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To Have A People's Government, We The People Must Build It


To Have A People's Government, We The People Must Build It

Jim Hightower

In high school, I had a girlfriend who was involved in student government and all sorts of good works. While she paid attention to all that was happening in those years of the early '60s, she essentially was a moderate — certainly not some movement rebel. Or so we thought... until one lazy, Sunday afternoon. As we aimlessly "cruised the drag" of our small town in a '54 Chevy, we were paused at a red light across from a root beer stand where some teens were hanging out.


It has been said that Left-Liberal-Progressives must "organize." That means creating contact lists of like minded aquatinces, maintain contact, hold meetings to try to agree on issues and approaches, create online newsletters, network, think up events that groups of like minded folks could do together, find the people with the best writing and public speaking and other communication skills and assist them in finding effective ways to put those skills to use. Meetings, email lists

It's all actual time and energy consuming work and from my overseas vantage point it doesn''t seem to be happening, but I am an elderly expatriate living far away from USA today. Still, unless people in groups start working toward along those lines, the mid term elections will come and go, and the 2020 presidential election will be happening. Will people of liberal progressive values be "organized" by then? If it doesn't happen the country is likely to finding itsel reelecting Conservative Senators and House Members the plus electing Donald Trumo for a second term.


The threat of violence around the corner is what stops so many of us from standing up.
The judicial system does not uphold the law.
It is very scary.


Good ol' Trump is just a symptom of the diseased, rotting state of the us political system. The democrats have just been the better half of the same coin in political workings as they do actually care about civil rights; at least in theory if not in actual practice. A better description in the system, we all live under is a plutocratic corporate, militaristic, surveillance state. So to rid the rot, so to speak, will require a concerted grassroots effort by those willing to fight to get their country back and restore a modicum of democracy to the people, something sorely lacking in the last 3+ decades.We've watched the military turn into a giant kraken that is consuming all of our resources that, if anything, has made us less safe and inspired somewhat peaceful people into raging lunatics wanting to kill Americans because...the US government is killing them. Taxes on the wealthy and large multinational corporations are totally out of line with what they should be and congress seems powerless to do anything at all about taxes. So instead they borrow countless billions, instead of taxes on the rich, and increase the insane amount of military even more. Find friends, form groups, get involved, fight, hell, even get arrested; you have nothing to gain except your dignity and your country.


Too bad Bernie didn't go independent when Clinton was appointed, he probaby would have won. I don't understand his devotion to the Dems when they have done so much to lead us to this point with Trump.
In any case, impeach trump is the goal and building a grass roots party is imperative.
We have to impeach or start proceedings before he does something we can't fix. Scream it everywhere, Repubs are getting sick of him too, it will catch on if we keep pushing.


Too many people are "armchair" rebels. This is not like the sixties. Just curious. Are you an ex pat due to politics?


Too bad. I understand, but what do you think the people in the civil rights and anti war marches faced? ( Yes, I remember marching with hundreds of thousands to DC - against the war in Viet Nam. My late dad served in WW2.


I've had a big "Dump Trump" sign on my bumper for a year, and no hint of a problem here in Republican Knox County, IL. Most days, I'm on the fb "Donald Trump for President" page, with articles and opinions they don't like at all, but none of them ever come back at me. Know why? Seriously, they know I'm smarter, better educated, better informed, and CORRECT.
Don't worry about violence, unless you REALLY see it. Then you call the authorities.


Why on Earth would progressives want more sanctuary cities so that more illegals take working class jobs? Maybe the high enders want their maids to stay.


Exactly, too many fearful "armchairs" and that is why people like Dump get elected.


They know what hardships brought unauthorized immigrants across the hot, dry, desert border and care about them as individual human beings.


That might be true in some cases- but then why do the same people throw working class people from their own cities yet under the bus?


Oh yeah- the same types ignored the unions during the sixities on upward- the sanctuary city thing is just a elite way of once again looking down on working class Americans. What a bunch of hypocrits.


One more thing: where were you elites when jobs were being outsourced for the last forty years? Oh, I forgot- in the ivory towers.


No, not due to politics.


Pence has a 46% approval rating 43% disapprove -- Trump is a symptom of stupid ignorant irrational American idiot voters, who support Empire and it's wars.


This country and its laws are set up to protect property owners and commerce, not citizens nor the environment. As more and more people become aware of the need for sustainability and protection of the ecosystem, they are finding that the current legal system works against them. The people of this country have fought for a single payer health care system, for accountability by the perpetrators of fraud such as the 2008 banking fiasco, and a myriad of other issues. To no avail. Cities have voted to ban fracking and oil pipelines, states have voted to require GMO labeling and curb political spending only to be told that they do not have the right to do so.

As our Declaration of Independence states, it is therefore time to act. We must enact laws that mirror the interests of the people. This can only be done at the local level. The first step is to enact laws stating our rights and the rights of the environment – or our right to a healthy environment, if you prefer to word it that way. When higher levels of government claim that we do not have the right to do so, we must insist that we do indeed have that right, especially since they, the higher governments, have failed to protect those rights.

Then the dispute ends up in court where corporations believe they will always win because they have the money. Money to hire a myriad of lawyers. Money to stall the process. Money to use the system to make it too expensive for us. We will need to raise funds, join forces, find solutions. The good thing is that as they battle us and claim that they have more rights than we do and more rights than the environment, then the one sided nature of the entire system becomes more and more evident. They do not have fundamental rights to back up their claims, only a house of cards of laws and legal interpretations. When one comes back to basic rights, those belong to 'we, the people.'

First, we must declare those rights, re-affirm them, and then defend them. This work is currently taking place in communities across the nation, much of it with help from celdf.org/ (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund)

I recommend looking into this group and supporting them and asking for their help in joining this group of self affirming communities.