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To Help Democrats With 'Stiffening Their Spines,' New Indivisible Guide Details How Trump Resistance Can Switch From Defense to Offense


To Help Democrats With 'Stiffening Their Spines,' New Indivisible Guide Details How Trump Resistance Can Switch From Defense to Offense

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After more than year of playing defense against President Donald Trump and the GOP's attacks on healthcare, workers, immigrants, refugees, the LGBTQ community, and the common good, the progressive group Indivisible on Tuesday published a new action guide aimed at helping organizers and constituents go beyond resistance and pressure the new House Democratic majority to fight for a positive, ambitious a


But what if most democratic reps are oligarchs? Where do progressives fit in that scenario?


Don’t fall for the con!


We need to make sure the newly elected progressives don’t allow their spines to be softened by the powerful centrist democrats who will sit them down and try to talk “sense” into them and get them to compromise with the money machine.


As I watched Jimmy Dore, while eating dinner, he gave a sure fire way to get democrats elected. Stop the stupid wars, free post secondary education, $15.00 minimum wage, universal healthcare for all. Instead of the ripple we just experienced we would see a virtual tsunami sweep the GOP’s away. They,(the oligarchs controlling the levers of power) will do everything they can do to stop this wave. Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, etc have to swept away also because they are beholden to our corporate masters. Progressives have to get a machine of varied interests behind them will to support real change. One other thing; raise the taxes, a lot on the corporations and the wealthy. Corps just got a 40% break and if that;s not obscene I don’t know what is.


Only the democrats would need a guide book to show them how to be brave and stand up against the opposition. The next one will be on shoe tying and voting procedure. Geez


They don’t. Money is a powerful motivator. That’s why it’s so hard to see any change for ‘the people’, they only matter for their vote, after that they’re ignored almost completely.


How do you “help stiffen” a wet noodle? A noodle who takes bribes?


Some good ideas and analysis for “indivisible” and beyond from the Marxist economist Richard D. Wolff:


Well, if you want to stiffen spines, then dump Pelosi. That sends an exceeding clear message to the corporate democrats who had their spines removed many years ago. Either get on the band wagon or get out of the way.


You stole my comment, but yes!


Yes, we are here because no one in power repubs or dimwits, did not hold themselves or oligarchies accountable for theif wrong doing. Nixon, Reagan, Bush II, Obama and now Trump were held accountable. Yes, Obama followed in Bush’s illegal lying wars so he culpable. Nixon, Reagan laid the ground work for Kochs, Adelson’s, Mercer’s, Sinclairs’ to swoop in and take power along with familiar ones who became billionaires also. Also all the minons that carried out the orders. No accountability and institutions die, government drowns in its own corruption.


They are also advising we the people how to take actions and take back our rightful rights as we the people.


This is what i was looking forward to for a long long time. The people agenda has moved a small but very important step closer to achieving our ultimate goal of a truly progressive government for the people, by the people and of the people.
At this time we have the momentum is on our side. We must make a lot of noise to ensure we achieve a heightened public awareness . We have to have the crooks on the run and in prisons.


Not sure how to go about doing that but we can oblige her cooperation by overwhelming public pressure.


Stiffen the Vichy/Clintonite spines with a short, sharp kick in the ass on the way out the fkin door.


And if the d-party resists the spine-stiffening treatment, just what is Indivisible gonna do?

Primary the corporate sock puppets? I’m sure that has them shaking in the their boots.


How much would a spine cost?


They don’t. All politics is about money.


Come now- most important politics is local - the decisions that affect you where you live. Public preassure is not gonna affect these people- we have to make our own decisions.