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To Help 'Reshape How America Engages a Changed World,' Biden Given Slate of Progressive Foreign Policy Picks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/18/help-reshape-how-america-engages-changed-world-biden-given-slate-progressive-foreign


Not a single chance that Biden will select a single Progressive. To anyone paying attention, this is yet more proof that Biden is a corporate lackey. However, we will still get a small percentage of diehard Democrats that will argue that Biden’s picks from the top of the corporate food chain, is good for Wall Street.
I hate this guy. He’s almost as bad as Trump. Just once I would loved to be surprised, but anyone is a fool who thinks that Biden represents the bottom half of Americans.
I actually believe that only 10% of Americans approve of either Party, but that never stopped anyone from electing (…and re-electing!) this cabal of imbeciles.


It’s good to see these groups get together and produce qualified progressive persons to fill these positions. Some good, positive steps.
Otherwise, it seems that the “progressives” here just want to bitch about how the Biden administration will not act in a progressive manner when given the opportunity.


Here’s Abby Martin’s analysis of the warmonger wing of Joe’s cabinet.



This is a strong statement in and of itself: “a dossier containing the profiles of 100 left-leaning experts accompanied by recommendations for roles they could assume in the incoming administration.”

I agree with EugeneEIVidal that we need to take action and not just bitch.


It appears that a good progressive Secretary of the Interior as Deb Haaland and Xavier Becerra, also very progressive, as head of Health and Human Services isn’t heading in the right direction. I say: Take the list and keep on picking!
Good actions in *some areas so far, not so good in others…but we keep working and pushing in the direction.

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Are the liberal-left seriously thinking that any US president will contemplate breaking the bi-partisan duo-poly on foreign affairs?

The CEO of America Inc. is bound by Wall St to act in its interests. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

My small attempt at explaining America’s deluded Manifest Destiny



Have you noticed what Joe Biden has been doing for wHat?


Smoke all the Hopium you want, it’s legal and can make you feel good. Hell, we all need a little lift now and then, but when it clouds your vision and impairs your ability to smell bULLSHIt, maybe you should lay off.
Frankly a little overwhelmed at how underwhelming the articles here “demanding”, “suggesting”, “aww, ya better…”, act so completely different to your long standing history of totally gaming the people that wish, I mean HOPE, you would completely demolish your life’s work of sucking the rich by fUCKINg the not rich, to enrich the rich for a percentage, that would make your family and everyone you hang with want to throw you in an asylum for your bizarre behaviour.
These people SHAPED America, why would they want to Reshape a version that hands YOU power? Seriously?


Eventually we all, even you, will get tired of being a polite loser to a corrupt government and the few they serve.



Cool drawing I saw a bit ago

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They see democracy as being a huge threat to everything they stand for. It’s too Democratic.


Biden and Pelosi will only push us farther to the Reich and into the hands of Wall Street, MIC, 1%, PHARMA - Like Saint Barack did
Set your expectations very low and work from there

Don’t Fawn Over Biden. Fight Neoliberalism.
“Under Biden, we are expected to surrender our political will out of sheer gratitude,"


Thank you for the link. This is ten minutes of your life that every progressive should spend to get a concise summary of the rogue’s gallery of war profiteers and torturers who will lead our empire for the next four years. Abby Martin does great work exposing the dark underbelly of our military-industrial complex, and for that she has been pilloried and beat down by the media establishment at every turn. Thankfully, for us, she keeps plugging away at making sure the truth is out there for us to see.


What leads anyone to believe that Biden would even look at such a list, yet alone take it to heart and actually nominate any of these people to any position of influence, yet alone decision-making authority?


“No fundamental change Joe” may be the stupidest choice to lead in a Changed World. We’ve seen his proposed cabinet, so associating the word Progressive with any part of him, is horseshit.


I want out of war, starting with forever wars, and in particular, Afghanistan. Trump doesn’t have much support for anything at this stage in his messy term, but it looks like he is trying to extract us from this one kill program.
If that is true, I hope he succeeds.


maybe, this is the real reason Donald has been demonized. The Israeli ,er, NYtimes has pushed for eternal wars since the false flag of 911. Cui bono? from Middle east balkanization ? You got it. the MIC/CIA/Mossad are all in the same business. Eternal conflict to enrich their coffers.


But if we’ve already signed away the right to regulate, isn’t more deregulation the only “choice” they have? Since we already know they have, (its fact, here’s proof ~http://unctad.org/en/docs/edmmisc232add31_en.pdf )

that’s the only answer that could be true.

This is true. Again, the irrational hatred of Trump blinds most here from the fact that these “feel good” Biden picks will do nothing to help prevent the murder of more “people who hate us for our freedom and our way of life” - remember that old chestnut?

People start looking at their shoes and put their fingers in their ears when I tell them that no new war was started over the past four years. I think that the exacerbation of our continued economic hit job on Venezuela in January of 2019 (yes, it was continued - we tend to conveniently forget that it was Clinton who started the whole mess in 1998 just hours after Chavez was elected … and that it was The Anointed One, Drone King of Syria and Emperor of Yemen who famously declared Venezuela a “threat to our national security” in 2015) was foisted on Trump by the Pax Americana Bipartisans, here in the form of Bolton and other familiars. They just happened to be on shift then; otherwise, it would have been Shillary’s minions, Tanden, et al - and I ask you this: Would we have been as incensed as we are now regarding Venezuela if it was?

It’s all so apparent, the anti-Trump hacks on CNN over the past couple of weeks, singing their greatest hits - lustily and in unison - for their collective supper with choruses such as “What Israel is concerned with is not so much Iran’s pathway to the bomb but rather Iran’s pathway to Washington … .”

Things are going to get infinitely worse … but the weasel DNC has packed all frontline positions with blacks (or, otherwise, minorities - but mostly blacks) and women so … when the (all of a sudden) “greatest ex-general and bestest Secretary of Defense in the history of our Republic” simply continues reading from the script and bombs even more Muslims (I don’t use “civilian” or “innocent” as feckless differentiator adjectives because, erm … WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!!), we’ll just have to suck on it and swallow like the good little boys and girls that we are lest we be called racists … .

DemPlayBookPR101 in action here, in spades.

The rot is deep. The rest is theatre.