veep,
So, herd me some panicked sheep!

For Mama, make him a rapist,
For Papa, make him bigoted, too,
For Wall Street, they couldn’t care less,
As long as he does all they tell him to do!

Sheepherders, sheepherders, don’t give up hope,
(Wolves gotta’ eat, men gotta’ grope…)
Scaring progressives must beat selling soap,
So herd us the way to our ROPE!

(Which you will proceed to loop, noose-like, around our collective necks. Take that, Trump!)


one minute speaking time for AOC is all you need to know


All you have to do, gentlemen, for you have the numbers, is to unite on one idea - that the workingmen shall rule the country. What man makes, belongs to him, and the workingman made this country.

Howard Zinn, [A People’s History of the United States]

Zinn was right, as far as the statement goes but it fails to mention key ingredients for realization of that political revolution he’s talking about. The masses will never effectively unite absent a leader who is (1) known and trusted by a “critical mass” of the people and (2) who is genuinely committed to the cause.

With Sanders, we clearly had that first ingredient. It was the genuine commitment to the cause that, just as clearly, wasn’t there. The political revolution failed because it was not real and movement toward meaningful change has been set back more than we can know right now. At present, there’s essentially no progressive political movement of real consequence.

Those who keep telling us that Sanders, Ro, AOC, Omar and the rest of “the Squad” are leaders of a genuinely progressive movement are spouting nonsense. Collectively, they are a net negative, relative to a real progressive political revolution. The so called progressive pols within the Democratic Party will never lead such a movement, as long as they remain in the Party. The "town hall’ discussed in this article may help to defeat Trump and his Death Cult but it will also further entrench the corrupt Democratic Party and further impair progress toward a genuinely progressive movement.


trump wins this election under the following conditions.

1>Through voter fraud and voter suppression which he hard at work on.
2>Getting the voter to understand that the democrats are as bad as the Republicans on the issues of import to the left and true progressives.

The latter is another form of voter suppression as this group then stays home.

The thing is the latter is TRUE. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in fact ran their attempts to win the nomination for the President under this meme. They both claimed that their rivals for the Presidency were Corporatists and too friendly to the rich and not concerned about the Environment, wealth inequality or the warfare state.

They are now saying that these reasons are not important enough reasons NOT to support the Democrats. Even as those promoting the LOTE nonsense claim that the people on the left have to be realists, they are showing a distinct lack of realism as they claim that all they have to do is “hold their feet to the fire” and they can move the DNC to the left.

The fact the DNC is a party of the right is squarely on them, its membership and its party strategists. No one else is to blame for this. As such the only group deserved of blame should they lose again IS the DNC.

Trump could never win this election , even with voter suppression, if the Democrats truly represented the left wherein millions of voters who simply do not vote because neither party represents them would simply overwhelm the voting process with their numbers, which are exponentially greater then “picking up 2 right wing votes for every one we lose on the left”.

Remember that statement. It shows clearly the DNC has no intention and will never have an intention to move left. They would have been winning consecutive elections for years had they done so as even getting 10 percent of those non voters to vote would have won them every election back to Clinton.



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Agreed Jaded_Prole. These whiners who will not vote or vote green are going to throw the election. I am sorry you guys but this is the system we have and throwing votes is not getting you anywhere. I don’t like my choices in the last few elections but we have to get the entrenched corrupt leadership of the party out of office and yes that includes Obama along with Pelosi crews and Schumers blue dogs.
It is not easy but neither is democracy easy.


Sanders, AOC and the entire crew would gain a lot more respect, trust, and support if they quit caucusing with the Dem party and eschewed running as Democrapic candidates.


OK ditchbuddy, vote for nobody but at least keep your feet in the street. That is where we will have to be no matter which corporate stooge is selected but if it’s Trump, the emboldened fascists will have nothing to stop them from further libeling and criminalizing folks like us as they destroy our ability to live – and not just us. But hold on to that precious naive zeal. Better yet, I recommend reading Lenin’s “left-wing Communism, and Infantile Disorder.”


WTF just keep on typing and doing nothing.